I Made it!!! Part I.

Today is special for me so I've decided to snuggle on Meowmy's lap and tell you this story. And yes, I am actually snuggling on her lap and she's letting me click the mouse button! A year ago I was a very sad little meezer. I know many of you know the story but I wanted to tell it again so that I can remember how sick I was and how much Meowmy & the Chip Man love me.

On a cold snowy day while I was munching on some tulips from a memorial service for the Chip Man's grandmother, Meowmy noticed I was sitting with my right hind leg kicked out kind of funny. I was almost 6 months old so I was still a tiny little meezer. I had just had my hoohaectomy a couple of weeks before. I seemed OK for the most part but I was sitting really weird. Days went by and I started to limp. It was very hurty for me to use that leg but I didn't understand why. Meowmy and the Chip Man though I had attempted an acrobatic feat and had fallen from the top of the armoire in the dining room which was moved because they were painting.

They decided to put me into isolation for a few days to "keep me quite". I was getting worse rapidly so Meowmy called the VET. (Kaze is now crashing my lap party and lying on Meowmy's typing arm) She took me in to see "Doc" the vet who had seen her family's cats since grandma got her first cat, a Siamese named Bo in the 70's. Doc agreed with Meowmy, she thought I had injured my "hock" (Meowmy is familiar with horse injuries because horses are so fragile and she's seen a lot of stuff happen to them). The hock is your hind "knee", the joint that bends the opposite way than human knees. He took an x-ray just to be safe and it was a digital x-ray. The image didn't look right but the Doc thought it was just a weird development or something. I was sent home to rest and call back in 3 days. Two days later (actually March 15th) I was much worse. Meowmy called the VET's office and our usual vet, Dr. Ian was in the office. He reviewed my x-rays and called Meowmy. He wanted her to bring me in right away as the image was NOT normal and he was very worried.

Meowmy rushed home and brought me to the vet (the Chip Man came too). Dr. Ian showed them the picture on his computer and showed them how my femur looked fuzzy and moth eaten. This is not a very common thing to have happen and Dr. Ian was perplexed as to what was causing it. He though maybe I had a fungal infection. Some of you who live in other areas of the country might have to worry about this but here in NJ we don't have fungal infections for the most part and they usually happen to woofies. He prescribed some antifungals that had to be ordered because the pharmacy didn't have it.

That night I was shaking and just sitting on Meowmy. She was really worried about me so she called Dr. Ian back and he personally gave her directions to the ER vet in Langhorne, PA. There was no point in going to our local ER because they couldn't do the bone biopsy I was going to need. The drive over I was a good little meezer and I didn't meeze much but I did enough to let them know I was still with them. We saw the triage VET and my records had been sent over and Meowmy brought the disc with my x-rays. The triage VET said I need to stay over night and have a bone biopsy as there was no easy explaination about what was wrong with me.

Meowmy went home and cried. A lot. Chase told me about it. She was hysterical and felt like she was failing me, her first kitten. The kitten she had waited for her entire life. She waited not so patiently to hear from the next VET in the morning. The next VET said I was going to need the biopsy but that I was resting comfortably. Meowmy swallowed hard at the cost and told them to go ahead.

Next they came and collected me and made me go to sleep. The VET had a Scotish accent and he said he was my Dr. Ian's professor when he went to UPenn. He said he was very good and he would help me if he could. I went to sleep for an hour and a half!!! That is a LONG time for a little kitten. They drilled 3 holes in my femur and then sewed me up with 2 sutures. I was very very woozy after my surgery. I just couldn't completely wake up. Meowmy called every 2 hours to see if I could come home yet. The VET wanted me to stay another night but it was just too expensive considering they had no idea what my treatment would be.

Meowmy came to take me home and she kept me in the PTU in their room so that I couldn't fall around and hurt myself since I was still feeling my anestisia. If I was allowed to move around I couldn't really walk. Meowmy didn't sleep a wink that night because she kept checking on me. She was worried that I might just fade away in the night.

The next morning Meowmy stayed home from work to be with me. I was in so much pain I really didn't want to move at all. I didn't want to eat or drink or do anything but lie in the sun.

I think I'll stop there as this is getting long. I'll tell you the rest soon!


Tara said...

When Mom and I first started reading your blog, we went back and read ALL the archives and learned this story. However, reading it again reminds me how scary it must have been for you. You are SO brave, Latte, and your meowmy loves you SO much.

The Meezer Gang said...

This is very suspenseful...How long will we have to wait??? Will it be long, so should we look it up in the archives???

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

I'll tell you more tomorrow, I just didn't want to bore everyone too much.


Gemini said...

Oh Latte we are so not bored! That was a furry scary time. We are ever so glad that you made it.

The Meezers said...

Oh Latte, we 'amember this story from 'afore, but it's so terrible. Poor baby Latte. You look like you is in terribe pain in the 2nd pikshur.

The Meezers said...

Oh, and mommy says that when she and daddy and Trixie and Norton and The One Who Came Before lived in Philly-del-fee-a, Norton gotted really really sick wif bladder blokage and almost died, and they hadded to take him to the Langhorne 'mergency v-e-t. they was furry nice there.

Daisy said...

Oh, Latte, I am on the edge of my seat! (even though I know you are ok now). I never heard about this story before, and I can't wait to read the rest. That last picture is so sad, you look so unhappy, and I can see the bald patch on yer arm. It sounds like you were very very sick. Boy am I glad you got better.

Tiger Lily said...

Oh Latte I'm so glad you survived and we look forward to reading the rest of the story. Mom asked me to tell you that she knows just how your Mom felt and how happy she and the Chip Man are to have you still with them.

Your blog is having a weird effect on my Mom. Water starts leaking out of her eyes almost every time we read it. She says it's because you remind her very much of two of my big brothers who had passed on before I moved in. Chai lived with her for 17 years and Pfredd lived with her for 19 years. The first time we ever visited your blog she almost fainted when she saw your picture 'cuz for just a second she thought you were Chai.

crazy meezer said...

Oh Latte, how awful you were so very sick when you were just a little meezer!
We weren't bored, we'll come back and read the rest. Glad we already know the story has a good ending :)

crazy meezers

yao-lin said...

Oh wow I never realised you were so poorly!!!! And you were so little. I am so glad it is a happy ending because I know how handsome and healthy you are now but I still need to hear the rest of the story to help me feel better! Hugs and kisses for you beautiful meezer.


Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Oh I don't think I have heard this story before! At least I know it has a happy ending (cause you are telling it and all).
My mammacat had to rush her first cat to UPenn emergency VET at 2 am when she lived in Philly. It was scary (for her)!

momsbusy said...

oh my, it sounds so horrible an scary what the vet dided to you. we ars glad yu is ok now. but we wood like to hear the rest of the story.

yuki & kimiko

Merlin said...

Oh my goodness, Latte, I am so glad that you are better now. I bet that was furry scary for you and for your Mommy.


well, this is very sad and acary, but you are here... so it must have a good ending.
You are sooo cute. I am sorry your lap party was crashed as you were working on this... wow.

I cant wait for the happy ending.
Right now... I am still werrried

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Like Tara, we read up on some of your archives when you first told us that you had been very sick as a kitten. We still like to hear the story again from the prospective of a now-healthy kitty. We look forward to the rest of your retrospective since we know it has a happy ending! Don't tell the other meezers, Latte, but you've been our favorite. We love the way you carry your tail! It just looks so happy to us.


Spoiler said...

There I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the end -- and BOOM! You left us hanging. HURRY UP and tell the rest.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

It's good to know it haz a happy ending, but yoo left us on da edge of mommy's lap! We can't wate to hear the rest...Glad yoor o.k.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Oh no, we hope yoo survived, Latte! That is such a tramatic storie.

Yoo didn't evun menchun the part whare they took off all yer fur, put yoo up against a black background with onlie yer innured showing and tuk the picktur!

All that said, it sownds like yoo are one tuff cookie (or temp-tay-shun) and we can't wait to hear the rest!

Dragonheart said...

Oh my Latte! :( That sound horrible! You certainly went through a lot when you were a tiny little Meezer. I'm so glad that you recovered from that ordeal!

It's very nice of you to snuggle on your Meowmy's lap. It is clear that your Meowmy and the Chip Man love you very much.