My NYC Central Park Adventure!

Mom picked me up at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia and I rode the train up to NYC! She took me on the most awesome walks in Central Park! Go check out Tara's account of the fun!



Young kittens sound probably not view this terrifying photograph!

Look at the center of this blury picture there is a BABY VISHUS DEER!! The most vishus creature of all. Meowmy and the Chip Man went into the nature cove and found all of these vishus deer. At one point they came upon a female vishus deer. When she noticed the People she ran away and left behind this little vishus creature.

And look!!! Well actually DON"T look at the vishus lazer beam eyes!

Mao and Rocky, I need a rush order!!! I don't want my Meowmy eaten while she's out biking!

Whirly-Bird games

Wooohoooooo! I can fly too! I love the Whirly-Bird and don't let Kaze fool you, the Whirly-Bird is mine. My daughter Tara sent it to me, not Kaze. As you can tell I'm very athletic and enjoy a good leap.


Meezer Rules Wednesday

If you find yourself in an odd place do not show any fear. Instead act as if all is normal while moving very quickly towards home. Here I had a nice stroll to the river and then they rudely took me out of my stroller and put me on the river bank. Even though I had not walked to the river, I started moving very quickly in the direction of home. I would have made it home all on my own too put I was scooped up and put back in the stroller.



Remember this? When they thought my tail was broken and I could not curl it at all. It was scary and hurty at the same time.

Now here it is all healed! Just a tiny little bump left.

My friends at Simply Siamese are showing pictures of their tails! So here is my contribution. My tail is very expressive. I curl it all of the time and you can tell that I'm a very happy little meezer. I really like going Out of Doors on my new harness. It is so much more comfortable than the nylon one. I barely even notice it. I'm learning to walk on a leash! Meowmy calls me and I follow after her (some of the time...). She wants to be able to take me for real walks. I told her I'm NOT a woofie.


Meezer Monday

Here he is, my "grandfather" Beau. If not for Beau then I would not be in my furever home.

About 30+ years ago my Grandma was in high school. She decided she was going to get a Siamese kitten for herself while her parents were away. So she went into town and got this little lilac point and brought him home. Her parents were NOT happy with the new little creature but they let her keep Beau.

Beau liked to chew on wool and torture their dog Peggy (a collie). He loved my Grandma very very much. He hissed at her boyfriends he didn't like and slept with her all of the time. Then one day Grandma went away to college. From that day forward Beau NEVER forgave her. Ever.

He became my Greatgrandma's cat and made Grandma feel bad whenever she was at home. One day Grandma gave birth to a little girl who was to become my Meowmy. She brought the little girl to live with Beau for a year and Beau LOVED her. He slept with her and played with her and they became best friends. Meowmy was hooked.

Some years later Beau had kidney problems and had to go to the bridge. Meowmy was a little girl (probably about 7) and she cried and cried and cried. Greatgrandma gave Meowmy Beau's PTU to remember him by because Meowmy did not have any cats of her own (she was a deprived child!!!! not really....) For the next 5 years on her birthday Meowmy wished on her birthday cake wish that Beau would come back alive.

Then a year and a half ago Meowmy told the Chip Man she REALLY wanted a meezer of her own. She loves all cats and loved Chase tons but really needed a meezer to make her life complete. Enter me!


Farewell Chatham

(Thanks for the graffic Skeezix).

Goodbye Chatham, now you can run free and young at the Rainbow Bridge. You are my idol and I hope we can all lead such long wonderful lives such as yours.

And the winner is....

Dragonheart!! I liked his idea about having a ribbon bow so Meowmy went out and bought me a nice ribbon (not too girly I told her). She's going to tie a pretty bow on my harness and decorate my stroller with the rest of the ribbon. It is red, white, and blue so it covers all of the colors! (sorry its a bad scan...)

I like the streamers idea too but Meowmy is still being a little weird about taking me to the park when she knows people are going to say silly things about a cat in a stroller. I don't care, I'm just really excited!! I'll have lots of pictures taken of me for everyone to see.


I wish I could say its not my fault but it was. So around 3-4am I usually wake up and go wander around the house. Sometimes I walk on top of the People. Sometimes it wakes them up and sometimes it doesn't. For a little bit more effect I knocked over the Chip Man's lamp and it went CRASH. The People shot up out of bed and they were scared. I knew I was in trouble so I ran ran ran under the bed. Unfortunately they did hunt me down and tossed me out of the room.

In other news I took a stroll up to the golf course and I got to walk on the green! It was really soft and smelled very interesting. I don't have any pictures because the Chip Man was taking pictures with his camera and he doesn't upload those. He's weird. Meowmy & the Chip Man both got new cameras and while Meowmy has taken around 800 pictures, I'm not even sure if he's in the double digits yet. I think he just likes the camera for its "gadget" factor. That's what Meowmy says.


Taking lessons from Bucky

I'm trying to keep up on my reading of Bucky Katt from Get Fuzzy. Bucky is SO smart and I try to be like him. I read about Bucky every weekend and I'm always amazed at how much we have in common.

Sometimes reading gets a bit boring so its good to have a toy with you at the same time. Here I've stolen Kaze's favorite while I'm posing for the camera. Kaze thinks she has Meowmy under her paw but I know that anytime I want all I have to do is give Meowmy the look and she's all mine. But its funny to let Kaze think she owns Meowmy. She gets so jealous when its Latte & Meowmy time.


Wordless Wednesday

(View below to see where you can get the Puppia Harness)

New Harness!

Isn't my new harness really cool? Its soft and easy to put on and take off. Meowmy hangs out on some British forum and they all had these harnesses for their meezers so she hunted one down in New York (online). Saturday we went out for an adventure with the new harness and new camera and it was great!!! We came upon this pile of wood and I could tell there was a chipmunk somewhere around but I never found him.

~~~The reason I got a red harness is pretty special. On the 4th of July our town goes NUTS!!! I'm talking CRAZY!!!! We have a big parade, a soapbox derby down a hill, and a hand made raft race in the river. And these are just the main points of interest. Meowmy has decided to enter ME in the Pet Pageant! So I have red (harness), blue (eyes), but I can't figure out what to do for white. What do you think?? I'm probably going to go in the stroller so that is blue too. I know I have to be really brave because there will be woofies and little children there (hence why Kaze is NOT volunteering to go with me). Leave me some suggestions and whoever's idea I decide to use, I'll send you a small prize package!~~~

(Since you all asked about the harness, I ordered it from www.woofandwag.com but I learned about it through my friends in the UK. Its the Puppia harness and comes in MANY colors. I wear a size small and I weigh 8.5 lbs and am pretty tiny. Chase would probably wear a large and he weighs 13 lbs.)


Meezer Monday

While I have lots of wonderful meezerly things that happened to me over the weekned (such as venturing Out of Doors in my new snazzy harness) I'm going to take today to devote to the new meezer blog: Simply Siamese.

If you look at the graffic across the top (and the banner) you will notice that my eyes are being used. Of course this is fitting because my eyes are awesome (as noted above). Anyhow, please everycat feel free to visit and enjoy. I'm (and the other meezer contributers from all over the world) are going to be keeping track of meezer news and posting fun meezer related things (like the Get Fuzzy comic strip). So please come visit (especially on Meezer Monday's)!


I plead the 5th Amendment...that applies to cats, right?

Here are the top 5 reasons not to blame me for this "mess":

1. The ball/track toy was already under there (Chase).
2. The blanket is in the wash that's why its just the mattress (Meowmy).
3. Kaze's fault for the snuggle pad on the floor (Kaze).
4. The fuzzies on the rug are Meowmy's duty to vacuum (Meowmy).
5. If we had more toys I wouldn't need to entertain myself this way (Chip Man).

Therefore I conclude that while I may or may not have created the holes in the box spring, I did NOT create this messy scene. That fault belongs to others. (It is REALLY fun to continue the damage though...)


Accept no Substitutions!

See this?? Sure its pink. Sure its a fake mouse. Sure, it kept my interest for 5 minutes. You know what though? It is not THE Pink Mouse. She tried the fluff, she tried an all pink mouse but its just not going to work for me.

Lucky for Meowmy she gave me THE Pink Mouse last night. I was so happy I played for an hour! I'm so so so happy with my new Pink Mouse!!!

For now you'll have to see me playing with the other mouse because my new pictures haven't been downloaded yet.




I'm going to sleep well tonight!!!

Wordless Wednesday

***I must interrupt this Wordless Wednesday to notify you all that at 9:45 AM EST I was finally able to find one of Latte's pink mice! Completely by chance I figured I'd check the Acme (food store) while I was buying myself some allergy pills and I found the elusive pink mouse!! He's going to be thrilled.
- Meowmy***


Pink Fluff is not equal to a Pink Mouse

So Meowmy tried to bribe me with another pink furry toy: a "puff". Sure it smelled furry and interesting but it just doesn't have the texture or weight of the mouse. My good friend Oscar is going to get me my dear Pink Mouse with the white head. Meowmy also tried the all pink mouse and it just didn't rank either. Thanks to everyone who has kept their eyes peeled for me!

Here I am "tasting" the pink fluff.

And here is me letting Kaze take it away. She lost it shortly after.

Meezer Monday

Here I am enjoy the "Kaze" snuggle that DKM made. We all love it a lot. My gosh this weekend was CRAZY with the flashy box but instead of the usual flashy box, this was a BIG one and it makes lots of loud noises. Meowmy litterally took 600 pictures over 3 days. She's crazy. She was going to help me put a new picture of me up but she just can't figure out which pictures to upload yet.

She had better get on with it because I have to show you the pink fluff that didn't fly as a pink mouse replacement. It hung around for 5 minutes and it didn't really thrill me. My good friends are reporting from all over the world of pink mouse spottings! I'm quite amazed!!

Tomorrow is Meowmy and the Chip Man's 3rd anniversary. She has a surprise for him but I'm not allowed to say yet because it is a surprise. They are taking a half day of work and going....somewhere. I bet we won't see them much. My guess is they are going on an all day pink mouse hunt but I'm not so sure. I'll be sure to let you know!!


Little Duckies!

Look what Meowmy saw when she was at the barn visiting Snappy! She said they ran right in front of the car and she had to stop and she had the camera so she figured she'd get out and take a picture to show me. Aren't they really cute? They do look a little tasty but Meowmy said that they are not tasty little snacks. I hope the little duckies take care because there are nine turkey vultures that live out at the barn.

Turkey vultures are HUGE birds with nine foot long wing spans! They sit on the rail of the track and scare the young horses when they are learning how to run really fast. If I saw one of those birds I know I'd run really fast becuase it would probably try to eat me!!


Zoom Groom

Chase started to tell you about the Zoom Groom but I had to take over because I LOVE THE ZOOM GROOM!! I know it is crazy but this little thing makes me want to be pet, picked up, and even HELD! I know its amazing but this little piece of rubber has made me into a changed meezer. See for yourself!!

Meowmy gets lots of hair off of us so there are less hairballs and less fur on the furniture and the carpet and stuff. Whatever her reasons I LOVE THE ZOOM GROOM!!! I like it HARD and ROUGH and I PURRRR almost as loud as Kaze does. Well, that is impossible but I do purr really loudly. This is what the Zoom Groom looks like after we've all been brushed. (Chase sheds the most!!) All three of us love it. It took me about 5 times to really LOVE THE ZOOM GROOOM but now I see it and I run over and start to purr.


Farewell Sweet Mouse

Dear Miss Pink Mouse,

You have been a dear friend to me over the past year. I have lost you countless times only to find you again. You have been loyal, never tempting Kaze or Chase with your charms. I have a sincere devotion to you.

Sadly this must be our last foray. I shall be gentle as you are very aged and wounded. (see below)Farewell my best furry friend. I will miss you and there will never be another to replace you.



P.S. Well, I'll admit I'm still hoping for a replacement but you'll always be first in my heart!!

**Note from Meowmy** Latte started eating the insides out as well as the fur so I had to take it away from him. I'm still searching for a pink replacement, hopefully I'll find one soon. Thanks to everyone who is helping me look!


Meezer Monday

The Chip Man installed an outlet on the front porch which meant he had to move the couch away from the wall. Guess what I found?? My PINK MOUSE! My most favorite toy in the whole wide world. I brought it upstairs where Meowmy grabbed it because it looked funny. She was right, the mouse is torn in half and all of the paper insides were coming out. I was very sad because I love that mouse. Being a great Meowmy she went out in a rain storm to find me a new pink mouse. She went to 2 different stores (Petsmart & Petco) and could not find another pink one. She was very sorry but I am very depressed. Does anyone know where I might get a pink fur mouse? I think I might find them on Siamese Rescue but I'm not sure. I'm so depressed.

Mid day Pink Mouse Update:
Meowmy can't find my favorite mouse anywhere online. The one I love isn't all pink- it has a white head. She hasn't given up hope but she is saying that I'm always difficult.


Nice finger....

Nice Meowmy...put your paw in the shot. I just can't catch a break here can I? I mean, its hard enough to get a good picture of me and you have ruin it by putting your ugly human paw in the shot. I'm sick and tired of the flashy box in the first place so it serves you right to ruin a perfectly good picture.

Well I guess you could just use Photoshop.....but then I couldn't yell at you for being a stupid human, and that is more fun to me. Now if you give me some Temptations I may consider forgiving you. But probably not. Still...Temptations would be nice.