I saw the PTUs and knew it couldn't be good. Off we went and I yowled the whole time in the Grey Machine. The Chip Man thinks its hilarious so he meows back to me. Whatever, I knew we were going to see Dr. Ian. Now, I love Dr. Ian. He loves me. He kisses my sweet meezer fur and I let him. He's even more of a giant than the Chip Man but I do like him because he honestly loves me. BUT he does stick bad things in my body. Like needles. And thermometers.

As I figured all of the techs were thrilled to see me and how big I've gotten. I was a little scared, I huddled to Meowmy shaking a little. But once I saw Dr. Ian I was OK. I weigh 8.3 lbs. Mewomy thinks I am "bite sized". I had to have my FVRCP booster and next year I'll get a titer and not have to have a shot. Dr. Ian even warmed up the shot so it wouldn't be cold when he injected it. I have to go back in 3 weeks for my rabies shot. Everyone is really really worried about that since they still don't know why my femur was infected and the only thing that went into my right hind was the rabies shot.

Basically it wasn't too bad but I was happy to get home. We're all on antibiotics to clear up the Herpes flare up (thanks Kaze) but they don't taste too bad. I'm pretty sleepy because of my shot and I didn't finish all of my breakfast and I'm a little "fluffy" which means I'm not feeling my best.

Dr. Ian told us he made a new website for the office (he did it himself!). He's very funny, the picture captions are great.
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Gemini said...

Latte, I am glad that you are successfully done with that shot. Have a good day resting.

The Meezers said...

Latte, sorry you hadded to go to the v-e-t. we will cross our fingers for your rabies shot in a few monfs.

Merlin said...

Yoo are furry lucky that yoo have such a good V-E-T. I am glad yoo are okay! I always need a nap and a to give myself a good bath after a trip to the v-e-t too.

DEBRA said...

Oh Latte

We is sorry yu had to go and get stuck...even at the nice v-e-t. We is so glad yu is home and restin comfy.

Sweet dreams.


Junior said...

I hate having things poked in me! Glad you are doing good though!

Lux said...

It looks like you've got a nice vet! By the way, Ninna has only had two rabies shots in her life, and she had reactions to both of them (bumps that eventually disappeared). Therefore, even the vet agrees that she shouldn't have another (especially since she doesn't go outside). Mom says there's a lot of controversy over those rabies shots.