Uh-oh...someone's in trouble...

Honestly, I am not going to say who, I promised I wouldn't tell and I'm a meezer of my word but it wasn't me! Someone yaked ALL over the back of the couch. It was able to dry and sink in and then it took the Chip Man by surprise when he got home from a really long day at work. The Chip Man HATES surprises. Especially cat yak related surprises. Meowmy cleaned it up really well but it still made the Chip Man all angry at us kitties. He was already cranky from the ginormous TV thing (yes, that is STILL going wrong and Chase is still laughing!) and a big computer problem at work. I'm very sorry for him and I just tried to stay out of his way for a while. Eventually he took a deep breath, gave me a nice pat, and then all was better. That's because he blames Kaze because he knows I'm perfect and have NEVER yaked. Its true....NEVER. I think that's why he thinks I'm so cute because even his favorite Chase is a big time yaker, he yaks ALL the time.

This should be taken as a warning....if those red boxes come out I guarantee there will be consequences!


Tummy Tuesday!

This is my best "come hither" look. I dedicate it to my beautiful girlfriend, Cheysuli. As you can see I have a cute brown belly spot. Don't touch it though....I'll just run away. Here I was trying to engage Chase in a wrestling match. Really, I only expose my belly if I'm trying to get another cat to play, never to get a human to pet it. Unfortunately Meowmy ALWAYS tries to touch my belly because she thinks its so cute.


Meezer Monday

I had quite a relaxing weekend. I had to do lots of snuggling to keep warm but it was pretty nice actually. I even snuggled in Grandma's lap which made Meowmy happy because next week Grandma is going to be taking care of us while Meowmy and the Chip Man go to Florida. Grandma's cool...she thinks I'm really cute.

I discovered a GREAT new toy! Its called a "screw". I thought that was a 'bad word', but apparently, it is also a little piece of metal that spins really fast. I had fun batting them around on the coffee table. They move in unpredictable directions and the people can make them spin. Fun stuff!


It is COLD outside!

It went from being in the 60's to now it is 14 degrees! It is warm in the house but still, the chill comes from the windows and all you want to do is snuggle up all day long.

I got us kicked out of the snuggle room last night for the first time in a few weeks. It was 6am and I was just not that into sleeping anymore so I figured if I batted a few things off the night stand Meowmy would wake up. It worked so I had to dart under the bed to escape her grasp which I know means I'm getting kicked out. I tried to dart quickly but she was able to grasp under my belly and hold my hind end in place. She held on for a minute, trying to figure out how to get my front half but to no avail, I had outsmarted her and she had to let go. I still got kicked out though because she went down the hall and called my name and of course I have to go when my name is called! So she won that battle but I'll just wake her up earlier tomorrow and its Saturday so she'll be really annoyed!



As promised, more pink shmousie action! I was doing a great job of killing it, if I do say so myself!


Ear Hairs.....

Yup, these are my ear hairs! Exciting, huh? Isn't it weird how I have white and brown hair there? Kaze's breeder saw this picture and said I was in need of an ear clipping. That sounds BAD! Does that mean they will take my ear off?? She said they clip show cat's ears before shows. I have seen show cats before and they do have ears so maybe its just an expression or something? I don't know, but I do know if you touch my ear hairs, my whole ear will twitch!

After the de-tailer, I'm not taking any chances. That TV with the de-tailer is coming today so I'm really nervous about it living in the cat free room. I know it can't get out, but I just worry about it eating my tail! The Chip Man said he'll be there when they deliver it so he'll protect me.



Yes I realize my laser beam eyes are on full "death-ray" but I have to catch that shmousie! This is a fabulous example of me being "attackative". Its a word the three of us came up with and we use it a lot to describe hunting/pouncing/stalking/etc. This is my FAVORITE shmousie in the world. If you can believe it, I've had it for almost a year. Meowmy found it under some furniture and I played for 2 hours straight with no breaks. Later this week you can see a video of me being attackative on the shmousie.


Meezer Monday

Sigh....if only it was warm outside!

First of all I need to say....what the heck is up with Blogger & Mac's? Meowmy just "inherited" a nice Mac from the Chip Man and she is about pulling her hair out trying to get Blogger to like Safari. More than once she's had to grab the PC to fix something.

I had a very busy weekend. Lots of battles won in the Snuggle Wars, at night and during TV time. Its been so cold outside I've had to snuggle a lot. The cat room/guest room was rearranged so that is very new. Sunday morning Meowmy found the pink shmousie and I played with it for 2 hours straight. The Chip Man was playing with me so it was extra fun. Quite a few visitors too so I had to do lots of sniffing.


Meowmy is going crazy

She claims its sleep deprivation but I don't know...this is just not like her!

About 6am I was snuggling on top of the covers by her head. Kaze was under the covers, between Meowmy's body and me. This however, was not what Meowmy thought was happening.

She woke up and thought that the dead weight on top of the covers (*hey!) was Kaze. Being that it was around 6 she decided that "Kaze" should just get down and go away for the rest of the morning. After she pushed me down (remember she thinks I'm Kaze- how, I don't know!) she noticed a lump on her side still. In her sleepy state she heard the lump snuffling and decided it was me snuggling under the covers with her. That brought a smile to her face and she decided to just let "me" stay. Five minutes later a frootbat head poked out from under the covers! Meowmy was completely surprised. I was watching from the top of her dresser where I was making noises pushing stuff around so that she'd realized she pushed me off instead of Kaze.

Kaze wanted to get out so Meowmy was thankful she could get some more sleep since she's been up late (there is a huge debate right now about the new ginormous TV, if its "dark detailer" is not good enough and they should upgrade. I heard "detailer" and I'm scared the ginormous TV is trying to eat cat tails!! Thank goodness it is in the cat free room.)

Guess what happened next?? Kaze started yacking in the snuggle room. First of all, Kaze & I NEVER yack, that is a job for Chase. Secondly, there was no way the rug was going to be spared. Meowmy jumped up and tried to get Kaze to the bathroom but to no avail. She ended up helping Kaze spray the yack-stuff all over the carpet. I was sitting between the Chip Man's legs laughing to myself. Then Meowmy spent 15 minutes cleaning up the yack.

Oh, AND she was telling the Chip Man about the horrible dreams she had about tornados hitting our house, and saving the kitties, and looters (who were teenage girls), and people stealing our generator, etc. Tornados to Meowmy are like vacuums to Chase- they terrify her. Hahaha!!! That will teach her to think I'm Kaze in the future!


The Gloves

Now, why on earth Mr. Chip Man would I need your stinky gloves on us??? What, you think they are going to fit my paws?? I'm not sure if you've noticed or not but I don't have opposable thumbs so I don't think that's going to work. Plus, the gloves are freezing! Is the Out of Doors really that cold? If so, please do not try to take me out in my stroller, I'll be a meezcicle in no time. And yes...that nosie IS Kaze purring. She's such a little purr freak.


A house full of boxes!

Could I be more in heaven? We've had TONS of boxes around here. All different shapes and sizes. Of course, I have tried all of them and I figured I'd share my testing results with all of you.
First of all, the ginormous TV box. It was high, so fun to jump on but there was no way inside. Plus, it left rather quickly when the TV broke. Then the new one went right out onto the front porch.
Next we have the HD Antenna box. The Lap Lady wants me to tell you that you don't have to pay for local HD channels, they are broadcast just like when people used "bunny ears". If bunnies were used to watch TV I might actually watch it! Anyway, I spent a lot of time in this box, I would rate it my favorite.
LLastly I tried out this tiny little box. Really, its small. Meowmy could not figure out how I fit into it as she was breaking it up.

All in all, its been a great week of boxes!!


Meezer Toesday

Here I am exploring the new ginormous TV box. It was OK for us to play on this because the TV wouldn't get hurt because of the box. Once it was out of the box it went into the cat free room, never to be seen again by cats. Then we got the ginormous TV that was in the cat free room moved downstairs where we've all been inspecting it and getting yelled at for tryint to sit on it.

Anyway, I digress! I noticed that there is a very nice shot of my dark seal toes. The main difference between Chocolate Point meezers (like my beautiful Cheysuli & Mao) and Seal Point meezers (like myself) is our paw pads. Chocolate Points have beautiful cinnamon colored paw pads while Seal Points have dark brown pads. Of course, Seal Points tend to be much darker than Chocolate Points but my grand-meezer (his name is KoKo, I did a post on him a while back) is a Chocolate Point who is darker than me! So the only true way to tell a Seal from a Chocolate is our paw pads. Even Kaze who is a "Seal-lynx" Point has the dark toes of a Seal even though she is very lightly colored.


New Meezer!

Everyone please go and visit my new little friend named Tara. She is so very sweet and she's been my secret admirer for a while now and that just makes me purr! She told me she has a crush on me which I find very flattering. But she is aware of my commitment to Cheysuli and realizes she is pretty young for me being that she's still a kitten. Don't worry Tara, I'll hold a special place in my heart for you! I'm very please to welcome her to the blogosphere, especially on Meezer Monday!

Meezer Movie Monday

Here I am as a three month old kitten showing off my "cricket kitten" leap. I'm still very good at it, I can just jump higher and further!!!

This just in!!! I was just reading my girlfriend Chey's blog (I'm so excited I can call her that!!) and here's what she said about our relationship:

"as I will be making Latte my one and only as he seems to think that we should become more serious–and beyond the romance of things, practically speaking, he’s right."

You should stop by Cheysuli's Blogto read all about her winning New Years Resolutions and the grand prize winner...Luxor! Congrats to every cat and to my beloved Cheysuli!


Snuggle Wars Part II

Kaze was FAR under the covers last night so I was easily able to take over the good spot. Then I just settled in like a lead weight and didn't budge at all. Well, except from when Meowmy leapt from the bed screaming in pain over a paw cramp. Then we ALL had to move. But we all came back quickly.

Later, I took my tactics up a notch. I figure if I can keep Meowmy as an ally, Kaze is doomed. It was hard for me...but I snuggled under the covers. Sigh, this war is so emotionally taxing I'm not sure I'll survive as "me" after all of it. You know what I mean? Like...its going to change me, deep down, and probably make me snugglier towards people. Further pushing my manly feelings aside, I even allowed Kaze to snuggle right next to me under the covers so she was a Kaze sandwich between Meowmy and me.

This is all a tactic mind you! I do NOT want to sleep under the covers, I'm just trying to get Meowmy to *think I'm really sweet so she pushes Kaze away if there is a question. I am a meezer and I have my pride, I WILL win this war!


As per Chey's request

Here's a video staring mostly me!!!


The White Ball

This thing just keeps on going!.

If Kaze gets to post a video, so do I! Of course you see more of her in my video, but I'm a real star in the first few seconds. After that I'm stalking and waiting for the right moment to pounce. As you can clearly see, the Chip Man likes to play and he's really good at it! He holds that spinny thing up and I love to hide under it!

Snuggle Wars

I officially call a snuggle war against Kaze.

I've drawn my battle lines and I'm not budging. I get to the snuggle spot first and I am less obtrusive to Meowmy therefore I should stay. I will continue to hold my ground and not let her burrow underneath me. I may be smaller than her but my will is stronger! She can purr all she wants to Meowmy but all its going to do is wake her up and then she kicks both of us out of the room.

Beware Kaze! I will not budge, and you shall not win! (insert evil laugh) That is of course until she wants to touch me....then I'll leave and Kaze can have the spot. BUT, until then, the snuggle spot is all mine!


Meowmy the Night Owl

Meowmy has had a horrible coughing cold the past 2 weeks. It goes on and off but it always wakes her up at night no matter how much cough medicine she takes (and we're talking that stuff that guarantees "You will not cough! You will not cough! You will not cough!". Anyway, her coughing always wakes up the Chip Man and she always gets out of bed to go throw any medicine she possibly can at it. (Apparently her throat closes and she gets scared). Of course Kaze & I always get tossed.

Last night Kaze & I had already been tossed (Kaze's fault, she was purring too loud again. They let me stay but I noticed in 30 seconds I was the lone cat in the room and I HAD to get out). At 2am (the magic time) Meowmy woke up coughing and decided to sleep in the cat/guest room until her cough drop was gone because the Chip Man hates that sucking noise. She lay down and discovered there is NO WAY that will ever be a guest room. Kaze was bouncing all over her, Chase was "cooing" and chasing after Kaze and I was sniffing her head, pawing at her blanket, and walking all over her. Then I got up inside of the Cat Gym and walked around for a while. I think she was more than ready to go back to her bed by the time her cough drop was done. It is the CAT'S ROOM, wouldn't you assume we party in there late at night?


Meezer Monday

Look! I got to go Out of Doors! It was 73 Degrees on Saturday and its January in NJ. Meowmy thought I would like a little adventure and I did. Here I am on the deck railing looking a bit....well confused. I loved it out there but we had to run in because a bee came over and Meowmy is afraid of them. I wanted to eat it...


New Cat Tree!!!!!!!!!

Meowmy says I get to announce it to the world because I love it sooo much! She and the Chip Man (she said we really have to thank him bunches) got us a new cat tree at Costco last night. It has two tubes, three scratching posts, and a big table top. I like to live in the tubes but its also fun to wrestle on top!
There is a better picture of me in a tube but Photobucket's being yucky. I'll post it later.


Fresh Crunchies

Thinking about the Temp-Tay-Shuns in yesterday's post I got to thinking about food in general. OK, I'm always thinking about food. You know, even if I'm not hungry I always have to have some fresh crunchy food when Meowmy puts it out. There is something about that fresh out of the container taste that I can't resist. She gets annoyed because our food is kept in a tight corner and I get in her way while she's mixing our food. We get two kinds of crunchies: 75% Innova Evo (no grains and is super tasty) and 25% Pro Plan Indoor Cat (this is to help Chase with his stinky poo problems). Meowmy sprinkles the Pro Plan on top and then mixes it in but I like to eat it off the top before she has a chance. I love all kinds of food, I'm a very food motivated animal. Unlike Kaze who would rather play than eat stinky goodness! I mean, how can she think playing is better than food. I love starting my morning off right with my stinky goodness (Merrick) and then having my fresh crunchies and a drink of fresh water.


I realize I'm cute and small and "bite sized" but that does not mean I want to be held all of the time. I'm seriously getting tired of people faking me out and then picking me up. I had a great system where I would rear back and evade their grasp but they seem to be finding ways around that. Now they use tactics like calling to Kaze and pretending to go pick her up. Ugh, I need to get some new evasion skills. They really shouldn't confuse me snuggling at night with me wanting to be touched during the day- they are two very different things indeed.

At night, I want to snuggle with Kaze and Kaze is always with Meowmy so I have to snuggle with her too. Also, at night I get chilly and Meowmy is warm. Meowmy can't pet me while she is asleep so I can snuggle in peace. Really, night snuggling and day petting are VERY different. Why don't the people understand that?

I will add that if there are Temp-Tay-Shuns involved I will allow myself to be pet and caught at any time of day. That's just common sense.


Cheysuli's Resolutions
Link to her Contest Rules

My dearest darling Cheysuli.....here are the resolutions I think you should do in the coming year!

1. I know we've been having a nice little thing on the side but I think its time you and I got serious. You really should have a partner to snuggle you during the rough road to your election. I am that perfect boy cat! I think you should resolve to announce that I am your man cat. I promise to be by your side for all of the trials and tribulations ahead. I give great paw massages and I'm always up for some play time, especially if it involves a wand toy. Plus, I survived two life threatening illnesses so that can certainly help with some sympathy votes (not that you need them!). Oh, and my personal record is spotless, I was neutered at an early age!

2. You must allow yourself to be caught by the paparazzi every now and then. I mean, the adoring public need to see you so much that they can't get your gorgeous blue eyes out of my mind. Oops! I meant the public's mind, not mine!

3. You should come take a vacation to New Jersey to visit me. It would be fabulous to get away and visiting the East Coast can't hurt your campaign. We have beautiful....well, it really can be nice here and we are very centrally located. Yes, I realize this is quite selfish for me but I'm a selfish cat. There I said it. I'm a selfish cat and I just want to be adored by you! (No I'm not a stalker! Well....I do stalk and pounce but that's it, I promise!)

And those are the very selfish resolutions I think Cheysuli should have. What can I say? I'm a meezer!

Late Meezer Monday and Happy New Year!

As it was Kaze's birthday everyone had to celebrate. I figured I could at least let her have a nice day. This was Kaze's small family party. She says she wants a bigger party later but we'll see. I tried the cake and found it was a much better toy than tasty tidbit so I pushed crumbs around for a while. I also got some Temp-Tay-Shuns to help celebrate.

I'm SOOOO happy to be back blogging. I'll be around to everyone's blogs to check out how you've all been because I've missed you all sooo much!