Meowmy is going crazy

She claims its sleep deprivation but I don't know...this is just not like her!

About 6am I was snuggling on top of the covers by her head. Kaze was under the covers, between Meowmy's body and me. This however, was not what Meowmy thought was happening.

She woke up and thought that the dead weight on top of the covers (*hey!) was Kaze. Being that it was around 6 she decided that "Kaze" should just get down and go away for the rest of the morning. After she pushed me down (remember she thinks I'm Kaze- how, I don't know!) she noticed a lump on her side still. In her sleepy state she heard the lump snuffling and decided it was me snuggling under the covers with her. That brought a smile to her face and she decided to just let "me" stay. Five minutes later a frootbat head poked out from under the covers! Meowmy was completely surprised. I was watching from the top of her dresser where I was making noises pushing stuff around so that she'd realized she pushed me off instead of Kaze.

Kaze wanted to get out so Meowmy was thankful she could get some more sleep since she's been up late (there is a huge debate right now about the new ginormous TV, if its "dark detailer" is not good enough and they should upgrade. I heard "detailer" and I'm scared the ginormous TV is trying to eat cat tails!! Thank goodness it is in the cat free room.)

Guess what happened next?? Kaze started yacking in the snuggle room. First of all, Kaze & I NEVER yack, that is a job for Chase. Secondly, there was no way the rug was going to be spared. Meowmy jumped up and tried to get Kaze to the bathroom but to no avail. She ended up helping Kaze spray the yack-stuff all over the carpet. I was sitting between the Chip Man's legs laughing to myself. Then Meowmy spent 15 minutes cleaning up the yack.

Oh, AND she was telling the Chip Man about the horrible dreams she had about tornados hitting our house, and saving the kitties, and looters (who were teenage girls), and people stealing our generator, etc. Tornados to Meowmy are like vacuums to Chase- they terrify her. Hahaha!!! That will teach her to think I'm Kaze in the future!


Tara said...

Sounds like quite a morning! Sorry your Meowmy is not sleeping well...maybe all this strange weather has her worried. But my Mom thinks the weather is going to need to get pretty weird to have Tornados in New Jersey! Tara

Daisy said...

What a wild and crazy night you had Latte! I am sorry to laugh, but that is what my Mommie does when me or Pixie start to bomit - she picks us up and runs to a tiled area. But it always ends up leaving a long trail of bomit on the carpet instead of just one little spot. One time she even caught it in her HANDS!

Merlin said...


Be furry furry careful around that de-tailer. You don't want to lose your tail, my goodness!

Your poor Mommy, I hope she gets to get a good night's sleep soon.

jeterharris said...

all dis talk abowt yackin an bomit iz makin me sick. i'm goin over to see skeezix's blog ... maybe he haz anudder pikshur uv da litter boks!

Dragonheart said...

Oh my! Your poor meowmy. She must have been dreaming about all the weather over here in Europe. There were hurricane-force winds across a large portion of western Europe yesterday. It was scary!

Watch out for the detailer!

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Hi Latte... my oh my. That was quite a morning that your meowmy had. Don't know how she got you and Kaze mixed up but you must have been plenty peeved.

Thanks for the reminder about arching my back and turning sideways if/when I see that dog next door. I almost forgot about that tactic.

Catzee said...

Next time she finks yur somekitty else, put the bitey on her.

Muddy said...

hehehe, Myst tries to be a dead weight on the covers, but he is so little and so light, that it doesn't work.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

furrst of all, when ya gots a yackin' kitty, yur supposed ta try ta keep the kitty in one place so clean up is easier. but we supposed she knows that now. our Lady just hadded a flashback of tryin' ta get a yackin' toddler ta the bafroom an sprayin' the hallway.
we're furry scared of yur dark de-tailer. our tails is totally dark an we wants ta keep 'em rite where they is.

Victor Tabbycat said...

So wait... it's ok fur yur mom to shove Kaze off the bed, but not you? She doesn't want Kaze sleepin on her?? Grate story!

Mom werked really late the ofur nite an I was coffin a hairball (furry rare fur me) so she gave me that gooey stuff. Wul, it werked... bout an hour affer she got in bed, I started yackin on top of the bed. I was ascared an tried to run, but spewed it all ofur the bed at Dad's feets an on the carpet. Mom cleaned it all up but Dad kept snorin. So when Mom got back to bed, acourse I had to go unner cover wif her!

Eric and Flynn said...

If I want to yack, I allus make shore I am on carpet so it duzn't splash back at me. If dad heers me, he picks me up, an we go charging to the baffroom. Then he sticks my hed down the toilet. Oh what? He sed he duzn't stick it down the toilet, just holds me ofurr the top.