The weekend update:

Chase yaked and I had to help him "clean it up". Meowmy was not impressed.

I stared at invisinible things on the ceiling fan for a long time. That made everyone think I was crazy.

Covered lots of Chase poo (he just doesn't know how to cover and he STINKS).

Chewed on the Fuzzy Stuff (aka Box Spring) until the Chip Man freaked out.

Ate some chips from the Chip Man (yum!).

Pretended like I was going to let people touch me and then ran away.

Got dressed up in a STUPID costume for Skeezix's contest. Really...I am NOT a leapord and neither is Kaze or Chase.

Endured endless hours of the STINKY kitten (yes, her noxious fumes are back folks).




That's about it. Time for a nap.


Gemini said...

Oh I am sorry you had to dress up. I AM NOT Looking forward to my costume!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we think that's a great look you've got there - so expressive!

Latte said...

Thanks guys, there was a wand toy involved so I could focus on that and not the stupid hat thing. Mewomy got that costume because she thought it matched my colors best.