7 Things Meme

A little while back my wife Cheysuli tagged me for the 7 Things Meme. I thought I had done it so I let Snap take over. Well... I hadn't so when Starbuck & Torrey tagged me I decided I'd better take my turn!!

I think you all know how this goes!

1. I'm adorable. Really really really cute. Just in case you didn't know that, its really what helps me get away with a lot of stuff. Even the Chip Man says to me, "Latte, you are just TOO cute!!!!"

2. If Meowmy comes at me with grabby fingers and says, "Latte, meeze-meeze!" I look her in the eye and meow at her.

3. I'm very sensitive to human emotions. If someone is sad or upset I want to sooth them and either go sit on them or near them. I hate to see anyone in my family in discomfort. Like last night, I had to go sit on the Chip Man's lap because Windows Vista is torturing him. He just got a new computer and he says Vista SUCKS!! I tried to purr away his upset (and you know how I hate to be touched) so you know he was really upset. I'm so sorry Chip Man, I hope you can get it better!

4. Sometimes I'm not exactly sure where I want to snuggle but since I'm not a daily snuggler Meowmy will just sit there and let me walk all over her until I am comfy. She barely even breathes for fear that I won't choose her for a snuggle.

5. I'm really very meezerly and manipulative. Nothing I do is random, in fact I derive a lot of pleasure in acting innocent when I do things to get a rise out of the humans. Like at 4 am when I get bored, I start walking around on the humans until they decided to toss us. Then I hide under the bed so they can't get me. Hehe.

6. I have too poo first in a clean litterbox. I will even encroach on Chase or Kaze if they are trying to go first. I have to enjoy a clean box since I'm the litterbox attendant!

7. I'm a computer addict. Whenever I'm in Meowmy's lap blogging I take over the house. I realize I need her help to type the letters but my paws can easily handle the mouse thingy.

I'm pretty sure most cats have been tagged but if you haven't, go ahead, its really fun to learn tidbits about your friends!


michico 小芥 said...

I love #3, having you around will be the sweetest thing in the world~!! Certainly, I believe your mommy will comfort you when you upset, too.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Yes, we agree that you are super cute--and you didn't even mention your fabulous curled tail!


Starbuck and Torrey said...

You are great, latte! Thanks for doing the meme!

Parker said...

Latte - that was cool leaning more about you - I think it's great that you are a soother...I am too! I'm still in love with that photo of you yesterday!

Caesar and Princess said...

You are super cute... all three of you are but you are quite handsome.
I am also very sensitive about emotions. I am 16 and I have been the major comfort in all of the gilrbeans childhood diseases (chicken pox was my biggest chore) and even a death in the family

Wow, you are special.
We love you

happy week-end

Tamra Maew said...

Great meme! I also get away with things because im just too cute, its really coming in handy!

You must not be feeling the coolness of Fall if you don't like to be snuggled! My servants keep telling me to get used to it because its only going to get colder...

The Furry Kids said...

Those are neat things, Latte. I really liked #2. But what are grabby fingers? I'm thinking they might be similar to our Mom's I'm-gonna-get-you claw hands. hee hee


Cheysuli said...

Ah I knew the human male was an evil sadist. He LIKES vista. Of course he works for the company.. but STILL.

Everyone knows you are cute Latte. Are you sure that was a share?

Daisy said...

Latte, you are very kind and wonderful to be so sensitive to human emotions.

HRH Yao-Lin said...

"She barely even breathes for fear that I won't choose her for a snuggle"

Latte: You rule supreme my friend! Honestly, that is perfect human slave training. Well done! You have done the siamese breed proud!

Laughing out loud!!!


Junior said...

You are a funny meezer! It is very nice of you to want to make beans feel better!

Henry Helton said...

Senor says that Vista sucks too! He reinstalled XP and is waiting for them to work the kinks out of Vista before he switches to that. Tell the Chip Man good luck.

The Meezers said...

aww Latte, you is so sweet!! If mommy us upset, we will sniff her then walk away. She wants to cuddle, but we doesn't want drool or anyfing else on our furs.

Tara said...

I agree with Yao-lin, that is a great one. I do that, and I don't even snuggle, just sleep at Mom's feet. But she won't move until I get comfy.


Eric and Flynn said...

Yoo are a furry good comforter Latte. If my mum is upset I snuggle into her side and she puts her arm around me. That allus makes her feel better.

Pet's are 4 Life said...

Has you descovered the joys of demanding under-the-blanket-time? We sits at the tops of the bed, and MEOWRL!!! until Momma opens up the covers, lets us under...then 10 seconds later, we all dash back out from under the covers...hehehehe Its fun to pretends we wants to snuggle.


Fab five said...


You iz furry lucky to be first to poo in da box. I have never been able to sneak pazt da Auntie Stinkie...& I tink you can guess what happenz to da box when she iz done!

Dr Tweety

Astrid, Kashim & Othello said...

speaking of cute, Latte look what we found: http://www.dailykitten.com/archives/1327-latte.html

purrrs, Kashim & Othello

Mao said...

Yoo shur have a regul meezer profile... yoo make me prowd to be a meezer!