The people were visiting another meezer named KoKo. I smell him on their stuff and I think he may have tried to snuggle with them and even play with the Chip Man. When Meowmy came home she said that I am tiny in comparison. Is that bad? I've heard bigger is better and he is twice my size. Do you think they're going to trade me in for KoKo? I hope not!

Meowmy took lots of pictures of all of the meezer stuff that her grandma has. Apparently...its a lot of stuff! Even her living room is tan & black to match meezer colors. I'll post some pictures after Meowmy gets them off of the flashy box. She took way too many pictures of KoKo. He's already spoiled, he has a whole screened in porch where he hangs out all day long and watches lizards. Why don't I have something like that?

Meowmy even visited some of my online friend kitties while she was in FL. They used to blog (Nero & Sidney) so some of you might remember them. Nero is a 16 lbs. frootbat who is all black. Meowmy says he sucks on his tail like a baby. She had a nice time visiting them but she didn't stay long because I probably would never have gotten her back. They have 2 big woofies (german shepards) named Sheba & Max and they were really nice to her. They also have 2 meezers- a chocolate princess named Josephine, a lilac princess named Queenie, a Russian Blue, the black OSH, and the British Shorthair.

Apparently they were very busy and had a nice time. Well, I was BORED and didn't have such a nice time. I mean, Grandma took great care of us but I didn't get to snuggle with Meowmy and it was pretty lonely and dark for the most part. Oh well, at least we've got the computer back now!!


Gemini said...

Latte, it's not about size. I am a tiny cat under all my fur and Momma loves that about me!

Forty Paws said...

We ist glad yur back on yur blog!!

Luf, Us

sammawow-china cat-willow said...

We're so glad you're back! And now yo can enjoy snuggling again - Hooray for snuggling!

China Cat & Willow

Daisy said...

Oh, Latte! Yer Mommie and Daddie would not trade you in for anything in the world!

I can't wait to see a picture of Koko!

Junior said...

My Meowm visits other felines purrty regular! I have gotten used to it!

Tara said...

Your meowmy was probably visiting them cause she missed you so much! But I know how you feel, my mom is going to be gone all next week, and even though I luv Dad, its not the same when she is not around! Tara

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we remember Nero and Sidney. we keep checking their blogs, but they haven't posted in a long long time. are they going to again?