OK I'm going to have to admit that snuggling is a very good thing. I've been fighting it for a really long time, but with it being this chilly I can't fight my need to snuggle. Last night I saw Kaze under the covers with Meowmy and I went right over there and snuggled on top of her. Then my purr box started up really loud. Well, loud for me, but it was drowned out by Kaze's super loud purr which you can't hear yourself think over.

Gosh she's just a mouthy creature! Its fine to talk for food and purr softly when you are really enjoying a nice petting but she is just crazy! She will hold entire conversations with Meowmy. I don't know what she thinks, Meowmy doesn't speak meow.

Anyhow...we stayed snuggled to Meowmy all night long. That made her happy because we weren't running around like crazy and Kaze didn't knock the trash can over. We were very peaceful and it was very nice. Of course she still kicked us out at 5am because she gets claustrophobic and feels like between the Chip Man, Kaze, Chase, and me; she can't breath.


Junior said...

Purring and snuggling?! What is happening to you!?

Well, I have to admit that there have been a few (very few) times that I have purred loud (loud for me). My Meowma seemed to like it....so I will have to do that again.

Anonymous said...

Oh, purring and snuggling is heaven. And it makes Meowmie happy and that is the best.