The Chip Man really hates when there are lots of cat toys around so he's always "cleaning up" and "putting things away". I do not agree with his philosophy and luckily Meowmy does not either. She pretty much waits until he's not around and then gives us some toys to play with. He doesn't seem to notice so it all works out well.

Yesterday Mewomy came home to pick something up in the middle of the day. She's been feeling sorry for us because we look bored sometimes (even though we have no problems entertaining ourselves and she plays with us for hours at night with the wand toy). She got out the toy box and gave us 3 toys we haven't seen in a while:

1. A black shmousie
2. A gold sparkle ball
3. A twisty fleecy thing with fev-vers on the end.

By the time they got home (which was VERY late!) the only thing left around was the fleecy thing sans fev-vers. We're really good at hiding our toys. Therefore, the Chip Man never knew a thing but we were very bored!

Well, since we were all hyped up on playing from yesterday, last night we HAD to have some toys. We found Meowmy's "center piece" on the book shelf. It has big red bobble thingies and we pulled them and their stems out. One of us ate a bobble or at least hid it somewhere. This kind of stuff usually gets us in trouble but Meowmy just sighed, put the bobble things back and fished out our toys from under the bookshelf (that's where we keep them all but we can't get them out ourselves). I can guarantee her the sparkle ball will be under the bookshelf again and that shmousie is probably tucked in some interesting spot.

Purr update: So yeah we all got kicked out because we were having a purr symphony at 4am. All three of us were purring really really loudly and snuggling. We woke the Chip Man up and he couldn't sleep over the "noise". We practiced those harmonies for weeks!!! At least Meowmy appreciated it and said she would have listened to us all night if she had to.


Eric and Flynn said...

Yer Chip man duzn't a-pree-shate yer purrs??? Flynn gets in the bed an snuggles up to mum's tummy an I lay on dad's head an we bofe purr our heads off (well not lich-rully) an then thay wake up an give us scritches. Well yoo-shully thay do but sumtimes thay say "Go back to sleep,it's only two o clock."

Gemini said...

Oh what great toys! You and Chey would have to fight for the feather toy though!

The Meezers said...

the chip man can't sleep 'acause you're PURRING? Maybe he needs ear plugs?

DEBRA said...

We's hide our toyz udder da bookcase too! It must be a kitty fink, huh?


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

izzn't purrin' a relaxin' sound? when we purrs, it puts our people ta sleep. it's when we poke 'em in the face wif our paws that they haf a hard time stayin' asleep.

Catzee said...

Well, ya can't have a kitty wifout toys an purrs!