Meowmy came home from work last night and Meowmy picked me up and took me outside in her arms. I really liked it so she put the harness on me and we went outside again while the Chip Man was looking at our roof. Apparently the roof really needs to be replaced and that isn't a good thing.

I stood on the sea-meant and I nibbled at the plants. I didn't really like the leaves blowing around and it was a little chilly. It didn't help that Kaze was SCREAMING at me to come inside. She was all in her panic state where she meows over and over and over and over again. She didn't like that I was Out of Doors. She's scared to death of it out there, she freaks out. I really liked it and Meowmy promised to take me out more. So on nights where she doesn't ride Snap she is going to take me out for a little bit.

I came inside and was SO proud of myself. I romped around and rubbed on Chase and even snuggled with Meowmy! I love it out there.


Tired Thursday!

I've been so busy watching the Robins outside the window that I've been exhausted! I also was very busy waking Meowmy up by pawing at her at 5am so I really need my sleep now. She's started doing that thing she does where she gets up early and goes to that place where she comes back smelling like sweat and disinfectant. I don't like it but its nice to see her up earlier. But still.....its the Robins who are keeping me up the most. I'm convinced one is going to come through the window and I'll be able to catch it!

Thanks for the purrs for Snap. She is doing so much better and went for a gallop with Meowmy out in the field last night. She used to be a race horse so she's pretty fast. Meowmy was smiling.

My future wife Cheysuli tagged me for a meme!
Five Reasons Why I Blog:

1. I need to express to the world my inner feelings because I don't talk too much. I find writting much easier!

2. I like to have a record of my life and times and especially pictures of me doing my thing.

3. I love love love my friends I've met while blogging. It gives me such a great perspective on the whole world!

4. OK, without helping me blog Meowmy would be bored stiff at work all day long.

5. I love learning new things about my blogging friends. For one thing I get great ideas on things like strollers and Temptations and Whirly-Birds. All of those things would not be in my life without blogging.

So, now I need to tag 5 others.



The Meezer Gang

China Cat



Sometimes the smallest cat packs the biggest punch

I was running around playing last night when I flew off the final landing of the stairs and landed right on Meomwy's foot. I mean I LANDED! I admit I was moving quickly and flying fast. She screamed so loud that I got really scared and hid under the table. The Chip Man yelled at her for yelling. Apparently one of my hind claws went into her foot and now its all swollen and hurty. She can't believe that the smallest cat in the house caused so much pain. I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to hurt her but I didn't expect her to be there! Later I went up and sat next to her on the couch and I rested my chin on her leg. She thought it was adorable so I guess she isn't mad.

In other news if you could spare a few purrs for our horsie Snap I'd really appreciate it. She just had her spring shots and she had a similar bad reaction like I have to shots. She was lying down and in pain and her neck is all swollen. The horse VET said she'll be OK, she just needs some horse asprin and hot compresses on her neck. Her neck is all twitchy and she kept resting her head on Meowmy when she was compressing her.


Bathing is very important!

It is very important to make sure your furs are well groomed. Ask Professor Daisy, she'll tell you! I find its nice to have a group bath that way if you if you miss a spot your grooming partner can get it for you. You should always try to wash the easy parts first and then you can ask your partner to help you. Oh, and try to do it in the sun so that you're nice and warm.


Meezer Monday

Meowmy is all better! She had a nice weekend and had plenty of energy. She told me to thank you are for your well wishes. I had a pretty busy weekend napping and playing and eating and such. Auntie E came over two nights and I LOVE her! I sit in her lap and purr for her and its really nice when she comes over. Then the Chip Man gave me some chips but I didn't want them because I really only want Temptations these days. And I got HAM!! And we got our nails trimmed. It was a busy weekend!! I'm glad we're back to the normal week!


Feeling Betterish Friday

I watched over Meowmy and she seems to be doing better. She pulled out the computer and I helped her surf the blogs for a while. I smooshed myself next to her in bed with the computer and purred for her. I left most of the all day snuggling to Kaze but I checked in on her a lot. Meowmy slept most of the day so there wasn't too much to watch. I made sure I was outside the shower room and she came out OK. I tried some of her appricot sauce and I liked that a lot. It was all she ate for the day. I sure hope she's all better for the weekend!


Meowmy is Sick

Are you OK Meowmy? Are you??? Huh? Are you sleeping? Why do you keep blowing your nose and yelling at me for getting too close to your face? You know its my job to keep tabs on you and make sure you're 100%. Why don't you stay home today and I can watch over you to make absolutely sure you're OK. Well I'll be RIGHT HERE if you need something. I'm not leaving your side for anything!


Cat abuse!!!

Oh my gosh, someone call the authorities!!! Last night Meowmy came home, grabbed Kaze, then she cornered me and grabbed me and took us into the human litter box room. She turned on the water fall and then instead of making it rain she let the big thing fill up. She was going to give us a BATH!!! Oh my gosh I was so scared I went and hid in the corner. Then she got in the water herself and laughed at me. Kaze stood right next to the thing and meowed at her a lot. She pretty much sat there and yelled at Meowmy while I hid in the corner. I didn't trust that she wasn't going to try to pull me in there with her! Luckily Kaze kept yelling at her so I guessed she would pull Kaze in first before me and I could hide better. Neither of us ever got wet but I was SCARED. You cats who like to splash in water...I don't understand it!


Trouble Tuesday

Meowmy went to a "ball" on St. Patrick's Day. I don't know how you go to a ball...I know how to play with a ball, but I certainly don't know why you'd want to get dressed up for one. Anyway, Meowmy curled her hair for this ball and used these roller thingies. She left her hairbrush and an extra roller on the bed. It looked very interesting- even more interesting than the stupid "ball" whatever it looked like. I wanted to test it to see if it was a fun toy. It wasn't. It didn't move and it didn't make noise and it didn't taste/smell good. I don't suggest waisting your time should you come across a hair roller.


Meezer Monday

What an exhausting weekend. Ugh...I just need a nap on the nice freshly washed bed. We're having "over night visitors" in a couple of weeks so Meowmy is really washing every single thing as her friend is very allergic to cats. He used to hang out with Chase when Meowmy and the Chip Man lived in Massachusetts. He loved Chase but always got sneezy around him. I don't really know how well he's going to do as that is the Cat Room- not the Guest Room. But oh well, we should have fun terrorizing him and his girl friend.

Yes, I'll admit I've been attacking Kaze lately. What of it? She's a little brat and if I want her spot I'm going to take it. Although the Chip Man even yelled at me for biting her "pelt". Yes, he used that word....whatever it means. All of the Kaze torturing is making me exhausted!!!



I know what you're thinking, "Gosh Kaze is LONG!" Well that's true but that's not the point of this picture. There was a flock of Robbins out there!!! I thought it might be a flock of Whirly-Birds who came to rescue mine. Meowmy assured me mine is safe in the toy closet, thank goodness!

The Robbins have been torturing us all week. They fly by the windows, swooping right in front of my eyes!!! They land on our porch roof and I get all flustered and start my little chirpy death-call. I take my hunting duties VERY seriously so I can never ignore an opportunity to hunt. I've been practicing a lot with the Whirly-Bird so I'm in prime Robbin hunting form.

The only problem....I'm in here and they're out there. Any hints?


Recycling Day

Every other Wednesday is recycling day in our town. The people in the big truck with dancing bottles and cans come around and take the yellow buckets and dump plastic/glass/aluminum items into the very hungry truck. Then another truck comes around and takes cardboard. I'm helping Meowmy "break down" the cardboard boxes on the sun porch. We put out paper bags with paper in them and then we always have some sort of boxes too. This week we have lots of boxes because of our new furniture from Ikea and Meowmy's new shoes she ordered online. Obviously, I'm a helpful meezer!

Oh and the flag is sitting on the porch until the 4th of July rolls around. You will not believe how crazy this town gets on the 4th of July!! Houses compete for the best decorations, there is a parade, and a race down the hill, and a raft race. It is wild! I'll be sure to take pictures. Meowmy wants to enter us in the pet pageant because Kaze and I are already white and blue, we just need red.



Chase and I went for a nice stroll over the weekend. If you look closely you might be able to see me through the mesh. I LOVE to stroll! I know some indoor only kitties don't think they would like it but take it from me, it is so much fun! Sure, the first time I went out alone I yelled a little. And yes, Kaze HATES to go out. But Chase loves it and I love going with him. He lies down and just sniffs the air. I like to look out of the different windows. It is so much fun to go out and see new things. The Chip Man doesn't like going with us during the day but he did on Saturday.

We went up the hill to the golf course instead of down the hill to the river. It was kind of windy so that is why we avoided the river. I'll have to take pictures of the beautiful Victorian houses down by the river when I go down there next time. I'm so happy it is strolling season!!! Well, at least almost.


Meezer Monday

What a weekend!! WOW! It started with our first stroller ride of the season on Saturday morning. Chase and I got to walk up to the golf course and we had such a great time. Then, we got back and sticking out of the mailbox was a WHIRLY-BIRD!!!!!!!!! OK, I knew they were fun sounding but I mean seriously, has there ever been a better toy? My adopted daughter Tara sent it to me and it was so sweet of her!.

Then the Chip Man was putting stuff together and we got a new TV stand and 2 new night stands which aren't that fun to crawl around on. I told Meowmy to get me more of those awesome tents from the furniture store (IKEA) but she didn't.

What a thrilling weekend!


I made it! Part II.

So we return to the day after my bone biopsy where Meowmy stayed home with me until I was not so woozy. I still didn't want to eat but she got me so many kinds of stinky goodness that I eventually found one that I did eat. No crunchies though. I was in huge amounts of pain and it made Meowmy cry so hard to see me that way. Even though I was on pain meds, it wasn't enough. Luckily Dr. Ian is a wonderful VET and called on Saturday afternoon, from his house, just to check on me. He looked at a book and told Meowmy to triple my pain meds because he didn't want me all hurty. Things got much better after that!

I was a bad little meezer patient and I pulled one of my 2 sutures out within the first 3 days. Meowmy had to put a cone on my head and take me back to Doc who was able to suture me up with a BIG suture that was dangly. He was upset they didn't put me on any antibiotics at the clinic and he said my wound was infected so he told Meowmy to put warm compresses on it and gave me my first antibiotic. After I had my cone installed I figured out how to use it to my benefit. I was in my isolation room for 3 weeks so I got pretty bored. Its a nice room with plenty of sun and its cozy but I was freezing since my entire back leg had no hair! I figure out how to use my cone as a funnel for the heating vent.

I started to get a little bit better but I was still messing with my sutures. Again I ripped the BIG suture out leaving a huge gaping hole into my leg!!! Meowmy was SOOO scared and she rushed me back to the VET (by this time, they all knew me and I pretty much lived there). I had to go back the next morning and have my wound cleaned out and sutured again. There was a lot of dead tissue so a lot had to be removed. This is when I got my second e-collar and where I became the "Blue Daffodil".

Still, after 2 weeks...no diagnosis! But, I was getting slightly better. Finally the Langhorne people called and said that the only thing they found were 3 different types of bacteria. They repeated (for the gazillionth time) how odd and unusual this was and they had no idea how it attacked my bone. My antibiotics got switched to a stronger different kind but I credit DOC for putting me on them when I pulled my first suture out.

FINALLY I could have my sutures removed and I was getting so much better that I could go out and hang with Chase again (we didn't have Kaze yet). It was such a hard time and my hair took forever to grow back. I still have a scar where there is no fur and the fur that covers it is very light. Dr. Ian said he was going to write an article about me because I was a medical mystery but he still hasn't because there isn't much to say other than I had an infection.

No one knows where it came from or why it attacked my leg like that. The owner of the Langhorne Hospital told my Meowmy (while she was taking care of Snap who had a huge gash on her leg and was all puffy) that the closest thing they could figure was it was related to a lung disease that kills woofies. I had to get an x-ray 6 months later and you know what? I was all healed!!!! Therefore we think I'm in the clear with my leg thing.

I had another bad reaction to my rabies shot this year where I limped for a week. I got my pain meds again and then was OK but that means I don't have to have any more shots ever!!!! I'm exempt.

Stay tuned for the end of April when I tell about my second, even more life threatening adventure!


I Made it!!! Part I.

Today is special for me so I've decided to snuggle on Meowmy's lap and tell you this story. And yes, I am actually snuggling on her lap and she's letting me click the mouse button! A year ago I was a very sad little meezer. I know many of you know the story but I wanted to tell it again so that I can remember how sick I was and how much Meowmy & the Chip Man love me.

On a cold snowy day while I was munching on some tulips from a memorial service for the Chip Man's grandmother, Meowmy noticed I was sitting with my right hind leg kicked out kind of funny. I was almost 6 months old so I was still a tiny little meezer. I had just had my hoohaectomy a couple of weeks before. I seemed OK for the most part but I was sitting really weird. Days went by and I started to limp. It was very hurty for me to use that leg but I didn't understand why. Meowmy and the Chip Man though I had attempted an acrobatic feat and had fallen from the top of the armoire in the dining room which was moved because they were painting.

They decided to put me into isolation for a few days to "keep me quite". I was getting worse rapidly so Meowmy called the VET. (Kaze is now crashing my lap party and lying on Meowmy's typing arm) She took me in to see "Doc" the vet who had seen her family's cats since grandma got her first cat, a Siamese named Bo in the 70's. Doc agreed with Meowmy, she thought I had injured my "hock" (Meowmy is familiar with horse injuries because horses are so fragile and she's seen a lot of stuff happen to them). The hock is your hind "knee", the joint that bends the opposite way than human knees. He took an x-ray just to be safe and it was a digital x-ray. The image didn't look right but the Doc thought it was just a weird development or something. I was sent home to rest and call back in 3 days. Two days later (actually March 15th) I was much worse. Meowmy called the VET's office and our usual vet, Dr. Ian was in the office. He reviewed my x-rays and called Meowmy. He wanted her to bring me in right away as the image was NOT normal and he was very worried.

Meowmy rushed home and brought me to the vet (the Chip Man came too). Dr. Ian showed them the picture on his computer and showed them how my femur looked fuzzy and moth eaten. This is not a very common thing to have happen and Dr. Ian was perplexed as to what was causing it. He though maybe I had a fungal infection. Some of you who live in other areas of the country might have to worry about this but here in NJ we don't have fungal infections for the most part and they usually happen to woofies. He prescribed some antifungals that had to be ordered because the pharmacy didn't have it.

That night I was shaking and just sitting on Meowmy. She was really worried about me so she called Dr. Ian back and he personally gave her directions to the ER vet in Langhorne, PA. There was no point in going to our local ER because they couldn't do the bone biopsy I was going to need. The drive over I was a good little meezer and I didn't meeze much but I did enough to let them know I was still with them. We saw the triage VET and my records had been sent over and Meowmy brought the disc with my x-rays. The triage VET said I need to stay over night and have a bone biopsy as there was no easy explaination about what was wrong with me.

Meowmy went home and cried. A lot. Chase told me about it. She was hysterical and felt like she was failing me, her first kitten. The kitten she had waited for her entire life. She waited not so patiently to hear from the next VET in the morning. The next VET said I was going to need the biopsy but that I was resting comfortably. Meowmy swallowed hard at the cost and told them to go ahead.

Next they came and collected me and made me go to sleep. The VET had a Scotish accent and he said he was my Dr. Ian's professor when he went to UPenn. He said he was very good and he would help me if he could. I went to sleep for an hour and a half!!! That is a LONG time for a little kitten. They drilled 3 holes in my femur and then sewed me up with 2 sutures. I was very very woozy after my surgery. I just couldn't completely wake up. Meowmy called every 2 hours to see if I could come home yet. The VET wanted me to stay another night but it was just too expensive considering they had no idea what my treatment would be.

Meowmy came to take me home and she kept me in the PTU in their room so that I couldn't fall around and hurt myself since I was still feeling my anestisia. If I was allowed to move around I couldn't really walk. Meowmy didn't sleep a wink that night because she kept checking on me. She was worried that I might just fade away in the night.

The next morning Meowmy stayed home from work to be with me. I was in so much pain I really didn't want to move at all. I didn't want to eat or drink or do anything but lie in the sun.

I think I'll stop there as this is getting long. I'll tell you the rest soon!


Wedding Party

Chey and I have decided on the following honor attendants:

Best Man: Chase
Ushers: Our horse Snap, even though she's a girl is going to be an usher
Sammy & Miles Meezer
To see the rest of the wedding party you're going to have to visit Cheysuli. She will tell you about the girls and the ring bearer & flower girl.

I realize its a bit meezer heavy but I'll tell you why I chose all my honor attendants. Chase has obviously been my big brother and taught me so many things I could never thank him enough.

Mao has always been such a big role model to me and was one of the main reasons I started blogging. Kaze was the first blogger in our family and if Mao didn't have a blog I probably would not have started one. Oh yeah, and Kaze is quite smitten with him too. He has always remained very important to me.

Junior was my friend before any of us started blogging. Our human's know each other from SICC. He's a very cool Flame Point Siamese and he knows a good place to snuggle and a good nip when he smells it.

Sammy & Miles are smart and fun. They were some of my first visitors and they have always visited me. We have a lot in common and I really love them. I have yet to try ham so I'm expecting lots of ham at the bachelor party!!!

Don't forget, we will need all of our friends to join us in Disney World on May 5th! We are renting out the entire park and it is going to be amazing!


Meezer Monday

Sigh....I really wish I could get outside. It is still too cold out for me to go out in the stroller or on my harness. Meowmy promises that when it is warm enough she will take me on a walk. I can't wait! Seeing Tara's flowers made me so excited to go outside but Meowmy promises me its not very nice out and we may even get white stuff this week.

I had a really nice snuggling weekend and Kaze & I fell asleep on Meowmy while we were blogging. We had a nice quick stop into Jeter Harris's birthday party. It was short but nice to see some of our friends who had given us such wonderful hugs over the weekend. Meowmy really enjoyed our time snuggling together and instead of reaching for the camera she just enjoyed us so it was nice and peaceful without flashy things.

The wedding plans are going really well! We're currently making some big decisions and I'll let you know all about them when they've been decided.


The odd smells are back!!!

This is Meowmy doing what she loves (they are flying in the air!). This is our horse, her name is Make it Snappy but we call her Snap. She's a cranky *female dog*. Meowmy calls her that a lot. She's a chestnutthoroughbredmare (she says that like its a BAD word) who is 6 years old and she used to be a racehorse. Snap and Meowmy usually work every night after she comes home from her day job. That means that Meowmy doesn't get home until at least 8:30PM. In the winter we have lots more Meowmy time because she doesn't go out to work with Snap as much.

Tonight Meowmy started smelling weird again. I sniffed and sniffed and tail twitched and sniffed some more. I was having trouble figuring out why she was sitting on the floor (she doesn't like getting the couch "horsey") and then I rememberd what all of those smells mean! It smells like hay and grain and dust and HORSE!!

I like when Meowmy rides because she gets happy and excited and she's much more fun to be around. That is when she has a good ride....the bad rides make her crabby. Anyway, its been 4 weeks since she's ridden and she was so much more relaxed tonight. I guess Snappy loves Meowmy too as she hugs her with her head (I'm not sure how that works...kind of like a head butt? But wouldn't that mean she knocked Meomwy over???) I'm glad Snappy loves Meowmy and takes good care of her because she could really hurt her if she wanted to. Yeah for Snappy!

Oh, and she's a Vishus Deer Repelent! She's stood up to big deer and protected Meowmy.