First of all...as you may have noticed...Meowmy helped me upgrade to Blogger Beta. I'm not all that impressed as we now have to share a profile so we'll be signing our comments from now on. Also, she is still messing around with our layouts (even though she spent all day "fixing" it).

I was a very busy supervisor last night. Meowmy and the Chip Man were busy cleaning the whole house. That meant that I had to go around and check up on things, especially done by Meowmy. She started in the kitchen so I had to make sure she didn't mess with our food or water. Then she went into the dining room and cleared off the "clutter" from the table. I helped by chewing on the corners of things. If she wanted to move something from one room to the next I had to stand up on my hind legs and try to sniff it. I really liked 2 jewelry boxes she had- I trotted upstairs with her to sniff those. After all the supervising I was really tired so I slept on top of Kaze so I was right next to Meowmy's face.

Ooooooh!! I forgot about the best part of last night. Meowmy put in an order to
the Siamese Rescue Store (they have the BEST cat toys!) for her cat swap. (No, she doesn't trade cats, just cat toys and cat items). She decided to order Chase a
Zoom Groom because he's pretty furry. I LOVED it!! I let Meowmy touch me with it and I purred really really loudly while she was doing it.


Gemini said...

Oh Latte, the brown colors suit you so well. I'm not sure I'd like having to share an identity with the other cats though... hmmm?

The Meezers said...

we likes your meezer colors on the blog. we share and it's not so bad - we gotted ofurr the fighting about the comments a long time ago. - Miles

Merlin said...

I know what you mean about switching. Mom had to make different email addresses so I could have my own profile. Then if she signs in for her own mail it signs me out so when I come back to the puter I'm not me anymore.

I likes the new layout, though! The brown is purty.

Junior said...

Meowm switched to beta blogger by accident and she hates it! She sent in complaints and all they did was send her links back to check things out.

It sounds like you are a good supervisor Latte! Did you get a treat for doing such a good job?

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Yur blog goes so well wif your purty furs. That groom zoom sounds furry nice too. Maybe if my Mom gets that fur me I will actually start to purr. I still just make heavy breafing noises.
Beau Beau

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

what's with the cleanin'? our Lady duzzn't hafta werk on Thursday an she's all 'cited 'bout cleanin' the bafroom reel good. an plus she menshunned the noisy sucker upper macheen an cleanin' the patio an sortin' stuff fur gettin' rid of. what a way ta ruin a purrfectly good day off.

Rascal said...

Glad to hear that a responsible Cat like you is doing all the supervising. I suppose Chase is napping and Kaze is playing while you're working your tail off?

Chaotic Cat said...

Sounds like a lot of cleaning, Hummy refuses to clean that is why we have a lady come and do it for her. Haddy says Hummy is LAZY, I think she is just more of a cat than most people.

Hummy was wondering what you think of the new blogger ... was it worth the change over, what makes it better?