Trip to the VET Meezer Rule Wednesday

Apparently it was time for my yearly exam. Great. On the ride over I was stuck in the PTU with Chase. That was OK. When we got to the office Meowmy took me out on my harness so I got to hang out and have everyone say how gorgeous I am. The VET man didn't expect to see me but was excited because he loves me. He even scratched my itchy butt spot. But then he stood me up on my hind legs and made me dance. So humiliating. They took me in the back and stoled my bloods but no pricks. I don't get pricks because I have horrible reactions to them. I'm mostly healthy except I have stomatis (just like Kaze). So now I have to do pulse antibiotics with Kaze to see if it helps my gums. We meezers are really prone to stomatis so its not really a surprise.

I told everyone at the office to vote for me on Catster! They were all very excited for me.

The worst part of it was when I got shoved back in the PTU with Chase. He tried to KILL me. I was askeered and Meowmy almost had to grab me out but she yelled at him and he stopped.

It wasn't so bad and I like being a bit of a celebrity at the office. As long as they don't put me under again!

Meezer Rule: When being forced to go to the VET always bring a sibling so you look like a super star when your sibling poops on the techs.


Cheysuli said...

That is an excellent meezer rule, Latte.

PB & J said...

Latte, that's the best rule ever! But mom never takes us all to the vet at the same time - she say we're too unruly!

China Cat said...

Now that really is a good rule! Willow and I have gone together for the past two years and everyone finds me adorable while Willow is afraid and hides in the back of the PTU.

Purrrrrs, China Cat

Parker said...

Wow - what a good rule! Did Chase really poop on the vet tech???

Ramses said...

I'z goes to the VET with Ramses so I can holds his paw and make him feel all brave, he cries if he has to go on his own! ;)


Tamra Maew said...

Good rule! I've got a trauma story for you, how about my first snow storm EVER! I had just noticed the white coat outside and the big fluffy white balls falling when my servants took off for the day... What do I do about these intruders!!!


Scout said...

I don’t have brudders or sisters. I am usually the one acting out at the V-E-T. I am embarrassed.


Caesar and Princess said...

great meezer rule!

we are also a big hit at the vet. Everyone wants to touch us and we are soooo docile and adorrrrabibble.

We also cannot get the big prickers. Severely allergic as well, whew.

You did great Latte. Always entertaining to get out and please the masses

Junior said...

Great rule! Someone will have to teleport over to go to the v-e-t with me.....or maybe I will learn the pooping technique myself!

I am sorry chase beat up on you, but forgive him, it was a tough visit for him.

The Furry Kids said...

That is a good rule. EG and I are going to the V-E-T together soon. I hope he poops on himself. Then while he's distracting them with his stanky poop, I can find a good hidey spot.


Queen Snickers said...

Wow you have something in common with my momma, she can't get regular bean shots like, flu or tetanus or anything. They make her very sick. I wish I couldn't get shots too.

Daisy said...

Wow, Latte, you danced with the vet? You really are a super star!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Latte, that's not nice. Chase couldn't help it. Some day you may have that problem at the vet yourself.

Captain Jack and Dante said...

We are sorry you had to go to the VET but we really do like your new rule!

Forty Paws said...

Great Meezer rule!

Luf, Us

Mickey said...

Funny Meezer rule,heehee
I'm not too crazy about the Vet myself.
Happy Thanksgiving!!