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OK, so July 25th is the 1 year anniversary of me blogging! Even better, July 16th is Kaze's 1 year blogging anniversary. The two of us got together and decided to go in on a contest together.We are very excited about this and we were trying to think of some way to commemorate the event and we noticed we are both really close to our 300th posts.

Here's how its going to work:
We blog on week days (Monday-Friday) and (thanks Tara!) we're going to post the question between 11am-1pm Eastern time.

For the next weekish (defined by me because I can July 9-16th) Kaze is going to post a question on her blog about one of my past posts or something just generally about her. In the comments field of the day the question is asked please leave your answers to the question. We will keep a running list of who gets the most answers correct. The cat who answers the question correctly FIRST (as determined by time of comment) will be the winner for that day. Kaze will post her questions between 11am-12pm Eastern.

The next weekish (July 17th-July 24th) I will get to ask questions about my blogging over the past year. Same rules apply as with Kaze's questions. Again, whoever gets the most questions right wins! I am going to be posting my questions anytime throughout the day to make it fair for kitties all over the world! It could be 8am or 11pm our time, who knows??

Here's the fun part:

There will be a winner for each of us no matter what! That means 2 prize packages will be awarded to two different kitties. Whoever gets the most answers right from my questions wins a prize package from Siamese Rescue. Whoever wins the most questions from Kaze's blog ALSO gets a prize package. Should one cat win both, there will be a grab-bag style secondary winner. We will put the names from every cat who answered the questions correctly in a hat and draw a winner. Good luck and please have fun!

This contest was designed to help our new friends get to know us better and reward our long term friends for visiting us over the past year. We love you all and truly appreciate the support we've received over the past year and wish we could reward you all!


1. You must be a cat blogger to answer questions.

2. Only one answer per question per fur family (even if you all have your own blogs, you can only answer as a group).

3. As it is our contest we reserve the right to change the rules and/or prizes at our discretion.

4. Have fun!!

Winners for both contests will be announced on my blog on July 25th.


HRH Yao-Lin said...

oooh how exciting!! And thanks for the rockin blogger award, too!!! I am touched and I will gush about it tomorrow.

Love and hugs from one meezer to another


Jake and Bathsheba said...

Hmm. Sounds difficult--is it cheating if we get our Mom to help us?


The Cat Realm said...

This is exciting but we are afraid we might not win because we already have problems understanding the rules...
No, no, we get it!
We´ll be there Monday!

caricature said...

Seems to be an interesting contest ~ congrats on the one year blogging anniversary :)

GARGOLAS said...

Un año! Felicidades y ha celebrar entonces!

Saludos felinos.