I take it back.....

I'M TERRIFIED OF THE MEN ON THE ROOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meowmy came home to get some stuff and found me hissing at her and running askeered. Of course she let one of the men in the house with her to use the human litter box room. They are making worse noises than they were yesterday and I think they're trying to kill us but I'm not sure. They have these gun things that they keep shooting! Plus they're sitting on our porch roof so they can watch us through the snuggle room window. I'm shaking, this is BAD. I was so happy Meowmy came home to check on us because I thought they had killed her and were just trying to torture us before they killed us too.


I'm not askeered of the roofer men, they look really friendly. I wish I could go out there and help them, they are getting birdy nests down and the birdies are mad! The birdies were living in our gutters even though we have guards so we're getting new gutters with better guards. Meowmy was home all day with us and that was really nice. She gave us stinky goodness mid-day and she was nice to snuggle with in the sun. She gave me a great Zoom Grooming before vacuuming the bedroom. She vacuumed all of our great furs off of the couches which is frustrating because now I have to work on putting them back. Chase is better at that than I am so I'm sure he'll help.


Showing my colors

I love my wife Cheysuli! Did you all have fun at her Harry Potter viewing yesterday? That was very sweet of her to show us all of the movies. I had only seen #1 & #3. This is my "I luv Cheysuli" shirt that she sent me for Valentine's Day. She is such a perfect wife.

I am considering having to change some of the wording on my blog title.....I must sadly admit that I am enjoying touching and actually doing quite a bit of snuggling and purring with humans. I know, this is SO WRONG!! Yao-lin, please don't think less of me. I only purr to get something I want. Like yesterday, the Chip Man decided to rub my back with his water bottle. It felt better than the Zoom Groom!! I lay there and shoved my butt in the air and purred louder than Kaze! You can tell its a full moon I guess.


Meezer Rule Wednesday

When stalking your prey stay very very quiet. For flying prey you might have to wait for it to swoop closer to you or enlist the help of either siblings or humans. I find the properly trained human can help lift you to assist in your hunting. This fly did meet its demise later in the day when Kaze helped me corner it.


Package from Miss Peach

Look at this very thoughtful package that Miss Peach sent me!!!! She sent me a super duper squiggle (which Kaze keeps stealing but its MINE), a beautiful magnet, and a poem that is so lovely. Oh, and a coupon for tasty Fancy Feast!! Thank you very much Miss Peach, it was very thoughtful of you to send such a loving gift.

Meowmy spent a lot of yesterday crying so I'm going to go snuggle her so I hope you don't mind if I don't have a long post today. I'm also sorry I haven't been visiting as much as possible. I am reading but I haven't been posting much since Meowmy has been sad so I haven't had much time away from her.


Meezer Monday

There was a lot of good porch time this weekend. The Chip Man let us on the porch during the Eagles game (which by the way made him SO happy with the Eagles). Kaze and I napped on the porch couch while the Chip Man was on the living room couch. That was nice because he wasn't jumping up and down beside us disturbing our rest. Of course he did come take pictures of us....Meowmy's getting jealous that he sees us during our cutest times while she is always out somewhere (usually with the horse). I don't know why she cares, we were just snuggling and we do that all of the time.

Speaking of Snap....she's in TROUBLE!!!! For the first time in 3 years she dumped Meowmy. Yup, she hasn't fallen off of her since the first 2 months she had her and that was 3 years ago. Snap knew that she was BAD and stopped right where she dropped Meowmy. Meowmy is OK she just has a sore knee and its a really good thing she always wears a helmet when she rides.

In sad news help me sing my friend Lacy to the Rainbow Bridge. She was my first girlfriend Necie's big sister and she was a very strong meezer and she was just at my birthday party. I loved Lacy very very much as I knew her from my first moment online with my family. I will miss her so much.


7 Things Meme

A little while back my wife Cheysuli tagged me for the 7 Things Meme. I thought I had done it so I let Snap take over. Well... I hadn't so when Starbuck & Torrey tagged me I decided I'd better take my turn!!

I think you all know how this goes!

1. I'm adorable. Really really really cute. Just in case you didn't know that, its really what helps me get away with a lot of stuff. Even the Chip Man says to me, "Latte, you are just TOO cute!!!!"

2. If Meowmy comes at me with grabby fingers and says, "Latte, meeze-meeze!" I look her in the eye and meow at her.

3. I'm very sensitive to human emotions. If someone is sad or upset I want to sooth them and either go sit on them or near them. I hate to see anyone in my family in discomfort. Like last night, I had to go sit on the Chip Man's lap because Windows Vista is torturing him. He just got a new computer and he says Vista SUCKS!! I tried to purr away his upset (and you know how I hate to be touched) so you know he was really upset. I'm so sorry Chip Man, I hope you can get it better!

4. Sometimes I'm not exactly sure where I want to snuggle but since I'm not a daily snuggler Meowmy will just sit there and let me walk all over her until I am comfy. She barely even breathes for fear that I won't choose her for a snuggle.

5. I'm really very meezerly and manipulative. Nothing I do is random, in fact I derive a lot of pleasure in acting innocent when I do things to get a rise out of the humans. Like at 4 am when I get bored, I start walking around on the humans until they decided to toss us. Then I hide under the bed so they can't get me. Hehe.

6. I have too poo first in a clean litterbox. I will even encroach on Chase or Kaze if they are trying to go first. I have to enjoy a clean box since I'm the litterbox attendant!

7. I'm a computer addict. Whenever I'm in Meowmy's lap blogging I take over the house. I realize I need her help to type the letters but my paws can easily handle the mouse thingy.

I'm pretty sure most cats have been tagged but if you haven't, go ahead, its really fun to learn tidbits about your friends!



I've been a little ball of energy this week! A real meezer bullet running around and playing and causing trouble. I'm a meezer on a mission; a mission to ATTACK!!!!!!

Yeah and I've been really snuggly too. Sigh...at night its just a necessity to stay warm.

Today should be more normal with friend visits because Meowmy was with Snap yesterday getting a new saddle fitted to her. The Chip Man says that costs lots of green papers and isn't thrilled.


Meow like a Pirate Meezer Rules Wednesday

Never let ye sifurs take ye down! Blast the canons and raise the flags, Kaze is going down! Her burried treasure of Temptations is MINE!!! I will find 'er burried treasure!!


Name Meme

HRH Yao-lin tagged me for Millie's name meme. The Chip Man named me quite early in my captivity. Actually as we were making the first turn away from my mama-cat's house. I had just been removed from my brothers and in a HUGE PTU as a 9 week old kitten. He had looked at me for about 10 minutes all together and I meezed full blast and that's why they picked me because I could handle the very active Chase. The Chip Man loves coffee and though Latte was just right for me. I like it, he did a good job.

If you haven't played you should! Its so much fun to learn about all of our names.


Meezer Monday

Yes, yes I know I'm fairly handsome. And yes, I realize that the wall was in fact painted to match my eyes. Yup, the world revolves around me. That is why I figured I'd let Meowmy feel a little special this weekend and snuggle with her. Really it was because it was FREEZING not snuggling but to her, I think it keeps her under my paw. As long as every now and then I give her a little bit of love I make out in the end. Yes I realize that purring in her face and snuggling on her chest makes her think I've changed but its just because I'm cold. But hey, keeping her happy keeps me fed and warm and stuff.



Hey everycat, this is Snap the horse making an appearance on Latte's blog for the first time. You might remember me from Kaze's blog. Anyhow, I'm the horse in the family. Latte's wife Chey tagged either him or me for the meme and I'm MUCH more important than him (and I think he already did it).

The guidelines for this tag:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules
2. Write some facts about yourself: some random, some weird, some just plain fun.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them)
4. Let those 7 people know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

The challenge is to keep it interesting without making the reader think “Um, too much information…”

So Seven things about me…

1. I used to be a racehorse. I ran in 4 races and the best I ever did was 4th place in my first race. I hate to run. I let a pony beat me in a race over the weekend.

2. Please don't touch me. I will snap at the air! But if you're going to rub my face/ears/chest that's OK. Also, I am a treat *insert bad word* and will do ANYTHING for food.

3. I like to drink coffee. I really do. My captor puts it in her top and I lap it up. I really enjoy all human food though and apples might be my favorite.

4. I wear high heels. My shoes are made from aluminum and they are a wedge so my heel is higher than my toe.

5. My tail is two colors. Chestnut (red) half way down and the bottom is black. My mane is mostly chestnut with flaxen (blond) highlights.

6. If I trip or mess up while being ridden I blame the Captor. Its all her fault anyway, I'm perfect. I put my ears back, toss my head to the side, swish my tail, and threated to buck. I am perfect, she is nothing.

7. I am the most nick-named horse in the barn. Some highlights.....Cow, Bessie-Snap, Snap-trap, Hooch, Snapple, Snappy, and some really nasty bad words I can't share. Of course they are all in fun as I'm also the most trusted mare in the barn. I show my dominance but I protect the humans that care for me.

If there were other blogging horses I'd tag them. But there aren't.


My Trip to Petsmart

Kaze was having trouble trying to get Meowmy to get presents for Eric & Flynn for winning her 20,000th visitor contest. I decided I'd throw in a paw and help out. Since I'm the most bold in our household I got to go for a little ride.

"Um...Meowmy.....where are we going exactly? This is the metal monster but I'm NOT in my PTU." Oh well, I'll just snuggle into this nice towel and meeze a bit."
After a few minutes of meezing I decided I'd just hang out. I snuggled up and looked out the window a bit. Finally we arrived at the store! Meowmy took me into the moving doors and put me in a blue cart. At least it matched my eyes! I met a little bean and she though I was mighty cute.

I was in the cart next to Meowmy's purse when I looked right and noticed.....HEAVEN!

Do you notice that there is an ENTIRE AISLE OF TEMPTATIONS OF ALL FLAVORS????? Meowmy said there were no free samples so we kept rolling on.

"I wonder if that stinky goodness is tasty?"

Then we went down the toy aisle and I was really interested in all of that so Meowmy has no pictures. I even met the kitties up for adoption! One of them must be related to Chase because he was busy "covering" by scratching the wall over his litterbox. I did not want to be his attendant, he was big and panthery and I didn't recognize him.

On our way out Meowmy stopped at a big thing covered in more toys. I was much more interested in the Guinea Pigs!!! Don't they look tasty???
The nice girl who checked us out (How Meowmy can spend over 50 green papers in 5 minutes is beyond me.....) said I was really cute and let me play with the toys we were buying.

Then back to the car where Meowmy juggled me, a bag of toys, and two things of litter while opening the doors and getting rid of the cart. I just lay draped over her forearm. I'm a good meezer.
Next we stopped at a stinky place because the car kept saying BEEP!!!!!! BEEEP!!! Which Meowmy said means its thirsty. The man at the car drinking station wanted to pet me but Meowmy didn't think I'd want to smell like gas so she just smiled at the man and thanked him. (In our state its the law that you can't fill your own gas tanks.....its annoying.)

Then we went home where Meowmy put me on the ground and I got within a gizzy-length of a bunny! I couldn't help myself I RAN after it. But then my harness didn't let me go further so Meowmy scooped me up and did the precarious arm balance dance thing again. She's lucky I'm easy.

And that my friends was my adventure! I hope you enjoyed!


Meezer Rule Wednesday

Looking cute is always in style! And by looking cute you can get yourself out of the worst meeses.


Number 1 "hit" this week.... & Tailsday

House Hunter ATTACKATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now which one is my tail and which one is the wet/dry sucking machine??

Usually I don't pay all that much attention to the links that bring people to my blog. Today I was checking and found that as of now we should declare official "Camel Cricket Season". They are also known as "Cave Crickets". Many of you will remember my escapades into the munching of these large ugly bugs more roachy than crickety but since people are searching for the creatures and finding me, I figured I'd let people know the "pet friendly" way to rid your home of these creatures.

****Please be advised that this is just an account of things that worked for us. I will not be held liable for any adverse advise. I'm just a cat."****

Lets start with a story....A long, long time ago....(say a year ago) the Chip Man walked down to the basement to discover an odd looking creature. He didn't think too much of the bug but within a few days our basement was FULL of these disgusting (yet mildly tasty) bugs. The Chip Man toiled for 2 hours every single night with these creatures and finally was able to rid our happy home.

As house hunter you will recall I did eat one. It ventured into the kitchen and Meowmy and the Chip Man came home from Trader Joe's just as I cornered the creature. They waited on the deck while I finished. And yes, I yakked ONE leg back up but it was tickling my throat.

The Chip Man says that these creatures LOVE piles of wood and other dark damp spots (like under our deck). If you have anything you can remove, start there. Next you should make sure that your house is SEALED tight like a drum. We live in a 80 year old house and there were cracks at the foundation where these creatures happily hopped in. He used that "Stuff" stuff that is expanding foam insulation.

Next, you must use Seven. Yes its a nasty chemical and that's why you only use it Out of Doors and you should make sure that all cats (and other pets) are indoors. Not a problem for us, we're always inside. Spray the Seven with one of those canisters that attaches to a hose for fertilizer and stuff. That properly mixes the stuff. Spray liberally. The Chip Man used A LOT. That will keep the camel crickets away from your house.

Next is the real battle. The crickets in your house. Use "spot killer" on them such as RAID which is a nerve agent and NOT a poison. After you have spot killed the beasties (which actually have backward messed up eyes so if they are looking at you and try to hop away, they actually hop towards you!!). You'll get used to their antics.....

After crickets have been killed, suck them up with a shop-vac. Do not make the woman in your house do this if at all possible. She will hate the man at all costs. They're icky alive, they're ickier dead.

You may have to work at this for about a week which is why its important to seal the house and spray Out of Doors. Do not let cats into the treated area!!! We aren't allowed in our Dungeon Room anyway so we were safe.

There you have it! Stay Safe and Camel Cricket/Cave Cricket free!!

*****This has been a PSA for Cats and those who hate Camel/Cave Crickets*****

I have removed the image due to WAY too much traffic and hot linking. BOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Meezer Monday Meme

Storm tagged me for a Meme! Cool!

What kind of soap is in your bathtub right now?Meowmy has some Dover Age defying stuff which makes no sense to me because she's young as people go! The Chip Man uses a Dial bar.

Do you have any watermelon in your refrigerator? No but Meowmy almost bought some today. Instead she got NJ peaches and some Macintosh apples.

What would you change about your living room? Nothing right now! Mewomy would not be pleased since she painted and redecortated last weekend. There are plenty of good napping spots and blankets and stuff. Maybe some more toys out would be nice. A scratching post....

Are the dishes in your dishwasher clean or dirty? Dirty. The Chip Man emptied it this morning.

What is in your fridge? Half a can of cat food, some old cream, pinapple nectar, OJ, milk, lots of old salad dressings, butter, eggs, a beer, maple syrup, an onion, some sugar. That's it!

White or wheat bread? Meowmie can't eat bread anymore. The Chip Man hates "seeds" in his bread.

What is on top of your refrigerator?A "lug-a-mug", some menues, and a box of tissues.

What color or design is on your shower curtain? Its light green, white, and blue strippes (cotton).

How many plants are in your home? Exactly one. Its in the "cat free room" where the dark-de-tailer lives.

Is your bed made right now? The humans bed? Never.

Comet or Soft Scrub? Comet! Have you ever sniffed it? You get in trouble 'cause its chemicals but its kind of fun.

Is your closet organized? organised chaos, things can be found... (that was Storm's answer but its true for us too!)

Do you drink out of glass or plastic most of the time at home? I have a ceramic bowl, Meowmie uses glasses.

Do you have iced tea made in a pitcher right now? No, but its the humans favorite cold drink.

If you have a garage, is it cluttered? Nope, VERY organized. Its the Chip Man's realm and it actually fits 2 cars AND all of his "toys" which include a generator.

How many pillows do you sleep with? Does Kaze count as a pillow?

How often do you vacuum? Depends...sometimes once a week but the humans get lazy and it can go 2-4 weeks sometimes.

Standard toothbrush or electric? Meowmy's finger. But Meowmy and the Chip Man use an electric.

What color is your toothbrush? Meowmie's finger is peachy/pink. Her's is white with a pink marker and the Chip Man's marker is grey.

Do you have a welcome mat on your front porch? Yup! Its from LL Bean and my Grandpaw gave it to us.

What is in your oven right now? Nothing as usual.

Is there anything under your bed? Meowmie keeps her riding and gym clothes under there. Also there are bits of Kaze's "prizes" under there.

Chore you hate doing the most? Any of them. I'm a meezer.

What retro items are in your home?We have antiques but nothing "retro"

Do you have a separate room that you use as an office? No but I wouldn't really know, there is a cat free room.

What color are your walls? Lots of colors!! Mainly shades of blue and one is now called "Latte".

What does your home smell like right now? Paint.

What kind of pickles (if any) are in your refrigerator right now? None.

Ever been on your roof? No!! But we are getting a new one in a few weeks.

How many house phones? One.

What style do you decorate in? Shades of ME!! Neutrals, blues, a bit of a antique/modern thing in the living room, t he dining room is very classic. They seem to like nice antiques but also clean lines.

Do you like solid colors in furniture or prints? Solids, patterns can get distracting.

Is there a smoke detector in your home? One on every level, including basement and attic.

In case of fire, what are the items in your house which you’d grab if you only could make one quick trip? I guess I could really only fit one thing in my mouth....I guess the Whirly-Bird.

Whew, that was long but fun! I tag anyone who wants to play. I'm always out of touch after weekends, especially since I partied so hard this past weekend! Thanks so much to everyone who partied with me this weekend and all of the well wishes. Meowmy said it was better than HER birthday.


Birthday Bash for Me!


Latte's All Day Birthday Bash! Come join me and all of our friends over on Chatzy if you have a chance sometime today!

Here it is, come play any time today! I will be there in the morning (9am Eastern) until around lunch time and as much as I can after that. Feel free to come and chat with everyone whenever you can make it!

Lets see....I've got lots of Temptations, the nip-bar is fully stocked and I've locked Kaze and Chase upstairs (hehe, just kidding!).

I can't believe tomorrow I'll be 2 years old! I guess I'm really not a kitten anymore but in our house I think we're all perpetual kittens. Over the past couple of years I have "mellowed" a bit and enjoy the occasional back scritching for which I will even purr. My life has changed quite a few times but I wouldn't change any of it.


Birthday Bash Tomorrow!

Here is my first birthday present! It is Floyd from the Sock Cat Shelter! He came to live with us over the weekend and we're becoming good friends. He's small and scarred just like me! We have a lot in common and I'm trying to teach him to curl his tail.

LAZY Meowmy alert everyone! She keeps procrastinating setting up a chat room for tomorrow so she'd better do it today or I'm giving her some seriously hissed-off stares. So don't forget, tomorrow is my party!! I'll have details posted in the morning (ahem, that is if my human gets off her lazy butt!). My actual birthday is Saturday but I never blog on weekends so I'm having the party a day early. Hope you can make it! I'll open it in the morning and keep it open all day long.


Meezer Rule Wednesday

Always check hidden spots for possible tasty bug snacks. Here I've found some nice crunchy old flies on the porch. Mmmmmm tasty! I found lots of good flies in the open windows over the weekend. As the meezer of the household I have to make sure they're all eaten.


Out with the Old

This is what our door used to look like. Yeah, it looks SO much better now. Meowmy doesn't have pictures yet but she will soon. She was always so embarassed to show the trim or the door of our house because it looked so bad. When she moved into the house 2.5 years ago the first this she noticed was the trim was in horrible shape. She was discouraged on the walk through for settlement and she finally took care of the room. There was a horrible border across the top which is gone and the room looks so much bigger. Of course I'm thrilled because 1-it is now officially the "Latte Room" and 2- I got to snoopervise Meowmy with all of the blue tape. That was so much fun! I didn't mind being locked anywhere but I'm glad its all over!


Meezer Monday

I can't write much as I'm in a tiny room with Kaze and Chase fighting over who can blog. Its OK though, I spent a few months in her as a kitten so its really homey. Anyway, Meowmy is painting the living room so we can't snoopervise and get our paws painty on her new couches. Sigh....I watched her scrape and sand and put up paint, it was fun.

Don't forget my birthday party on Friday! My 2nd birthday is on Saturday but I want to have a party on Friday when I'm around to blog. I'll be setting up a chat room (I hope). I'll keep you posted.