I know what you're thinking, "Gosh Kaze is LONG!" Well that's true but that's not the point of this picture. There was a flock of Robbins out there!!! I thought it might be a flock of Whirly-Birds who came to rescue mine. Meowmy assured me mine is safe in the toy closet, thank goodness!

The Robbins have been torturing us all week. They fly by the windows, swooping right in front of my eyes!!! They land on our porch roof and I get all flustered and start my little chirpy death-call. I take my hunting duties VERY seriously so I can never ignore an opportunity to hunt. I've been practicing a lot with the Whirly-Bird so I'm in prime Robbin hunting form.

The only problem....I'm in here and they're out there. Any hints?



Scream really really loud!!!
Trust me, they will hear you.
Unfortunately it usually makes them go away.
My next door neighbor has a bird feeder. Heaven, I tell you...



Oh and yeah?... just how long are you?
I used to be quite long... back in the day. Now I am thrilled if I can stretch it all out to three feet.

Tara said...

I make that same chirpy death call when I hunt! And it drives me nuts to see those birds outside! My solution...beg mom to take me out on my harness. Still doesn't help much, that silly harness doesn't move as fast as I do.

Cecilia & The 2Bs said...

Sneak out the door when the beans open it to go in and out. Trust me, they'll never catch you, we cats are way to fast. Then you can catch robbins all day long. Of course when you want to get back inside, just meow sadly so the beans know it is all their fault that you are all alone outside. He, he.

Yes, that Kaze sure is long.

Gemini said...

Oh that's a furry hard question. Maybe we can have bird hunting at the wedding cause you will be outside?

Daisy said...

Latte, practicing hunting on the Whirly-Bird is a good idea! When I see a bird outside, I make a cackling chittering sound, like this: kehkehkehkehkehkehkeh! That never works though.

One idea is to ask yer Mommie for a bird in a birdcage. Then you could have your own INSIDE birdie. I asked, but my Mommie said NO!

ps: Kaze sure is loooooong!

The Meezers said...

i did the chirp of hunting death at mommy's ham sammich today. we doesn't haf that many birdies here yet

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Miles, you make me MOL!!!


Daphne said...

Latte, the robbins don't come very close to our winders, but the red-winged blackbirdies -- woooo, there's a bird I wanna get after on our deck! They make a screeeecall that sends me running right to the deck winder!

Thanks for the comments @
Purrchance To Dream
your pal,

yao-lin said...

My advice is to swallow your hunting instincts with some steak. Really, that works wonders. I am now a real porker and it is all down to the fact that I would rather eat than hunt! Ignore the robins, they will be gone soon, go back to your food bowl.



Junior said...

I don't know what to tell you. If your Lap lady is like my Meowm, she won't let you outside so chasing them birdies is a lost cause. You may just have to be content with chasing fevvers inside!

Karen Jo said...

Miles, that was funny! Sad to say, I can't think of any way you can get those robins while you are inside and they are outside. I wouldn't advise sneaking outside because bad things can happen to kitties out there.

Derby said...

If you want to catch them you have to get outside. Sooo, somehow you need to sneak out, hide in the bushes and then grab a robin. See if that works.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Kaze may have a long body, but you have the longest tail.

We get to go outside, but we're told not to chase the birdies! Mom and Dad try to tell us that we can go after the starlings, but not the nice songbirds. As if we know the difference! Good luck escaping outside some time. You'll never be satisfied inside all the time once you taste freedom.


Dragonheart said...

Birdie watching is so much fun! :) You are Kaze look like you are really enjoying watchng the Robins.

No advice on catching them, though. Maybe you can convince your Meowmy to take you out on a harness so you can chase the Robins?

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we don't have any robins, but we do the chirpy death call to the boring little brown fev-vers on the wires outside. we can't figure out how ta get at 'em though.