I saw the PTUs and knew it couldn't be good. Off we went and I yowled the whole time in the Grey Machine. The Chip Man thinks its hilarious so he meows back to me. Whatever, I knew we were going to see Dr. Ian. Now, I love Dr. Ian. He loves me. He kisses my sweet meezer fur and I let him. He's even more of a giant than the Chip Man but I do like him because he honestly loves me. BUT he does stick bad things in my body. Like needles. And thermometers.

As I figured all of the techs were thrilled to see me and how big I've gotten. I was a little scared, I huddled to Meowmy shaking a little. But once I saw Dr. Ian I was OK. I weigh 8.3 lbs. Mewomy thinks I am "bite sized". I had to have my FVRCP booster and next year I'll get a titer and not have to have a shot. Dr. Ian even warmed up the shot so it wouldn't be cold when he injected it. I have to go back in 3 weeks for my rabies shot. Everyone is really really worried about that since they still don't know why my femur was infected and the only thing that went into my right hind was the rabies shot.

Basically it wasn't too bad but I was happy to get home. We're all on antibiotics to clear up the Herpes flare up (thanks Kaze) but they don't taste too bad. I'm pretty sleepy because of my shot and I didn't finish all of my breakfast and I'm a little "fluffy" which means I'm not feeling my best.

Dr. Ian told us he made a new website for the office (he did it himself!). He's very funny, the picture captions are great.
BMD Vets


See my tail here? I am ALWAYS holding my tail in that curve. I think of it as my perky tail that tells everyone I'm happy and ready to play should the opportunity arise. I know most kitties have straight tails while walking or maybe a tiny little curve but mine is always a tight curve like that. Do you think its weird? Something I should be proud of or ashamed of? Maybe I should ask the VET tonight. I'm very excited to go see all of my friends at the VET's office. They all adore me and they're going to be so happy to see me all healthy and happy!!


La la la-la la la-la laaaah!

That is my mantra for life. I take everything with a grain of kitty litter and try to find joy in even the most chewed up shmousie. I guess you'd call me a hippopotamus ( I think that's the word when you're always happy?). If you look hard enough there is always a spot of sunlight to lie in, a tasty morsel to be found, or a toy lurking where your forgot you put it. I've been really seeing the good in Kaze & Chase and even Meowmy & the Chip Man. Everyone has their good points and in reward I've been letting my silky meezer fur be touched. I'm kind of like their hero...but I don't like to brag. They are even talking about painting the living room light brown to match my beautiful fur!

What's that?? Its a butterfly, I'd better go chase it!

La la la-la la la laaaah!


I'm back!!! I missed blogging a lot. At least I'm back in time for Meezer Monday which is arguably my favorite day of the week. It was a pretty relaxing weekend with the people at home. The Chip Man was banging around in the basement a lot. He said he was installing something that puts water in the air. That makes no sense to me but he said it should help with the kitty sniffles we ALL have. I have to go to the VET's later this week for my annual exam and I'm not thrilled about that. I'm going to catch up on everyone else's weekend now!


So I'm probably going to have to stop acting tough and just admit that I enjoy being pet and especially snuggling at night. It makes me purr. I just can't help it anymore. The Zoom Groom thing especially makes me all weak in the knees and I just fall over and purr.

I spent most of the night supervising more cleaning. There were loads more presents to be wrapped and floors to be cleaned. I don't really mind the toy sucker up machine but Chase HATES it. I made sure all is in order for tonight.

My great-grandma is coming over and she is a real meezer lover. Her meezer's name is KoKo and he weighs 16 lbs. I'm not kidding, he is twice my size. He is a Chocolate Point but he's actually darker than me (I'm a seal), he just has pink paw pads. I hope great-grandma is nice to Meowmy....she can be pretty critical of people.

I'll be a little MIA until Monday but I'm sure you all understand....


First of all...as you may have noticed...Meowmy helped me upgrade to Blogger Beta. I'm not all that impressed as we now have to share a profile so we'll be signing our comments from now on. Also, she is still messing around with our layouts (even though she spent all day "fixing" it).

I was a very busy supervisor last night. Meowmy and the Chip Man were busy cleaning the whole house. That meant that I had to go around and check up on things, especially done by Meowmy. She started in the kitchen so I had to make sure she didn't mess with our food or water. Then she went into the dining room and cleared off the "clutter" from the table. I helped by chewing on the corners of things. If she wanted to move something from one room to the next I had to stand up on my hind legs and try to sniff it. I really liked 2 jewelry boxes she had- I trotted upstairs with her to sniff those. After all the supervising I was really tired so I slept on top of Kaze so I was right next to Meowmy's face.

Ooooooh!! I forgot about the best part of last night. Meowmy put in an order to
the Siamese Rescue Store (they have the BEST cat toys!) for her cat swap. (No, she doesn't trade cats, just cat toys and cat items). She decided to order Chase a
Zoom Groom because he's pretty furry. I LOVED it!! I let Meowmy touch me with it and I purred really really loudly while she was doing it.


Meezer Monday

Enough with the flashy thing already!!!

Hi Everyone! Please vote for my Meowmy's Tale of Devotion to me. We went through a lot together and she really loves me and I love her. Especially since I got some milk this morning. Its true, she bribed me to get her votes.

It was a really quiet weekend since Meowmy & the Chip Man were raking leaves and then yesterday they took the horsie to the Horse Park of NJ for a Turkey Trot. Meowmy said there were vishus deer out there but our brave horsie didn't care one bit. Meowmy was a little scared to go so FAST out there (Snap is an ex-race horse) but she had tons of fun and conquered her fears. I think she was talking about vishus deer fears but I'm not sure. Anyway, all I really did was snuggle for like an hour with the Chip Man on Saturday. I purred a lot for him. He was happy.


I'm sure many of you like bags a lot. I love them. I love to hide in them, play in them, sleep in them, chew on them, etc. I love bags. Sometimes the Chip Man likes to interupt my fun and pick the bag up. I actually don't mind this too much because I can be stealthy and attack Chase from my bag. He carries me around the house and its actually pretty fun!


Everyone please welcome my big brother and bestest snuggling pal to the blogging world!
Chase's Blog

The Chip Man really hates when there are lots of cat toys around so he's always "cleaning up" and "putting things away". I do not agree with his philosophy and luckily Meowmy does not either. She pretty much waits until he's not around and then gives us some toys to play with. He doesn't seem to notice so it all works out well.

Yesterday Mewomy came home to pick something up in the middle of the day. She's been feeling sorry for us because we look bored sometimes (even though we have no problems entertaining ourselves and she plays with us for hours at night with the wand toy). She got out the toy box and gave us 3 toys we haven't seen in a while:

1. A black shmousie
2. A gold sparkle ball
3. A twisty fleecy thing with fev-vers on the end.

By the time they got home (which was VERY late!) the only thing left around was the fleecy thing sans fev-vers. We're really good at hiding our toys. Therefore, the Chip Man never knew a thing but we were very bored!

Well, since we were all hyped up on playing from yesterday, last night we HAD to have some toys. We found Meowmy's "center piece" on the book shelf. It has big red bobble thingies and we pulled them and their stems out. One of us ate a bobble or at least hid it somewhere. This kind of stuff usually gets us in trouble but Meowmy just sighed, put the bobble things back and fished out our toys from under the bookshelf (that's where we keep them all but we can't get them out ourselves). I can guarantee her the sparkle ball will be under the bookshelf again and that shmousie is probably tucked in some interesting spot.

Purr update: So yeah we all got kicked out because we were having a purr symphony at 4am. All three of us were purring really really loudly and snuggling. We woke the Chip Man up and he couldn't sleep over the "noise". We practiced those harmonies for weeks!!! At least Meowmy appreciated it and said she would have listened to us all night if she had to.


This morning when we got tossed out of the snuggle room (completely Kaze's fault by the way!). We immediately went into the cat room and somehow locked ourselves in there. Which would have been fine with me except Kaze STUNK up the whole room by going to the litter box. I however snuggled in our tower, in the top hole. I really like it in there and I fit so well since I'm so small. When Meowmy found us in there I just poked my head out to say hi. Then we ran around like usual.

When Meowmy went to get her phone out of the cat room I decided I wanted to back into my hole. Meowmy thinks it is so cute when I'm in there so she came over to me. Then she stuck her hand in my hole?!?!?!!! I was so offended because I couldn't get out or wriggle away. Then I couldn't help myself, I started to purr. It felt so nice in my little space with Meowmy scratching my chin.

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited!! I am Kat's Cat of the Day!!!
Look here!


Meezer in a Pot
A recipe sure to please even the pickiest eaters!
1 stick butter
6 cups sugar
4 tablespons vanila
2 tablespoons cinamon
1 cup coffee
bluberries for garnish
In medium sauce pan combine all ingredients and simmer over low heat until well combined.
Enjoy as a desert right from the pot and impress all of your friends!
Nah...I'm only kidding but Meowmy did put me in this pot last year. She thinks it was pretty cute and laughs when she sees it.


For Meowmy's birthday I got the other kitties together and we all purred on her at the same time. She really liked it and she seemed to smile a lot and she pet me quite a bit. She said we were very nice kitties to show our love for her at the same time.

It was a very long tiring weekend of supervising. First, the Chip Man needed to be supervised while he wrapped presents. Then, Mewomy was cooking and of course I had to be right there- especially for the cake icing. While she was cooking I had to entertain the guests which was pretty fun because there was this really fun bag I could jump in and hide and pop out at Kaze. Then they were eating so I sat on the floor and stared at them all. After everyone left I had to supervise a game on the floor that Meowmy & the Chip Man were playing. Part way through I had to walk across just to make sure they were following the rules. Then Mewomy took her shower and I always wait outside the door. Lastly I watched Meowmy go to sleep. I hope I supervised well enough that she had a wonderful birthday!

Meezer Monday

Here's my supervising look. While supervising I'm usually "meatloafing" where my paws are tucked under me and my tail is wrapped around me when I supervise.


I went on a really nice long stroller ride last night. I went all by myself too, Chase didn't want to come, he said something about being stuck in a small space with me wasn't something he was interested in last night. That was fine because it gave me more room to look around. The leaves were all crunchy and there was this really neat warm breeze coming off the river. About a block from the river the temperature changes, its really neat. Meowmy's feet started to hurt so the Chip Man told her to get in the stroller with me! Thankfully she didn't because I think she would have broken it. After the walk I sat in the stroller inside while Kaze pushed me around on the kitchen floor. I love the stroller more than the other two. Chase likes it a lot but he'd rather be alone.

I think the Chip Man and Meowmy are starting to pay a lot more attention to me because they think I like it after I've been forced for a while. Its true, Kaze is such a play/attention hog that I just get annoyed and walk away. They've been making an effort to play more with me and in turn I'm snuggling and purring a lot.

Happy Birthday to Meowmy!
Sunday she turns 25 and I want her to have a special day. This was me on her birthday last year.


I was in some serious trouble this morning. Sometimes I get fed up with being Mr. Nice Cat. I'm really tired of Kaze getting so much stinky goodness so I decided to take matters into my own paws. Usually the fact that Meowmy is hovering over Kaze while she's eating is enough to deter me from shoving my nose in the bowl. Not today. Today I stole food on 3 separate occasions while Meowmy was right there. She got really mad at me and yelled and shoed me. You know, its all her fault and if she would just give me my own stinky goodness we wouldn't have a problem. I'm not sorry, not one bit.


Kaze is a toy HOG. Sometimes I'm sucessful in playing with a toy even though she is around. Here I'm giving her "The Look". It didn't work. But, you can see a hanger in the background and that was one of my conquests. I stole it from the bedroom and carried it downstairs. Last night I stole the fuzzy from Meowmy's brand new, used once, ear set for her celery phone. I don't know why I got blamed but I did. In all honesty, even though there is no proof, it was me. I do those sorts of things. She's not happy though because now she has to put the hard metal in her ear and she had only used it once. Plus its a special set that she can't just go buy a new one for because of the way it plugs into the new phone. I'm sorry Meowmy but don't leave your things around if you don't want us to play with them!


OK, so I got rid of the couch monsters, the bed monsters, but now there are LAUNDRY MONSTERS!!! Meowmy was folding laundry and suddenly I saw one! It was BIG and attacking one of Meowmy's favorite shirts from when she went to Call-Edge. I tried to get it but it was wiley. I think these may be the hardest monsters to catch yet! I think they are living in the drawers upstairs. I've been hunting them in the laundry hamper, I jump in to catch them as they seem to be impervious to water & detergent. I think the people must get the MONSTERS Out of Doors.


Meezer Monday
My Gotcha Day!
On this day, one year ago, I was sitting with my brothers and my mom (her name is Thai). All of a sudden this man and woman came along and picked me up, put me in a carrier, and drove me 2 hours away from my home. It sucked. Being the good meezer I am, and being only 9 weeks old, I didn't cry once in the car. It took me about 3 days to integrate into the whole house and Chase and I were instantly friends. Everyone at the VET's office thought I was adorable and after some antibiotics for my eyes I was a chipper little kitten.
Throughout all of my medical trials over the past year and the changes in my life style (i.e. adding Kaze) I have remained a sweet little meezer who is just about the easiest kitty to get along with. Chase has always been my role model and I just adore him more than anyone or any cat. I went from enjoying snuggling to now where it has to be on my terms, but that's just because I'm a big boy now. I love my house and my family and I lead a very happy life.
You know how when you like something the people have you should just take it? Well I did that with Meowmy's vest but she doesn't seem to realize its mine now. She left it in the chair while she was away which was smart of her. When she got home last night after wearing it (I suppose it is OK if she borrows it now and then) she didn't put it back in the chair. I tried to be pleasant, I pawed at it, gave her sad eyes, etc. She didn't seem to get it. Well fine then, I just had to stand on it and yank and tug on it until it was where I wanted it. It took a while but I got it back to its rightful spot. Stupid Meowmy, why do you make more work for me?

In other news, its getting frigid! The three of us had to snuggle on the bed right next to Meowmy last night so she couldn't breath. She's warm and we like to sap her warmth.


Mewomy got in bed early last night to read her new book. Usually she can't stay awake to read but this new book has her laughing a lot. I was curious about her strange behavior so I got on the bed to investigate. Well it was all warm there and Kaze wasn't there so I kind of started to snuggle. And then I started to purr. Meowmy even put the book down for a while and pet me. It was really nice. Of course she enjoyed herself too, I mean, my fur is so silky and smooth. But then Chase came in the room and I had to jump down to see what he was doing.

Milk report: There hasn't been any in a while. I'm getting mad. I tried to drink from the bowl this morning but it had icky sticky stuff in it.


Yesterday was my grandpaw's birthday as well as being Halloween. Meowmy sent him a paper card but Kaze, Chase, & I sent him Skeezix's card by e-mail. He thought I was Mao and Kaze was Skeezix! That's pretty cool if he thought I looked like Mao. Mao is one of my roll models and I try to be like him so its really cool that someone thought I was him!

I was all excited last night with the trick-or-treaters so I decided to wake Meowmy up lots during the night to remind her to go answer the door. I think I did a pretty good job of that until I got locked out. Meowmy even crawled under the bed to grab me because she's tired of how I make trouble and then hide under the bed so she can't lock me out. She grabbed my neck, pulled me out, and then locked me out. I was just trying to help!!! Meowmy is soooo mean sometimes.