Leap Day!

In honor of the Leap Year I'm doing a leap! OK, this is just our nightly Whirly-Bird time and I leap like this every night. If the Toy Man doesn't give us Whirly-Bird time Kaze pretty much freaks out on him. Being the Mighty Hunter than I am means that when I catch the Bird I do NOT let my jaws unlock. I am a fierce competitor for the Toy Man who says he likes to play with us so he can keep his reflexes "quick as a cat".


Sisfurs are good pillows

Especially after you play fighter-jet-cat in the air and collide three feet above the ground rocketing you into the wall where your body hitting the wall makes a pffftttt noise and your humans come running hoping that you aren't dead. Maybe our mid-air leaps don't work so well when we cross paths in mid air.

In other news did you see all of us at the aCATemy Awards??


Meezer Rules Wednesday

Take time to appreciate the simple joys of life.


Tummy & Toesday Tuesday

Isn't my brown belly spot cute? It gets kissed A LOT. My belly is quite white except for my pits and my belly spot. Why...I'm not exactly sure but as soon as I flashy my tummy my Meowmy gets all silly and kisses it.

So, "Cat Free Night" got some rather interesting answers! I sure hope the Toy Man isn't in there wrestling with my Meowmy like some of you suggested. I didn't realize that humans wrestled. He's a lot bigger than her and he has some big teeths! Meowmy has softer areas that probably would hurt if he bunny kicked with his hind paws. I'm going to have to be more investigatory and meeze and howl and bang at the door. I hope that works!

(I'm pretty sure though that for the Toy Man, he just wanted a night of straight sleep without us waking them up around 3am like we do every night. Or he might want to actually snuggle with Meowmy instead of her cradling Kaze in her arms all night long instead of him.)


Meezer Monday

Can you help me understand what a "Cat Free Night" is? I'm really not sure except I know we weren't allowed in the sleeping room on Saturday night. However, this is a term I'm unfamiliar with and was hoping you might help me out. Maybe you could suggest some possible definitions? I'll post the best one with tomorrow's post.


Fun with the Big Brother

Sometimes I like to play with my big brother Chase. I try to learn Man Cat things from him but he doesn't share his secrets. That's OK because I've already impressed and married the most wonderful Cheysuli. Anyhow, sometimes I like to wrestle with him as he's actually a challenge. Kaze is not a challenge. She's long and maybe a bit vicious and I'm short and compact and like a little viper cat when I want to play. Chase is a challenge but fun so sometimes I go over to him and rub under his chin and interest him in some play. He's a great Big Brother!!


What do we have here?

Hmm...doesn't smell like anything tasty but I should investigate further by shoving my head inside this bag. Notice how I've ensured that I have a sibling watching my back in case anything should try to get me from behind? I'm sorry to report that nothing interesting was in this bag. It smelled like gluten-free cookies. Ick, human food and not the good meat kind.


Meezer Rules Wednesday

Blending is a skill that should be learned over time. You must try different materials and see what works with your fur scheme. Here I am using a tan plastic bag to shield my existence to the legs that will soon pass by me. Before this photo was taken I was completely hidden under the bag (hence the reason Meowmy actually went down the stairs and back up with the camera in her PJ's). Be stealthy my friends!


Time for a new Millie Bed

Meowmy, I realize that Mille beds are super duper tough and last and last and remain super comfy. Ours a bit...well stretched out. And compressed. And worn. And...it has teddy bears on it. I know you didn't choose this for us but I think its time you got us a new one. Please? What do you mean no? I'm not taking no for an answer. Now I just have to find her Siamese store log- in info...hmm. Do you think I could piggy-back one onto the order for the winners of the Spring has Sprung contest?


Meezer Monday

Being cute has some serious advantages. Meowmy TRIED to resist my charms yesterday. We were watching the Daytona 500 and she was acting as a nice warm lap and napping spot. Then she got up for dinner. When she came back to help us blog she saw my eyeing up her lap. You know what she said to me? "No, Latte, I don't have to always do what you want me to." Are you laughing yet? I'd start if I were you. I do not take no for an answer so I started giving her the diggy paw. Dig-dig-dig on her boob region. She slowly debated batting me away but decided correctly to roll over, push the computer forward, and make room for me. Life is good.

You heard about the contest didn't you? You have to check out all of the great enties already! For more info, look below.


New Contest!

I'm sponsoring a contest in honor of Sammy & Miles and Spring!! Go check it out.



Oh this week has been so fast!! I think I'm going to have to sleep the whole weekend away. At least we're mostly caught up on our friends since Meowmy took a 4 hour "break" from work yesterday when she helped us in the Chatzy room and we were there for Skeezix's big question to Daisy. It felt good to be back to "normal" so Meowmy is going to have to do a better job juggling work and blogging. Have a great weekend friends!!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Here, let me give all of my friends a nice big hug!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!!!

And especially my wife Cheysuli as this is the first anniversary of our engagement.


Meezer Rules Monday

In all things in life make sure you investigate all of your options thoroughly!!
Last Tuesday was Super Tuesday and my Meowmy made sure she went to vote. I made sure I studied all of her options. I was shocked that I did not see my wife Cheysuli's name on the sample ballot! I told my Meowmy to "write her in" but I'm not sure she complied. I sure hope so!


Hmmm... what's this?

Hot and steamy...interesting...let me check this out a little bit closer.
Well would you look at that! The mug has my name on it! Plus its the same colors as I am. My Gamma got two of these for my humans to drink their hot liquids from. My humans drink a lot of hot beverages this time of year. They drink about a squillion gallons of tea.


Meezer Monday

This cute and innocent face gets me out of a lot of trouble. Like with trash stealing. Kaze always gets blamed for the trash stealing and sometimes I like to just get her in trouble. Over the weekend I quietly snuck upstairs and tipped over the trash can in the bedroom. The Toy Man rushed upstairs totally blaming Kaze and he found me slinking out of the bedroom. Of course I'm so cute he wasn't mad at me. That's impossible. So he just called Meowmy and told her how funny I was. Its good to be a tiny cute cat!


Nice blankee

This is a picture of when my Meowmy had her foot surgery in December. I totally loved the whole warm human under the fleece blanket thing. The blanket went away until this week when the Toy Man had his fever thing and its still hanging on the couch. Sweet!!! I just loooovvveee the comfy warmth it provides as well as the tall back of the couch for protection.

The UP

I don't know if any of you have a forbidden door that goes....well where exactly does that door go? One meezer finds out! (that would be me)

I've lived in my home for two years now and there has always been something that intrigued me. A door. What could be behind there? A room of temptations? Toys? I had to find out!

Meowmy took her ski boots upstairs and opened the forbidden door. She usually closes it right behind her but she had two boxes of ski boots and couldn't shut the door. She was up there a while and I decided it was time for me to explore.

I tentatively placed my paw on the first step. It was cold but nothing bad happened to me so I ventured on. Past some boxes on the steps I picked up some speed. Nothing scary so I might as well reach the top of the stairs quickly. At the top landing I faced a very frantic Meowmy. I flattened out and tried to find a place to hid but she was too fast and grabbed me. Darn it! I didn't even get to see the UP very much. I'll have to go back soon.


Meezer Rules Wednesday

When the toy/treat closet mysteriously opens in the middle of the night make sure you are there to grab a brand new bag of Dairy Temptations and gnaw holes in the bag so you can eat ALL of the contents yourself. Mmmmm!


Mmm premade furball!

I can't help it but I really like to eat my fur after I've been Zoom Groomed. My Meowmy always snatches it away so it doesn't repeat on my later. I certainly didn't loose any brushing time while my Meowmy was away. My Zoom Groom makes me so loving. I don't really mind when my humans go away because I have my Chase to take care of me and Kaze to play with. It was really nice to snuggle with my Meowmy the past few nights 'cause she's really warm.


Meezer Monday

Yeah they're home!!!! My Meowmy and my Toy Man came home last night. I was pretty sure they weren't ever going to survive those long stick things that took them to Western Maine. Gamma came over and took care of us while they were away. Gamma knew about my Zoom Groom time which is Oh so important to me.

When Meowmy came in I was the friendliest one to her. I let her hold me and kiss me and pet me and I purred! I also crawled right in her lap for computer time. I followed her all around even up to the attic where the ski stuff lives. She yelled at me for that.

I know I got some great awards and have SO much to catch up on so please give me a few days to get back to "normal". I missed you all soooo much!!!