Halloween Meezer Rules Wednesday

Always inspect for ghosts/goblins/intruder cats under your front porch. You wouldn't want to scare away the trick-or-treaters! It takes a brave cat and an even braver Meowmy because mine didn't let me go under there all the way.

Happy Halloween! Stay safe! Its my Grandpaw's birthday today. He lives in Maine and is 53 years old.


Temptation Bird

The Chip Man blew my mind last night. Just blew my mind. He combined the Whirly-Bird and Temptations into the most amazing toy. He tapped a temptation on the Whirly Bird! It would dispense a temptation if you caught the bird. It was....indescribable. I think it was the happiest play time of my life. He's a good guy. A good guy indeed.


Meezer Monday

Lots of cleaning this weekend which included our litter boxes. She always starts with the one upstairs and if I happen to notice what she's doing I have to be the first one to claim the pristine crystals. She even helps me by telling me to go ahead before she closes the bag. There is nothing better than a clean litterbox and an attendant to clean it out right after you. Meowmy wonders how just having a clean box can make me have to go but she's just a stupid human who doesn't understand much at all.


Strange Names

Daisy and Baby Mao and Yao-lin had this meme so I decided to give it a try.

YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (favorite stuffie + tail characteristic)
Shmousie Curls

YOUR GANGSTER NAME: (favorite toy-filler + favorite cookie)
Whirly-bird Temptation

YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color + favorite animal species)
Pink Bird

YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name + first 2 letters of your first name)

SUPERHERO NAME: (“The” + 2nd favorite color + favorite drink)
The Red Milk

NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers)

STRIPPER NAME: (your favorite scent + favorite treat)
Freshair Temptaion

SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday + favorite flower)
Fall Daffodil

CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit + article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”)
Strawberry Naked

HIPPY NAME: (What you ate for breakfast + your favorite plant)
Innova Evo Grass

YOUR ROCK STAR TOUR NAME: (“The” + Your favorite hobby + favorite weather element + “Tour”)
The Sleeping Wind Tour

I tag anyone who wants to play!


I'm being the good one for once

I know I'm usually the one who does "bad" things around here but last night Kaze outdid herself. Usually I love to watch her do her evil little thefts but last night I got bored. So bored in fact I told on her. I'm a bit ashamed that I told that she was playing with trash but I was bored. She kept munching on the thing and it was dull and it didn't make sense to me that she was so obsessed with it. When Meowmy came upstairs I meezed in the direction of Kaze so that Meowmy knew where to find her. Meowmy however did not find the trash bit so I had to go downstairs and yell at her to come back up. Finally the Chip Man found it. Then I snuggled in Meowmy's lap and purred because I'm a good cat.


Meezer Rules Wednesday

When strange things show up inside or outside of your territory they must be properly investigated. This item smells like dirt and is bright orange. I'm not exactly sure what it is but Meowmy promises me that its going to look scary before Halloween. I'll have to reinvestigate then.



My tail is kind of tasty sometimes. Tail grooming can be difficult but having a nice shiny brown curled tail is important to me.

So I got flipped out on last night just for taking care of Chase. Its true, I got yelled at 3 times for trying to rescue Chase from the closet. Chase had climbed in there the check stuff out and when I crawled in there I got yelled at so I ran away. Well the Chip Man closed the door with Chase in there. I kept going back and opening the door for Chase but getting yelled at. FINALLY the Chip Man looked inside the closet and noticed that Chase was in there. Duh!!!!


Meezer Monday

What a perfectly gorgeous weekend! Not a cloud in the sky and the temperatures were in the 70's as our leaves have just started to really change in droves. Meowmy took me out to check out the leaves and it was so wonderful. I have lots of pictures from my adventure but since this is Monday I tried to pick the one that showed off my blue eyes best.

Sunday the Chip Man convinced Meowmy to just let me out on the deck without my harness for a bit. Hahaha! I took off for the steps and tried to run away. Hahahah!!! Sadly Meowmy grabbed me. I guess that's why she followed me with her hand hovering over my scruff. Dang. I really wish I could be an outdoor kitty. And now I'm completely banished to only going out on the harness or in the stroller or while I'm held.


I reconsidered...

Alright I guess you all make a valid point that I have put a lot of time into my current humans what with training and all. I guess I can continue to let them enjoy my cuteness as long as they keep meeting my basic demands.

Oh, my Auntie E is coming over tonight!! I love Auntie E. She will pet me and I can use that to make my humans jealous and wonder why I like her so much. Plus Meowmy is going to cook some beef. She rarely cooks meat so I hope she shares some. She'd better after all....



2 Useless Humans, one tall male and one short female, can not be separated. The female is mildly useful in feeding/litterbox cleaning/playing. The male is well versed in playing and treat giving. Have outlived their use here. Suitable for kittens/adolescent cats to train for their own. Willing and kind, sadly, outgrown.

As much as my humans would like to think they are perfect I think I've just outgrown them. I think I'm old enough to take care of myself and as long as Chase is around I should be well protected. Well, the humans were talking about how much I don't like them and it got me thinking...they are right! I don't need humans in my life except to serve my needs. I can hire some better trained humans I think.


Meezer Rules Wednesday

When your humans try to humiliate you make your disdain well known. Turn on the laser eyes and stick out your tongue and give them the middle paw pad.


A typical fall night- morning

Midnight- Meowmy gets into bed and I leap up there and watch to make sure she gets settled in. Then I get down and alert Kaze it is snuggle time.

12:10am- Kaze jumps up and expects her snuggle spot is pre-warmed and ready for her. If the covers are not lifted she digs at them until they are.

12:11am- Now that Kaze is under the covers all is set for me to have a comfy spot. I walk over Meowmy and settle in as a meezer ball on top of Kaze. She hates this.

12:14am- Kaze moves 6" to the left so I can now squeeze between her and Meowmy hehe.

12:32am- Meowmy is fast asleep. OK, I guess if Kaze ever stops purring I could sleep too.

1:06am- Freaking Kaze!!! I'll just have to go on the other side of Meowmy. She' lumpy enough that she's a good sound barrier. Much better!!

1:43am- Chip Man comes in to get into bed. He sighs that I am in his spot but realizes if he disturbs me one of two things (or both) will happen. 1- Meowmy will wake from her sleep, glare at him, and tell him to leave the Sugar Bear alone. or 2- I will have to get up and start annoying him. More of that to come.

3:07am- Wake up bored. Stare at the clock ceiling. Note Chase and Kaze are suck-up wusses and plan on sleeping through the whole night in their same spots. Eh, if it were summer I'd get up but my spot between the humans is really warm and they aren't annoying me too much.

5:18am- Bored again!! If I wasn't so cold I could be having MUCH more fun. Sigh...maybe if I could just turn the heater on...nah.

6:32am- That's it. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! I walk across them a bit until I can tell that one more paw is going to get me launched from the room. I'll go snuggle in a pile of clothes for a bit.

7:41am- What the? They are back? But the roof has been done for a week! What do you mean they have to put the gutters up. Oh yeah, that is where the birdies make their nests. I guess that's valuable.

7:43am- I'm not even going to be nice today. I'm starting out highly annoying. Lets see....oh yeah, the box spring chewing session! That always wakes them up. Gnaw...gnaw...ripping noise...gnaw. I know she's awake, why isn't she yelling at me?

7:45am- New tactic, tissue paper walking. I mash it up with my paws and it crinkles. Again...not working. Hmm....

7:47am- Night stand whapping!! Always on the Chip Man's side. He has interesting stuff there.

7:49am- I guess I can try to walk over them again. Ah! Loud roofers and they still aren't awake??

7:51am- Blaring noisebox noise. Meowmy rolls over and shuts it off for 8 minutes. Maybe now is a good time to get a final snuggle.

7:55am- Kaze the purrminator starts up and pokes her head from under the covers. Suck up. I just nestle next to Meowmy's other side and blink at her. The key here is if she thinks you're cute all of the annoying stuff you did before is forgotten.

7:59am- My charms have worked and now she's petting me and I'm purring softly. Ah...human slave, job well done!

8:01am- Dang that blarey noise box! This time the whole pile is disrupted as Meowmy gets out of bed ducking to the shades so the roofer men don't see her in her nightgown.

8:04am- Help Meowmy pick out her outfit, I'm very good at this. I like to sniff out shoes and her nylons every morning while begging for a zoom groom. I usually at least get a back scratch.

8:11am- After the human litterbox routine (and they think we're quirky!) I run down the steps ahead of her- tail curled. At the bottom on the landing I turn around and scratch at the bottom step and stare right in her eyes. Before she says anything I leap off the landing and head into the kitchen.

8:17am- Why on earth does Kaze get stinky goodness and I just get to lick the spoon? Sigh...I'll just have some fresh crunchies after my litterbox trip.

8:19am- Kaze meezes. I meeze my displeasure for not being fed stinky goodness. Meowmy pushes me away from the food bowl so Kaze can finish.

8:27am- Off go the humans. Time to cause the real trouble!!


Meezer Monday

Ooooh gimmy!!! Gimmy!!!!!! Mine!!!! Temptations...mmmmmmm!! Look how cute I am? Can you really resist me? I mean honestly, how could you say no to this face, this expression, these eyes? I didn't think so. And that is how I helped polish off a bag of Temptations this weekend. Meowmy was really guilty because she wasn't around much at all. I really lucked out because while Kaze was posing for her halloween costume she got treats and of course I did too. Anyway, enough from me, just look into my eyes and then go get a new bag of Temptations.

Oh, and I've been award some GREAT awards and I just haven't had a chance to thank everyone yet. Meowmy was with the horse and family all weekend so I couldn't blog or get to Jack's party. I really wanted to go!



Its officially fall. It hit hard and fast yesterday. I don't do well with the cold so I've been sapping warmth wherever I can get it. As soon as Meowmy sat down to help us blog I was right in the middle of her lap and I shoved my paws under the notebook because it is super warm there. I have my chin resting on the mouse thingy and I keep messing up her typing. I'm all poofy too, like a little meezer puff pastry. Hey, does that mean she wants to eat me? Sigh...the Chip Man now says he wants to eat me too. Gosh, how is this possible? I thought their training was going well, how can I have such a setback?

Stay warm my friends!


The Dungeon

(The dungeon room is to the left of the litterbox)

Yesterday morning Meowmy was cleaning our litterboxes and she was rushing because she had to go to work. When she closed the door to the dungeon she didn't shut it all of the way. After she left for work we discovered that the door was open! We were a little trepidatious at first but we ventured down the stairs. Its a whole new world down there! We spent all day checking out the covners and the big machine things down there and all of the bugs that hang out down there. I had always been scared of it down there but now I'm not. Now I figured out a whole new floor of the house!!! Sadly when the humans came home they discovered the escape hatch and shut the door. They were worried we got into chemicals or ate poisioned camel crickets (we had a lot of those last year that the Chip Man killed). They are going to watch us but think we just had a nice day down there. I found that my stroller lives down there all of the time! There are all of these BIG THINGS that make BIG noises too!!


Meezer Rule Wednesday

You must always follow sun spots as they move. Keeping your fur warm is very important so that your fur doesn't darken. You do know that meezer fur gets darker as its colder and as we age? Staying warm keeps your fur lighter.



I don't see what a big deal my tail is. Sure it curls up when I'm happy and it inverts when I'm running around playing (looks like an arc). Tails are not understood by beans at all. Tail control is an ancient dialect that only we cats can understand. Don't you just love telling your human what you really think of them and they say "Aw, what a sweet little tail thump!" when you are really telling them what horrible things they can do to themselves if they don't play with you or feed you. Thankfully, our secrets are safe with us.


Meezer Monday

Another annoying human weekend in my house. They were working outside so they really never came in to play with us or anything. The weekend went by way too quickly as the only thing to really do was nap. I was so starved for attention that on Sunday morning I had to throw myself at Meowmy's feet to get some petting.


Flying Friday

More Whirly-Bird fun!! I am having such a great time playing with my Whirly-Bird that I am either playing or eating or sleeping. I'm working on becoming a Big Man Cat. I have never really been treated like a Big Man Cat in my house and I think things need to change. I mean, I'm married, I'm very athletic, and I'm the House Hunter. I mean, is Chase really more manly than me??? So on Monday its going to be Meezer Man Cat Monday for me. Grrr!!!!! Oooohhhh!! Must fly after Whirly-Bird!!

Storm tagged me for the screenshot meme (thanks Storm!!) but Kaze & Chase already did both of our screen shots so I don't have one to share :(. Go check out their blogs to see what I stare at while I blog.


The Chip Man ROCKS!!!

Look at the height I've got on my Whirly-Bird hunt! The Chip Man has been playing with us so much and its so much fun. I leap and run and when I get a good grasp on the bird I lock my jaws of death and run away. This makes the Chip Man laugh but then he catches me and steals my bird. Grrr!!!


Wordless Meezer Rule Wednesday

Since I'm a meezer its hard to keep my mouth closed on Wednesdays. My rule this week is: When being cute make sure to move so quickly that a great picture gets ruined. That will always frustrate your humans and by frustrating them they will play with you trying to get you to look cute again.


Tummy Tuesday

This is my brown belly spot. See how cute it is? It gets kissed a lot. When I was about 5 months old it started to appear and since then its never been left alone. I like to have my belly itched and pet, it feels nice. However the belly spot is kind of like a target and it attracts humans and makes them want to kiss my belly maybe a bit more than I would like. I've been a softie lately so I've been enjoying my belly love as long as there is some scratching involved. Gosh I'm cute. And no, I'm not exactly modest.


Meezer Monday

Well the roofer men went away for the past two days but now they are back. Meowmy says they will probably be here though at least Tuesday...sigh. They are really really scary but I guess if its only a few more days I'll be OK. I think.

The weather was so nice here this weekend! It was sniffable and the windows were all open. All the leaves are starting to fall from the trees and the squirrels and chipmunks are starting to collect their nuts and such for the winter. For me it means its time to RUN!!!!!!! Kaze and I are working on the Meezer 400 which is like the Bush race to the Meezer's Nextel Cup Race. Maybe someday we can race with Sammy and Miles. I bet there would be lots of cautions and wrecks. Sadly Kaze is faster than I am but I'm smaller and better in the corners.