Something horrible happened last night!! I was getting a nice drink from the place where the people get in and sing for a while and come out all wet. Suddenly I was W E T ! I was very very wet and I was not happy! I had to scamper out really quickly and I slipped all over the place. I ran down stairs and started to furiously clean my little body. Meowmy came after me with her towel and scooped me up. Of course I fought hard to get down (usually the towel means ear cleaning or claw clipping)! Most of the wet stuff came off but I still had to have a serious bath after that! It was exhausting! So exhausting that I actually snuggled with Kaze all night, right next to meowmy.


Zeus said...

Hey there, Latte! This is my first time here so I cannot wait to read all of your previous articles to find out more about you! With so many new felines in the blogosphere, I have a lot of reading to do. ;)

I hate getting wet myself. I will do anything to avoid water, even if it means clawing at my human pet. If I do get wet somehow by accident (though I think it's always on purpose), I will walk over to my sister and shake myself vigorously so as to get her wet. She just loves that! ;)

Zeus said...

Oh, and thank you for the link! I'm adding you to my blogroll as well! :)