Torture Tummy Tuesday

Mewomy has been decorating as I mentioned yesterday. Well one thing she got was a new lamp. Well I'm not so sure this was such a great idea because the Chip Man decided to play with us with the wrapping. He tied one end to me and another end to Chase. Well Chase just sat on the bed and glared at him but I tried to bite it off. I wrastled and wrestled and rolle all around. The humans laughed at me like crazy. I really hate humans sometimes...


Meezer Monday

Look! Meowmy bought a new bedspread for the Cat Room (aka Guest Room) and I give it my seal of approval. I like that it matches all of our fur (so it won't have to be constantly washed) and its soft and its a great leaping off surface for sibling wars. Meowmy said I have to wait to show you my fight tactics with Kaze because I'm the big fierce mighty hunter and I take her down lickity-split! She obviously has learned not to mess with me because I'm relentless.

In other news I've made it two whole nights in the Snuggle Room. Its true, no 3am tossing of the meeze for me. Kaze vacates the nice spot next to Meowmy and I snuggle there and purr. I've really decided to mellow out and now I cry for Meowmy to pet me in the morning. I don't know...I LOVE Chase and respect his position but I think I am on the rise for being in charge around here. That does not make Kaze happy at all.


Proverb Meme

Kaia and the Meezers tagged me!!

This is Kaia's proverb (which I find to be totally true!!)

The early cat gets the clean litter box.

MILES: He who stands on the human litterbox will soon be wet.

oh funny Miles. How about this one

SAMMY: snuggle and the world snuggles with you, whap and you get tossed out of the bedroom.


The highest jumper gets the whirly-bird.

A temptation a day keeps the meezer at bay.

If I don't get my temptations I get DEMANDING. Like in your face demanding. Last night I had to purr right in Meowmy's face at 3am to let her know I didn't have my temptation time yesterday. Somehow she didn't remember my proverb!

I tag....YOU!


I feel like there is a rat on my back....

How am I supposed to blog with this on my back? I mean, sure I like to snuggle with Kaze but I take my blogging time very seriously. Kaze usually gets to go first so then she gets bored and looks over my shoulder. Then she gets really bored and falls asleep. How am I supposed to lift my paws? Ugh.

In terrifying news: The Chip Man was attacked by vishus deer! I'm not kidding at all. He was in the woods and he said there was a HUGE heard (like 30-40) and they wouldn't move even though he was on his bike. One of the big deer HISSED at him!! Can you believe it? Another was 3 feet away, looked up, and went back to eating. He got closer and it gave him a dirty look! I am SO terrified that there are VISHUS DEER close to home. I mean, if they are going after the Chip Man....I don't want to stroll down there!!

One year blogoversary!!!!!

Hey everyone its been one year since I started to blog! I can't believe its been that long, it only feels like a few months. I'm so happy I started because honestly, if you only heard Kaze's stories you wouldn't have a very clear view of our lives.

My Meezer Rule for this Wednesday is: Celebrate all occasions great and small and demand attention from your humans.

The winners for my and Kaze's contests are as follows:

Kaze: Dragonheart was the clear winner! Congrats to him! His package is already flying in his direction. Kaze was so amazed at how much he knew about her and utterly flattered. She's always had a thing for him but don't tell Mao that!!

Latte: A tighter race and Dragonheart was at the top until the end but Tara came out with the win! She really knows me very well and I'm so thrilled to have her in my life as my adopted daughter!

Thanks to everyone who played along or even just checked out the questions and answers. We really just wanted to take a moment and remember the past year and everything that went into it. We're so happy to have so many new friends and especially all of the friends we've had from the start. Of course without Skeezix, we would never have started.


Question #7

And the final question is.....

The Chip Man finally got a new TV after returning it 3 times because it was broken. What feature of the new TV scares me?

That's it, the last question!
And Miss Tara, my adopted daughter answered this one correctly! The dark de-tailer sounds scary, doesn't it??? Doesn't seem like TV's should be so vishus!

The winner from Kaze's contest and mine will be announced tomorrow on my One Year Blogoversary!!! (The prize packages have been sent via the Man in Brown.)

The Temptations Underground Fortress

22:00 Hours: Time to inspect the hypothosized Temptations Lair. I decided to sneak out the front door and take some pictures of where the hidden stockpile must be. Once outside the front door I was sure to slink low to the ground since it was late and dark outside. I went to the curb and found these! They are obviously patches in the street where the Temptations are hidden.

I tried to dig around but I think these are permanently sealed and only the humans can open them. I've never seen Meowmy out there...oh wait, yes I have! She goes out there "weeding" sometimes! Do you think that is a human talk for something sketchy having to do with hiding Temptations?

Trying to further understand the conspiracy I came across this circle thing in our driveway. I sniffed it and it did NOT smell good. It smelled like a stinky human litterbox thing. I conclude this is either NOT how you get to the Temptations stockplie OR a very clever human tactic to keep us unaware of the treasures right outside our front doors!

But then a car came so I had to scamper back inside. I'll keep checking this stuff out and keep you updated. If the stockpile of Temptations is right outside my front door....well....I don't even know all of the implications!


Question #6

My whole life I've been brown and cream because I'm a Seal Point Siamese. There was a time I had another color on me....what color and why?

Only one more question to go!! Winners will be announced on Wednesday!!

Good Job Tara! She is correct that I was a Blue Daffodil for quite some time...I had that e-collar on for 6 weeks!

That means:
Dragonheart 2
Tara 3
Jake & Bathsheba 1

Contest Info

Meezer Monday

There is nothing better in the world than your favorite toy! Not that I've seen the pink mouse in a long time....Kaze lost it yet again.

I've decided I LOVE the Out of Doors SO much. The humans have been eating dinner outside and its not fair that they don't let me out with them. Not fair at all! I let them know by screaming at the door. I scream so loud that they can't even hear themselves think over my squeaking. Meowmy took me Out of Doors for a little bit (why not longer?? I really need to use Yao-lin's training program!). I've figured out MY yard so I explore the perimiter and then I try to head out to the street and Meowmy then tugs me back. I don't know why I'm not allowed out there but I can only assume that under that round thing in the pavement is the SECRET TEMPTATIONS STORAGE UNIT!!! So now its my main mission in life to demand acess!


Question #5

What is the nastiest thing (according to the humans) that I have ever eaten?

Contest Info

Tara is correct!! Its a nasty "camel" or "cave" cricket (I would have even accepted "cricket"). Good job Tara!

Dragonheart: 2
Tara: 2
Jake & Bathsheba: 1

Flying Friday

Whee!!!!!!!!!!! Put a new birdie on the Whirly Bird and watch me fly!!!! The Chip Man is really good to play with, he doesn't get tired easily. In fact, I get exhausted well before him and have to do a flop to recover. But as long as that bird is flying, I have to fly with it!!!!!!!!


Question #4

I have two favorite toys, one interactive and one that I play with on my own. What are those two toys?

Dragonheart is right again! Whirly bird and pink shmousie!

Dragonheart: 2
Tara: 1
Jake & Bathsheba: 1


I have been friskified! I caught the frisky bug and I'm running and leaping and attacking and bunny kicking and pouncing!!! Meowmy says I'm hyperactive. I do like to be active!!! There are toys to be played with and Kaze's to take down. Plus I have to keep practicing my sprints. You never know when it will be usefull to jump 5' straight out from a stand still onto the landing of the stairs.

Kaze's been my main target and I get applauded when I take her down. Usually she picks on Chase because when she picks on me I'm too smart for her attacks. I always raise one paw an flatten my ears down while standing pretty tall. She cowers to the ground with her ears back like she's going to make a belly attack. Little does she know that from my stance I can get HER belly. And I do. And I win. Because I'm me- the House Hunter.

Happy frisky day friends!!! I won't be around commenting today because Snappy has a VET coming out to look at her since she's been lame for a month now on and off. At least the VET man comes to her so she doesn't have to leave her house.


Question #3

What makes me purr really loudly and enjoy being touched?

(I have to post now because Meowmy will be with the VET and my horse sister tomorrow for most of the day)

Yeah Jake and Bathsheba!! The correct answer is the Zoom Groom!

Dragonheart: 1
Tara: 1
Jake & Bathsheba: 1

Question #2

For which occasion was I a gift to Meowmy from the Chip Man?

While Dragonheart was correct on his second guess, Tara was right on her first guess so I'm going to give her the win on this one :).

The answer is I was supposed to be a Christmas present but I came home 2 days before Meowmy's birthday so this is how I ended up:

That means
Dragonheart: 1
Tara: 1

Contest Info

Meezer Rule Wednesday

When playing with the Whirly-Bird you must be sure you FULLY kill the bird. You'll know its dead when it stops whirling. Then the humans will replace it with a new one and let you completely kill the old bird. This is doubly great because the new bird will fly really well and you can destroy the old bird while its not attached to the pole.


Update to the contest

While Kaze and I are THRILLED that Dragonheart knows us so well and is super fast to answer, I'm going to try to make it easier for other kitties to answer by removing the time frame of when we will post. It could be 8am Eastern or 11pm Eastern. Who knows, only Meowmy does ;). We love you all so much and we're just trying to be fair to everyone who wants to play :) so we've updated the prize paragraph:

"There will be a winner for each of us no matter what! That means 2 prize packages will be awarded to two different kitties. Whoever gets the most answers right from my questions wins a prize package from Siamese Rescue. Whoever wins the most questions from Kaze's blog ALSO gets a prize package. Should one cat win both (while getting an extra prize), there will be a grab-bag style secondary winner. We will put the names from every cat who answered the questions correctly in a hat and draw a winner. Good luck and please have fun!

This contest was designed to help our new friends get to know us better and reward our long term friends for visiting us over the past year. We love you all and truly appreciate the support we've received over the past year and wish we could reward you all!"

Question #1

Alright, my turn!!! I'm cuter than Kaze anyway so its about time its my turn. We'll start off easy like Kaze did.

I have a very important job in the house that even the Chip Man respects. What is that job?

The House Hunter

Dragonheart is right once again! Though Daisy is a CLOSE second. I think if Dragonheart continues to do so well have to change the contest a bit because we already have the goodies for two kitties!

Contest Info

There will be an update in that next Tuesday I will not be able to post a question at the normal time because Meowmy has to start her allergy shots at 10 and then she has to go to the saddle fitter for Snap at 12:30. So next Tuesday the question will be posted in the evening (Eastern Time).

Does this look fair to you?

(This was last week when Kaze went in for her shots because on Saturday they made her go alone.)

There is something wrong with this picture. That something wrong is that I'm in the PTU WITH Kaze. Does it make sense that I have to go to the VET with her? Sure everyone was happy to see me and Dr. Ian said I'm welcome to come for a visit anytime I want. Except I didn't want to go for a visit. Whenever I go for a visit that means I get poked and proded and then kissed and told how cute I am. Of COURSE I'm cute, I don't need a professional opinion on that one.

Kaze is such a terror to be in a PTU with. She screams and screams and yells and merfs all over the place. But still, I'd rather be with her knowing she's OK. I really do get upset when I can't find her. She needs me to look out for her and take care of her.


Meezer Monday

I noticed from my meme answers a few of you didn't realize how much I love my sisfur Kaze. I adore her, truly. She went to the VET's office alone on Saturday and I sat by the window and HOWLED until she got home. I howl if I can't find her at night. If she's around I love to just be near her and snuggle with her. I enjoy sleeping on top of her while she's snuggling with the Lap Lady because I love Zippy so much. We all call her Zippy because she zips around the house. She's REALLY snuggly and really fun to play with. She is my favorite creature in the house and probably the whole world (aside from Cheysuli of course!).

Kaze came to live here to be my playmate and I can't imagine life without her. Of course I look up to Chase and rub on him like he is a table to put my stink on him but Kaze is just such a brilliant light in our house that its hard to not just want to be around her. So there you go, I may complain about her but I'm oh so glad she is my sisfur. (Today is her 1 year blogoversary!)

Don't forget he blogging contest moves to my blog as of tomorrow! Everything starts new with questions about me!!!! So don't forget to play!



My new friend Henry tagged me! (Scroll down for today's regular post)

What were you doing 10 years ago?

What is 10 years? Is that like 10 minutes? If so I was sleeping.

What were you doing one year ago?
Playing with my brand new kitten sisfur Kaze!

Five Snacks you enjoy

Five Songs to which you know all the lyrics
Sugar Pie Honey Bear. I don't know if its a real song but Meowmy sings it to me a lot. I know that "she loves me! Can't help herself....she loves me and no kitty else (except Chase and Kaze!)"

Five things you would do if you were a millionairre
Find a better way to cure kitty diseases rather than slicing us open to test some stuff that doesn't really do much anyway.
Open up a smaller Temptations factory just for me. Its true, I don't share temptations with others.
Help fund Cheysuli's budget for her campaign.
Buy a house on the river so I could go outside and sniff a lot.
Build a house for all of my furiends to come party in!

Five bad habits
Stealing Kaze's stinky goodness
scratching on the living room floor
Bitting bed monsters! I don't know what that's bad.
Meezing when I can't find Kaze. I won't stop until I find her.
Walking across the door trim.

Five things you like doing
Walking across the door trim.
Playing with Kaze and toys.
Blogging in Meowmy's lap (but only if Kaze is there first)
Zoom Groom!

Five things you would never wear again
I'm actually pretty cool about wearing stuff. I'm up for anything and I really love my harness.

Five favorite toys
Bed monsters.
Wand toys.
PINK mousies.
Chase's tail (he's always swished it for me since I was a tiny kitten)


I like to help with the laundry. This is my favorite piece of laundry, Meowmy's UMass hoodie. Its her favorite thing to sleep on just like its her favorite sweatshirt to wear. Meowmy always ends up folding lots of socks and those are fun to watch and sometimes bat at. Sadly I did not get to sleep long on the sweatshirt because she didn't want my furs on it. I don't understand, I mean she took the furs off so I had to put them back on.


Latte aka Bucky Katt

The Chip Man saw this picture and thought I look a lot like Bucky Katt. I'm munching on a fake shmousie while sittinig on my hind legs. Kaze drug the shmousie out from underneath the book case but she didn't want to play with it beause she doesn't really like shmousies. Of course she has no problem loosing MY shmousies under the furniture.


Meezer Rule Wednesday

Never accept anything new without proper inspection. Don't trust siblings in this matter, you have to do it yourself. After all, you'll be the one covering when your siblings (Chase) only scrape at the ceiling or the wall. If the new item is not to your liking, make sure you squint your eyes, push your whiskers forward, and shake one paw.


Its raining....Kaze!

The weatherman says its going to be hot hot hot and no chance of showers in sight. Of course that is Out of Doors. In the Doors we have this phenomenon called "Kaze Rain". It happens about once a day where you'll be sitting there minding your own business looking for a toy to play with and WHAM!!!! A Kaze lands on your head. There is no escaping this rare weather pattern, it just happens. So you'd better watch out, you never know when its going to rain Kaze's!

Look! I'm famous! I'm on the Riverton Library website for the Pet Pageant!


Meezer Monday

Things at our house are great right now! Meowmy and the Chip Man went to this big wedding on Saturday (7-7-07) and they had kind of been waiting for that to be over to enjoy a relaxed summer. Meowmy got up this morning and started cleaning everything in site and removing all of the good fur we had put everywhere. She also had some time to take a few pictures of me. She thinks I'm adorable. I, of course agree.

I've been thinking a lot about if I should be considered a Big Man Cat. I've come to the conculsion that I should not. I am litteraly half the size of Chase and I'm just not into fighting with girls (OK, Kaze) or putting on a handsome front. I'm either naturally happy and cute or I run away- that's just who I am. So I'm happy just being a little meezer.


1 Year Blogging Contests

***Scroll Down for Current Post***

OK, so July 25th is the 1 year anniversary of me blogging! Even better, July 16th is Kaze's 1 year blogging anniversary. The two of us got together and decided to go in on a contest together.We are very excited about this and we were trying to think of some way to commemorate the event and we noticed we are both really close to our 300th posts.

Here's how its going to work:
We blog on week days (Monday-Friday) and (thanks Tara!) we're going to post the question between 11am-1pm Eastern time.

For the next weekish (defined by me because I can July 9-16th) Kaze is going to post a question on her blog about one of my past posts or something just generally about her. In the comments field of the day the question is asked please leave your answers to the question. We will keep a running list of who gets the most answers correct. The cat who answers the question correctly FIRST (as determined by time of comment) will be the winner for that day. Kaze will post her questions between 11am-12pm Eastern.

The next weekish (July 17th-July 24th) I will get to ask questions about my blogging over the past year. Same rules apply as with Kaze's questions. Again, whoever gets the most questions right wins! I am going to be posting my questions anytime throughout the day to make it fair for kitties all over the world! It could be 8am or 11pm our time, who knows??

Here's the fun part:

There will be a winner for each of us no matter what! That means 2 prize packages will be awarded to two different kitties. Whoever gets the most answers right from my questions wins a prize package from Siamese Rescue. Whoever wins the most questions from Kaze's blog ALSO gets a prize package. Should one cat win both, there will be a grab-bag style secondary winner. We will put the names from every cat who answered the questions correctly in a hat and draw a winner. Good luck and please have fun!

This contest was designed to help our new friends get to know us better and reward our long term friends for visiting us over the past year. We love you all and truly appreciate the support we've received over the past year and wish we could reward you all!


1. You must be a cat blogger to answer questions.

2. Only one answer per question per fur family (even if you all have your own blogs, you can only answer as a group).

3. As it is our contest we reserve the right to change the rules and/or prizes at our discretion.

4. Have fun!!

Winners for both contests will be announced on my blog on July 25th.


Rockin' Boy Blogger Awards

Dragonheart nominated me!! Now I get to nominate 5 other Boy Bloggers.

1. Mao has always been my idol. He's an older Meezer who hates actually likes my sister...enough said!

2. Jake gets to go Out of Doors all of the time and he catches good creatures. I really admire his Man Catness.

3. Caesar really rocks as he puts up with fluids being injected his skin everyday. He's really handsome and has a lot of great stories. He's also really thoughtful.

4. Sammy & Miles I can't really choose which one so I choose both of them. They are really nice cats and they care deeply for all of their friends.

5. HRH Yao-Lin he's royal is there more to say? He's very opinionated and he's really cool 'cause he's from the UK.

Town Crier

This our official Town Crier. Its true, this man is paid to go around, ring his bell, and announce the 112th Riverton 4th of July Children's Parade. He announces other stuff in town too.

I really like our town, it really embraces history and everyone wants to preserve the things that make it special. Throughout the next week or so we're going to feature some pictures around town and of the parade because we love Riverton and its very much a part of our family.

(Plus I'm waiting on Grandma to send Meowmy the pictures of the pageant!)


Pet Pageant Results

I'm an award winning cat! Well, OK, it was only a local pet pageant where I was up against 3 other cats and a kitten but still! I won 5 blue ribbons! I have certificates AND ribbons (which I really just want to play with).

1. Smallest Cat (not a kitten)
2. Cleverest Cat (The judge said since I was Siamese I had to win this one because I already thought it of myself)
3. Most Beautiful Cat
4. Most Talented Cat
5. Cutest Cat

It was a busy hectic CRAZY day. First there were little people in our house and they wanted to pick me up....you know how well that goes over with me (not so much...). Then I got my harness put on and went in my stroller to the park. I had never been to the park before so I was a little nervous. Then there were all of these children and woofies who wanted to touch me and say how cute I am. Of course I'm cute, but DON'T TOUCH THE MEEZER. Isn't that a well known rule? So I got a little upset but it was nice to have my stroller to just chill in and I felt nice and safe in there. All of the people thought my stroller was really cool and they liked my harness too.


Getting ready for tomorrow!!!

I'm getting ready for the pageant tomorrow. Meowmy had to wake up really early this morning to go to the doctor's. I thought she might be taking me to the vet because we got a reminder in the mail yesterday that someone is due at the VET's. Shhh...its Kaze but don't tell her. She has to go see Dr. Ian on Thursday and she's not going to be happy. Haha...sucks for Kaze!

I can't wait until tomorrow! I'm so excited!! I probably won't get to post until the next day (after Kaze goes to the vet). Its going to be so much fun!


Meezer Monday

Meowy gets silly sometimes and messes around with filters.

We had SUCH a busy weekend in our house! Grandma came over but she didn't play with us and then the whole house was cleaned top to bottom in preparation for the 4th of July festivities in our town. Our town is INSANE with the 4th of July. No....seriously.

I'm practicing walking on my harness for the pet pageant. Grandma is going to come to take pictures of me so that Meowmy can just focus on making me happy. For some reason the Chip Man doesn't want to come. Not quite sure why not! I'm going to win ALL of the cat categories because I think I'll be the only cat there. I practiced my board walking skills but I think I need some work because I would step on one end and the other end would flip up! And then Meowmy laughed at me so I think that means I'm not doing something right.