You can tell its fall around here! Lets see why:

1. The air smells REALLY good so I have to sniff it a lot.
2. I snuggle a whole lot because you need another kitty body to keep you warm. If there are no other kitties around, or if they're snuggling with people, I'll snuggle with the people.
3. FRISKY TIME!!!!!!!!! This means that the three of us run around like crazy chasing each other like a freight train. Chase is really big so he makes LOUD running noises. We do this 3 hours out of the day whle the other 21 hours we nap 'cause we're tired.
4. Sometimes the people bring in these things called "leaves". They are really crunchy and fun to play with.
5. We're bulking up for winter so where's the extra food & water? We need to be fed twice a day now!

(Oh, and by the way it wasn't me who knocked the trashcan over, pulled out egg shells, pizza crust, and old stinky goodness containers. That was Kaze. You know it, I know it, lets just give me her stinky goodness and call it even. See, I'm a real problem solver!)


Junior said...

Yep, I can smell fall in the air too! I haven't been feeling to frisky yet though! I gotta get Meowmy to play with me tonite!!

That Kaze! Tipping over trash cans!

The Meezers said...

yep, we smell fall too! oh, and leaves taste really good too!

Gemini said...

Of course it wasn't you Latte! I can totally tell. I asked Momma about the people version of catupuncture and she said it can be GREAT for neck pain and relief. It might not help ONE time but with several treatments, it will help and definitely if it's something that happens to him periodically, it wouldn't happen as much. Chiropractic works on the bones. If it's muscle based acupuncture can help a lot!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I understand waht you mean by "frisky time". The last few days Bubbles has been driving me (and Mrs. B) nuts with his antics in the morning. The more frisky he gets, the more cranky I am at work.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

fall? leafs? ::sigh:: we live in cally-4-knee-yah where nuffin changes much...