I LOVE packages in the mail. Most packages these days come to us kitties so I really like pacakges. They always smell really good (like nip) and there are always fun things inside. Last night we got a package from Sir Sidney & Emperor Nero (and the rest of their crew). OK so technically Meowmy won it but we get to benefit!

There is all sorts of nip and mousies and little toys but then there was this big pouffy purple ball that is heaven. Of course I chewed through the elastic string in 2.5 seconds but the toy is sooo fun! I even fight Kaze to play with it.

I am always telling Mewomy that all of our Internet friends get us much better toys than she does. So she's not buying us any toys. Well fine, we still have toys from all of our friends to play with.

Psst....I'm a little scared to say this outloud for fear he may kick my little tail.....Chase is stinking really bad lately. Probably not as bad as Skeezix or even Kaze when she had giardia, but boy the whole house stinks! The worst thing is I'm fastidious about a clean box so I have to go cover it for him!! Ugh!! Meowmy cleans it out fast but not while she's at the work place. But don't tell Chase, he really might kick my little tail.


Junior said...

Do we get pics of your new toys? I bet I know the reason your Lap Lady won the prize. ;)

Latte said...

Haha, you DO know Junior!! Its all because of you! She's going to get pictures tonight hopefully.

Merlin said...

Dude, Chase! That kinda thing makes me glad I'm an only kitty!

Good for you with new toys! I love new toys. But Fishie is still my favorite of course.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, we want to see picture of the new toys!

Chaotic Cat said...

Oh kewl, congrats on the prize!

Waiting for pics! At the moment Holly finds my tail an irrisisbableist toy ever, I plan to train her well ... tails stop being toys when you leave the baby box.