Question #6

My whole life I've been brown and cream because I'm a Seal Point Siamese. There was a time I had another color on me....what color and why?

Only one more question to go!! Winners will be announced on Wednesday!!

Good Job Tara! She is correct that I was a Blue Daffodil for quite some time...I had that e-collar on for 6 weeks!

That means:
Dragonheart 2
Tara 3
Jake & Bathsheba 1

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Tara said...

Was it your e-collar when you were a blue daffodil?

Junior said...

Wow! I didn't even remember that! I was thinking about one of you guys getting some kind of medicine rubbed on you with a plastic bag......maybe that was Kaze!

lordjaders said...

Latte, I don't think I can play yourrr scavengerrr hunt, because I don't know enough about you yet. But I'll keep checking back to say hello when I can.


Dragonheart said...

:( Another question posted too late for me. The computer was shut down and the humans were in bed when this was posted. I'm just happy I was able to take part in Kaze's contest - being 6 hours ahead of Eastern time means I usually miss out on a lot of things. :(

Nice job Tara. :)