Sometimes the smallest cat packs the biggest punch

I was running around playing last night when I flew off the final landing of the stairs and landed right on Meomwy's foot. I mean I LANDED! I admit I was moving quickly and flying fast. She screamed so loud that I got really scared and hid under the table. The Chip Man yelled at her for yelling. Apparently one of my hind claws went into her foot and now its all swollen and hurty. She can't believe that the smallest cat in the house caused so much pain. I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to hurt her but I didn't expect her to be there! Later I went up and sat next to her on the couch and I rested my chin on her leg. She thought it was adorable so I guess she isn't mad.

In other news if you could spare a few purrs for our horsie Snap I'd really appreciate it. She just had her spring shots and she had a similar bad reaction like I have to shots. She was lying down and in pain and her neck is all swollen. The horse VET said she'll be OK, she just needs some horse asprin and hot compresses on her neck. Her neck is all twitchy and she kept resting her head on Meowmy when she was compressing her.


Junior said...

I am glad you made up with your Meowmy....they usually understand that sometimes we hurt them without meaning to.

Of course you can have lots of purrayers for Snap. Give her gentle headbutts for me and Meowm.

Riley & Tiki said...

What a good boy, showing your Meowmy how sorry you were. We hope she and Snap feel better soon.

Gemini said...

Latte Cheysuli said she would love for you to come visit. We have to snoopervise the cleaning girl today and maybe you can confuse her by being the extra cat.

We are sorry that Snap is not feeling well. Purrs.

Tara said...

I'm glad your meowmy forgave you, it sounds like it was an innocent accident!

Poor Snap! I hope he feels better soon. I'm purrin for him.

Daisy said...

Poor Latte, I know you didn't mean to hurt your Mommie, it was just an accident. But it sounds like she already has forgiven you.

Me and Pixie are sending many purrs for Snap to feel better soon. Even though we are a little afraid of her, because she's big. But she looks friendly.

=^..^= said...

Mommies always furgive and furget and will lurrve us no matter what. My brufur and I are purring LOTS for Snap!


PS. Fanks fur adding us to your bloggie. We haf added you to ours! *headbutts*

Karen Jo said...

I'm sure you didn't mean to hurt your Mommie and I am also sure that she knows that. It was nice of you to go up to her later and put your head on her leg. I will think healing thoughts about Snap and hope that she will feel better very soon.


I know your mommie loves you loads, because most of the time you are a good kitty.

We are sending comforting purrs and prayers for Snap.
We hate shots too :-(


Kim and Oscar said...

You surprised your Meowmy. She's not mad and it was very nice and caring of you to lay your head on her leg.

Snap, purrs to you. I'm sorry that your neck is swollen. Sometimes the VET can be a little rough with us. You're very beautiful!

sammawow-china cat-willow said...

We know that your mom loves you very much and knows that you didn't mean to hurt her. And we are sending comforting purrrrrs over to Snap tonight.

Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Why was she in yer play area!?!?! She's gotta watch owt fur yoo and whare yoo land! Gud idea to act like it's yer fault and give hur headcuddles!

We're purring eggstra hard fur Snap cause she's a BIG annimul so she needs eggstra purrs.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

aw, you didn't mean to hurt your mommy and she knows that. you just surprised her that is all. it is nice she is all lovey and forgivy now.
wow, snap is an absolutely beautiful horse. what a great face. poor girl. i am glad she'll be all better soon. would you gently pet her nose for me???

Boy said...

Purrs for Snap.
I think she's byootiful!