I wish I could say its not my fault but it was. So around 3-4am I usually wake up and go wander around the house. Sometimes I walk on top of the People. Sometimes it wakes them up and sometimes it doesn't. For a little bit more effect I knocked over the Chip Man's lamp and it went CRASH. The People shot up out of bed and they were scared. I knew I was in trouble so I ran ran ran under the bed. Unfortunately they did hunt me down and tossed me out of the room.

In other news I took a stroll up to the golf course and I got to walk on the green! It was really soft and smelled very interesting. I don't have any pictures because the Chip Man was taking pictures with his camera and he doesn't upload those. He's weird. Meowmy & the Chip Man both got new cameras and while Meowmy has taken around 800 pictures, I'm not even sure if he's in the double digits yet. I think he just likes the camera for its "gadget" factor. That's what Meowmy says.


Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

Oooh the golf course sounds like fun. I've never been on one of those.

The Furry Kids said...

The golf course does sound cool. The grass always looks very pretty. Bummer about getting tossed out of the bedroom. Did you stand at the door and cry? Or throw yourself against the door? That usually gets me back in the room. heh heh

Earl Grey

PS - Thanks for the sizing info on the harness. I think I'm getting one for my birthday.

The Meezers said...

how dare he not upload pikshurs of you!

Cheysuli said...

The human male likes to gold. Therefore I avoid it.

Parker said...

oops, I hate it when I make things go crash! It scares me!

Parker said...

oops, I hate it when I make things go crash! It scares me!

Lux said...

You sure do look pretty, Latte. I'll bet the crashing lamp scared you, too - it would've me!

purrchance to dream said...

Oopsie on the crash.
Not The Mama says its the lamp-designer's fault - whoever made those things top-heavy, anyway? Clearly NOT someone with kitties in their life!

Oooh - a stroll around a golf course sounds like FUN!
We're jealous!
daphne & chloe

Junior said...

Crashing things sounds like fun.....well except for the aprt where you get thrown out of the room.

What's a golf course?

Tara said...

Dad's that way, he is really into the "gadget factor". Must be a guy thing!