Meezer Rules Wednesday

Hunt bed monsters very carefully as they can be very tricky! Whatever you do DO NOT BLINK.


I should only blame myself...BUT

I'm a cat. And more than that, I'm a meezer. I do not admit to these sorts of things. Somehow this bag found its way around my neck. I had to act like it wasn't there and walked around for a few minutes. Of course Kaze announced my predicament. I thought I might have been able to get away with this as a fashion accessory?


Meezer Monday

This is the face of a happy little meezer. I have had a lovely weekend in the sun. Meowmy brought down some WEIRD stuff from the attic that smells like snow. She tried on these funky boots that make her walk weird. That reminds me....shoes in general. Why do humans put things on their back paws?? Don't they have paw pads? Its never made sense to me. I get they wear clothes to be fashionable (well, with the Toy Man that's highly debatable) but the shoes thing I just don't get. So anyhow, these weird boots click in to these huge long stick things! Humans....can't live with 'em, but they seem to think we need them.


Ahhh! Tigger attack!

You want to know what I did to attract this treatment? I rubbed on his chin in a loving fashion. Sure I bought into the whole playing thing but if you biggify I think he bit my ear off!!! Chase and I don't rough-house as much as we did when I was a kitten. We both usually choose to play with Kaze in that way. I'm pretty aware that I can't take Chase down. He's gentle with me though but not with Kaze.

I know I haven't updated on Meowmy lately but its because there wasn't much to tell. All of her tests came back negative which I guess is a good thing so pretty much all the doctor can say is that she had one NASTY virus. It seems to have been going away and Meowmy ate real bean food yesterday! She was so happy. She had a hot-chocolate and her co-workers thought she was crazy when she was so happy to have it.


Meezes on Meezing

I know Siamese are known for our loud talking which we call "meezing" in our house. I however am not a very talkative cat. The talker in our house is Kaze. I think she talks more than the humans. I am more of a quiet observer of things. Sure, if Kaze is yelling a lot I'll throw in a little meeze (which sounds more like a squeak sometimes). I will meeze for Zoom Groom time for sure. I think Kaze's constant announcing of what she wants doesn't help her much at all. I find that if you keep this sort of "talent" close to your chest and use it when you REALLY want something you tend to get more of what you want.


Meezer Rules Wednesday

Make sure your humans decorate your house to match you. This blanket was a lovely choice as it has cream/brown/AND blue on the underside. It is meezer approved. Having like colors makes it easier for you to be hidden when hunting toys, humans, or other cats. Blending into your surroundings is very useful.


The Way to my heart

This makes me PURRRRRR!! Every night Meowmy and I go upstairs to the snuggle room. I run run run behind her and I sit there and yell at her as many times as she asks me to. I'm not a really vocal cat so she likes me to meeze whenever she knows I will. So I meeze and meeze and then she starts to rub me with the Zoom Groom. Oh how I LOVE to be brushed!!! I purr and roll over and Meowmy knows all of the good spots.

This is about all she's managing to do that is "normal". I guess that means I have it better than poor Kaze who doesn't have her normal amounts of Meowmy time. I of course have to fill in for snuggle need. Its hard but someone has to carry the load.


Meezer Monday

The big CAT got back to Meowmy and it said her insides were normal. She however does not feel normal. She has one more test to come back and that will tell her if she has a parasite (we blame Snap if that's the case). She told me to thank you all for your purrayers. They mean a lot to her and make her feel not so alone right now. The BRATT diet is Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast (gluten free for Meowmy), and Tea. She has to drink LOTS of fluids too. The doctor seems to think this will be "self-resolving" but that doesn't mean much to Meowmy since nothing has changed.

The Toy Man and I played whirly-bird this weekend and I SO won like 50 times. I win if I catch the bird in my mouth and don't let go. He calls this my "Jaws of Death". He knows I'm the House Hunter so I don't know why he would doubt me. Other than play time it was a lot of napping. Oh, and then there was when I fell walking from the table to the counter. Meowmy all freaked out and asked if I was OK like a squillion times. I was fine, just a bit red in the face. Sheesh, you'd think I was delicate or something. (Latte honey, you ARE delicate. ~Meowmy)

I am very very sad about Caesar crossing to the Rainbow Bridge. Please go visit Prinnie and his Mom.



Phew, this week has been ridiculous! I'm so exhausted. I'm so tired I've even been napping in the PTU. I know, right?? My Toy Man didn't know what a PTU was so Mewomy explained and now he's calling it by its rightful name. He used to all it a *gasp* cat-carrier!

Meowmy and I are pretty much snuggling together healing. I'm 100% normal now (yeah!) but Meowmy has no answers. That big CAT didn't tell her a darn thing. Apparently he only likes to talk to certain people who then have to decide to talk to others who may talk to her. She is kind of frustrated but maybe by Monday she will have some answers. Until then she's eating a BRATT diet which is just ick. Well Pixie would probably like the banana part.

I'm still getting tons of tasty foods whenever I want and everyone keeps giving me nice soft pets and hugs.


Trying to get back to normal.

My good Dr. Ian called me yesterday. As I don't have thumbs I couldn't answer and it went to the machine that records humans talking. He told me he has no idea what happened with my first sample, it may have been a weird blood draw, or something in the machine, or who knows what. He didn't know but he is very confident that I am a-OK. I think I've lost a little weight but Meowmy is trying to fatten me up which I won't complain about.

Meowmy didn't go see that weird CAT yesterday because its a very busy CAT with lots of visitors so she's going to visit today instead. The big CAT gave her a nasty milkshake thing she has to drink right before she meets him. Do you think this is Meowmy brain sucking juice? Is the big CAT really that evil???

Phew. This week has been crazy! I am so sorry I haven't been around to visit all of my wonderful friends lately. Sadly things aren't looking up as one of Meowmy & the Toy Man's employees is leaving and now Meowmy is going to take on some seriously new and seriously time consuming stuff at the work place. But don't worry, I'll be around as much as I can!!


Meezer Rules Wednesday

Always show illness at the first possible moment. This will assure that you get the most attention and you will feel better faster.

Also, if your Meowmy is sick watch her like a hawk and don't leave her side. Oh, and whatever you do, the abdomen walk is highly frowned upon as it causes Meowmy's to scream out in pain.

Meowmy has to get a CAT scan today. I'm a bit upset about this since I scan her all of the time, what can an outside cat do? Is she going to bring this other CAT home? The CAT better take good care of her and not walk on her belly or she'll get mad.

I want to send out another thank you to everyone for all of their purrs and kindness. I love our family of cat bloggers! I would like to send each and every one of you and your beans a purr from me!

Not to rain on my Purraid but....

I hate to do this but Meowmy is sick. She thinks I might have even been acting so funny and gotten dehydrated because of me worrying about her. I do that, if she's sick I get really upset. Could you please send her some purrs? They think she might have something wrong with her appendix or a parasite or something else rather icky. Now she's running around to human VET's and hospitals getting tests run.

Sigh....when will this end in our house?? We're getting kind of discouraged.


Flooids Tuesday

The VET's office called and my blood results all look fine!! Oh we're doing the happy dance like crazy around here!!!!! Thank you everyone for purring with us, I know its because of your love that everything worked out. Now I just have to keep up my appetite and keep on playing. YEAH!!!!!

Of course Meowmy still wondered WHY I had zero white blood cells and since she only talked to a tech she didn't ask. She talked to her super-duper-smart friend who works with lots of blood in bovine's and she said it sounds like they had a bad sample of my blood in the vet's office test but the other sample was OK. She said they count the white blood cells with a stain from the hemocrit so maybe they messed something up there? Sigh...Meowmy never rests until she knows the WHY's of these things.

I have such a squishy layer of flooids under my belly from my sub-q flooids. They gave me lots of energy though and when I got home I ate a boatload of Temptations and a half a can of stinky goodness! Then when Meowmy came home from her bad day at work I had eaten lots of crunchies! I'm also playing with Kaze. Chase is still hissing at me.

No news at 9am. Meowmy called the vet's office and they said the results are "in his bin for call back" so we just have to wait until he calls.

Monday morning update

I was much more active through the night and the Toy Man didn't think I needed to go to the VET but Meowmy knew better. I had a couple of bites of stinky goodness and off to the VET I went.

In a lucky turn of events my Dr. Ian saw me!! He knows me and I trust him. He thought I looked great and gave Meowmy some appetite pills for me to have. My temp is normal. Then they stole some blood. Meowmy and I waited and waited and waited and waited in the waiting room. Woofies came in a lot.

Then Dr. Ian called us back for the results. I have no white blood cells and my hemocrit is high. He ran the test twice and is now sending it to an outside lab too. It could be the "C" word or a number of other things so we're trying not to panic yet. But I'll tell you, Meowmy's forte is NOT staying calm when I'm not normal. To say she's freaking out with no real results but bad blood values is an understatemtn.

I did get some fluids so I'm better hydrated now. The VET is going to call Meowmy tonight with the results of the 3rd blood test. Chase is hissing at me because I smell funny and Meowmy has to go back to work now. I guess we just have to wait and see. I'm not allowed to have my appetite pills yet but at least I'm hydrated.


Not feeling so hot

I know that with everything going on now is not the time for me to feel icky. But I do. Its been a rough weekend and while Meowmy noticed I've been "puffy" and more snuggly and just quiet the Toy Man noticed I am not really into playing. I won't even leap after the Whirly-Bird. And then there's the matter of me not eating. I'll eat a few licks of stinky goodness from a spoon but after that not so much. Oh and I'm dehydrated so Meowmy is "forcing fluids" which mean shoving syringes of water down my throat.

Of course its Sunday now and the VET isn't open until tomorrow. Plus Monday's Dr. Ian isn't in and I really try to see only him as he knows me so well. But the pretty little girl VET is cool too and she knows me so hopefully I can get an appointment with her tomorrow. Whenever Meowmy calls and says "Hi its Latte...." they always get me in ASAP.

***Sunday evening update***
I've eaten about 2 teaspoons of stinky goodness in 2 days and I'm down to not even eating Temptations.


Giving my Meowmy a nice gift & awards

Since I've been being a nicer meezer and demanding lap time from my Meowmy she's been getting a bit cheeky and actually pushing me off!! She says I get in the way of her helping us blog because I don't curl up, I lie vertically on her lap. Well anyway, I keep going back and eventually she relents and puts the computer down. Last night I even crawled under the covers with Meowmy and Kaze. Its warm under there but I don't want to spend the whole night there.

As I was sitting on Meowmy's lap watching the cursor I heard a HUGE thunder noise as Kaze & Chase ran past. I quivered in fear because I could not see them because of the computer screen. Luckily my Meowmy protected me and all was OK.

Now on to my awards! I was very honored to receive 3 awards this week! My loving wife Cheysuli bestowed upon me the award which Yao-Lin created.
I would like to pass this award on to Jake & Bathsheba. They don't always get to post as much as they would like but they are some of my most special caring friends.

Then Parker bestowed upon me the Thinking blogger Award. I really appreciate that as I make her think how cute I am. I seem to have that affect.Sammy & Miles always make me think about if I'm doing the most meezerly things I can be doing.

Tamra Maew bestowed the Bloggers of the World award. I really like this one because I love that we have friends all over the world.
I would like to pass this award on to Boy. He's a true worldly blogger!


I was minding my own business when

my Meowmy came over to me and put me on the banister. Now being a royal meezer and the husband of a Presidential candidate I could not loose my composure. I was unsure about how to react. I knew I was kind of trapped but I also knew Meowmy does not like to see me suffer. So I sat there. And sat there....and sat some more. Then the look came out. Acting as if I could have cared less she placed me back on the ground. With a brief tail flick all was normal again.


Meezer Rules Wednesday

Never ever admit defeat. Just because Kaze got the lap this time doesn't mean I won't be back with a serious plan to make me look innocent and her look guilty.


I'm STILL getting darker

I think I've mentioned before that meezer fur gets darker when its cold (tail, ears, paws) and creamier on the warmer areas. Our fur colors are also affected by age and ambient temperatures. Here you see a picture of me last June (as far back as Meowmy has pictures on this computer). First of all I was in heaven Out of Doors. Secondly you can see I'm quite creamy looking.
And here I am now. As I make my Meowmy write this for me she is staring at my furs as I sit in her lap and saying "Latte, you have gotten so dark!" Its true, I'm really becoming rather dark. My back is rally mostly brown now.


Meezer Monday

I love weekends because they mean lots of warm laps. During the week I have to settle for a snuggle with Kaze when I'm cold but when the Toy Man and Meowmy are home I can sit on their laps. My sweetness can really no longer be denied as I now come to snuggle when I'm called. I used to always come when called but now if I'm called up to a lap I go and snuggle. Petting is nice! Scritches on your chin feel good! I can't believe all I've been missing. I though humans were relatively useless besides feeding and litter cleaning.


Extreme Close Up!!

This is my tiny little muzzle. Well, it looks rather large in this picture but in reality I have a very small face.

It is freezing outside! I'm just pinning Meowmy on the couch and sapping her lap warmth.


I can no longer keep my Secret.

I like LOVE to snuggle. I know that this goes completely against all you know about me but its like someone flipped a switch and I am just so happy snuggling in laps. And in faces at night. I snuggle all night long with Meowmy and I don't even wake her up by whapping things. I purr softly in her lap as she pets my silky fur. I let the humans pick me up and hug and kiss me without running away afterwards.

So now I'm exposed. I hope this doesn't poorly reflect on Chey's campaign. I just can't keep living the lie. The worst part is Kaze. She is really pissed that I am in Meowmy's lap where she wants to be. She keeps picking fights with me almost in a duel for Meowmy's affection.


Meezer Rules Wednesday

When wrestling with your siblings dig ALL of your pointy parts into your opponent. This assures that you will win. The Meezer always wins. Or gets even.


Tattle Tail Tuesday

Sigh...the multitude of issues here. First of all, could they not choose a tree that was loosing needles on the first day? Ever heard of cleaning up your messes, its like the wrapping fairy exploded. Also, lets clean up these needles, its not that hard! You got a fancy rug-sucking-monster why is it going to waste?

Stress you say. Busy. Family stuff. Friend stuff. Stuff, stuff, stuff. Get your act together, I need a clean house!!!