Box Treatury

I know its very tempting to get into any box you can find....its just not always such a good idea however.

Step one:
Please make sure the box is secure on a solid object such as the floor or a table. This box was
resting precariously on a bag filled with papers.

Step two:
Always test with a paw to see if it will support your weight. Sadly I just jumped right on in to this mess.

Step three:
Should your box still not be stable after your careful planning, remain calm and do not thrash about. I thrashed.

Step four:
Make sure there are no flashy boxes around. Obviously, I was unaware of the trickery used
to take my picture.


Wordless Wednesday

Shh..I'll whisper....Karen Jo wrote a limerick about me today! Its all about my tail so you should check it out!!



It has been so hot lately that this is as close as we can get to snuggle. OK, that may be a slight exageration but it was hot until they turned on the AC. I'm certainly glad they bought a house that had AC because New Jersey gets really really humid in the summer and its only May! It was so hot that Meowmy (who is NOT into swimming) actually got in the pool two days in a row! Pools are weird here because you join a swim club where lots of other people go and share the pool. This is the first year they belong to this pool place but they seem to like it. I don't know how she complains about being hot though- she doesn't have any fur!

I went on a great stroller ride one night. I really love love love stroller rides. The air smells so interesting and there are so many cool things to see. When we get home I don't even leave the stroller because I love it so much. It was a very exciting weekend and I'm happy to be back to normal. While I love having Meowmy and the Chip Man at home I really like sleeping through the day too.


Meezer Monday

I had a very important mission yesterday. I awoke from a lovely nap to my name being called. As you all know, when my name is called I HAVE to go running. So I made my way downstairs and Meowmy had a special mission for me. She said a bad fly was in the kitchen and as I'm the House Hunter, I needed to get to my specialty. She said it is how I "earn my keep". It turns out it was a little fly and Kaze played with it for a while and then it went away. I'm still looking for it though and should it appear again, I'm on it!!!

OK, Meowmy (as usual) SUCKS at helping us blog on the weekends and we've been tagged for the cool meme by lots of our friends! This is the True Confessions Meme so I guess I should get started......

1. Secretly, I sometimes enjoy being pet and snuggled. But only rarely or if the humans are sleeping.

2. I realize the VET costs lots of green papers and I think its funny to make the humans have to spend them on me. I figure at least once every six months they want to loose some green papers. At least triple digits.

3. Being a married cat is awesome. I know Chey always supports my decisions.

4. Sometimes I push Kaze away from her stinky goodness if Meowmy isn't snoopervising. OK, so I still try every day.

5. I want to run away. I love it Out of Doors and I have an escape plan that involves the slats on the back deck.

6. Magic fingers make me meow.

7. I'm manipulative and devious but the humans think its hilarious so I always get away with it. Oh, and I don't forget anything. I always remember when I need to settle a wrestling score.

8. I like pink. Yup....pink toys are the best.


Liberation time

According to the Chip Man its time for me to be "more snuggly". This is bad...very very bad. You know what this means? It means that any time someone walks past me I get picked up. Then I get hugged, and worse- I get kissed! No matter how much I scream out in absolute agony they keep on doing it. In fact, they trade me back and forth and actually laugh at me. I feel that this is a very clear instance of cat abuse and I think I should call my local Union Rep. Do we have a union? In any case I think I should sue for me emancipation so I can get the heck out of Dodge.

And no it doesn't matter to me that both Kaze & Chase like hugs and kisses- they're just plain crazy. In fact I think the humans are putting something in the water (hence the reason I drink from the faucet).

What's that...you have bacon? Well OK, I guess I can look cute and let you touch me for a minute. Oh, and you have the Zoom Groom? I suppose I could relax and purr for a nice back scratching.

They TORTURE me I tell you. Maybe Jack Bauer can bust me out?


Torture on Thursday!

Oh. My. Gosh! I got trapped in the human litter box room!! Meowmy turned the raining thing on and I went to get a drink from the fresh water. Usually I have plenty of time to scatter before Meomwy closes the door but this time she trapped me! It was so scary I ran behind the human litter box to hide. Then she coaxed me out by telling me about the bath mat bugs. Well I HAD to hunt them....

Then she got under the raining thing and I sat inbetween the sink and the cabinet. Since I couldn't see her and I was scared to come out I YOWLED at the top of my lungs. She looked out at me and I sniffed in her general direction. She didn't smell very good (kind of flowery) so I ran over to the door and gave her my best "you're torturing me" stare! She didn't get it and she made me stay the WHOLE TIME!!! It was the worst thing that has happened to me since I hurt my tail.

Meowmy says I have to tell everyone when I was a tiny kitten I used ot like sitting in the towel basket while she was showering. Every night she used to take me in there with her and I'd watch from a distance. I don't remember doing this however and I must have been CRAZY because I just don't think I could have ever done that.

Oh, and Kaze did a tribute to me today, check it out!


Favorites Meme

The wonderful Yao-Lin tagged me!

Time of Day: I'd have to say 3-5am. Its the best time to mess with Meowmy when she's trying to sleep.

Day of the week: Sunday because the humans are around and playing with me.

Holiday: Thanksgiving. TURKEY!!!!

Beaches: We live close to "The Shore" whatever that is. I've never been though. I don't think I'd like sand in my paws (we use crystals for litter)

Song: I don't really have a favorite song but I do like when Meowmy sings her special "Sugar-Pie-Honey-Meezer"

Flower: Tulips. They're tasty!

Talk show: I guess one of the Late Night Shows? Conan O'Brien? I watch with the Chip Man.

Movie: That Darn Cat. (The original in black and white!)

Beverage: Cereal milk. Mmmmm! Or fresh water from the bathroom sink.

Fruit: I guess strawberries? I like them in yogurt.

Food: Turkey, yogurt, beef, bacon, chicken, TEMPTATIONS!!!

Restaurant: Zena's bakery because the Chip Man gets bacon sandwiches and lets me have some.



Where are my toes? I know, they are digging for couch monsters! This new couch has deep pockets and I think the monsters dig deeply. You have to put your paw in the crack and then wait very carefully until you sense an attack and then DIG DIG DIG DIG DIG!!!!!! Its OK, I know I'm brave in risking my toes but I have faith that they will be fine.


Meezer Monday

You'll never believe it but the BED MONSTERS are back!! I tried to pounce on them and kill them but they kept coming back in a stronger force! There don't seem to be any Couch Monsters this year but I guess maybe they just come out later in the year? I keep looking on the couch but then a sun spot comes and I have to take a break. My house hunting duties have been very needed as we've had all sorts of bugs out on the front porch. I had Meowmy lift me up so I could hunt better.

Oh, and apparently I was a very very bad meezer and hunted an elastic chord. Well I ate it and then I yakked it back up. Meomwy said I was a lucky meezer that it didn't pass the other way and get stuck or something.


Frootbat Friday

I know I'm not a frootbat, but here is my best frootbat impression.

I can tell Meowmy really needs me right now so I'm sticking by her side and purring on her. I try to take good care of her and while I don't like to be touched unless its on my terms, sometimes I have to give her what she wants to make her happy. I have never been able to handle her being sad so whenever she is I make it my top priorty to make her happy. I get all blinky and look in her eyes while sitting on her and purring. Even if she's having a thunderstorm from her eyes she still smiles. Its kind of like the rainbow through the storm. I love my Meowmy!


Meowmy! I think you need to wash our blanket. I'm not saying any specifics but its hairy (not mine, you know who....Chase!) and it just smells....bad. But don't forget to wash it by itself so it doesn't fuzz all over everything. Oh...well I guess you can just pick the fuzz off of everything then. Should have listened to me.....


Treasure Tuesday

Kaze says a package came for her but I'm sorry, it was from SIAMESE Rescue so it was obviously for me! I certainly enjoyed unwrapping and the package and playing with the carrot! So Meowmy made me give it back to Kaze because I'm destructo-meezer and I would have torn the feathers out lickity-split.

I got the fev-veres and I RAN RAN RAN as fast as I could with them!!! You can see the wild look in my eyes!

Update on my tail: Thanks to everyone who's been asking about my tail! It is feeling just fine! I am back to my normal happy curl and it doesn't hurt at all. Well, except for the itchy part where the VET shaved it. I still have a lump but it is getting squishier and smaller by the day.

Meezer Monday-Necie

I want to tell you all a little story of my first girlfriend. Her name was Necie and she was the sweetest little darling. She was exactly the same age as me and quite beautiful. It was a childhood romance and it was filled with sadness.

Our humans met on a forum about meezers and discovered they both had kittens the same age and they would trade stories back and forth. When I was sick Necie's mom was right there with my mom encouraging her and checking in on me. Just when I was getting healthy Necie was starting to act funny. She wasn't really interested in food and she hadn't gained any weight in a very long time. The VETS told her humans it was FIP and there was nothing to be done. I remember getting reports of her eating Boston Market chicken and praying it would help nourish her little body.

Sadly Necie passed away at only around 6 months old. She passed softly on her mom's bed and was soothed by her mom and dad as she crossed to the bridge on May 31, 2006- almost a year ago. We mourned her in our house as we would have mourned any of our siblings.

I think of Necie a lot. She was such a shinning little star and was such a beautiful little kitten. I really wonder what sort of cat she would have turned into. A true lady I'm sure. I've often wondered why I was so lucky to have lived when she passed on. Whenever something happens to me Meowmy always gets upset a lot but I think part of it is because she tells me I'm living for Necie now too. I always keep the thought of Necie, my special little friend, close to my heart.


Seven random facts about me!

I got tagged by my new friends Zoey & the Zoo Crew

Here are the rules. Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I think I've had every variety of antibiotic known to veterinary science. With some pain killers thrown in.
2. One of my favorite places to sit is the bottom tunnel of the scratching structure.
3. I'm the most medically sensitive cat I think my vets have every seen.
4. I'm seriously manipulative and devious.
5. I'm not a huge talker but if I can't find Kaze I will scream for her until she comes to find me.
6. The humans rarely call me Latte, it is usually Sugar Bear. Mostly..."Sugar-sugar, bear-bear??!".
7. If my name is called I HAVE to run over even though I do not want to be touched or picked up.

(Meowmy made a new rule for these meme's: while we all can have fun with them only one of us gets to do the tagging. This time it was Chase. I know, it sucks, but I probably would have just tagged Chey seven times anyway)



Remember when I said Meowmy brought us home some fun stuff from her trade show last month? This is a froggy and as you can tell, I'm fairly sure he's alive. As the House Hunter, I had to investigate. Stupid Kaze tagged along of course.

First I went up and introduced myself.

"Hello, I am Latte and I'm going to sniff you now, OK?"

No response.

"Well, you smell interesting so now we are going to touch you gently."

Maybe from another angle...

"Well that was rude! You don't have to stick your tongue out at me, you could just tell me you don't like to be touched."

Now, I think he's a frog but he might be a toad. I think if he's a toad we shouldn't have touched him as we might get warts! Oh well, Kaze touched him more so she'll probably get them first. It is hard being the house hunter!


Tail crazy on Tuesday

Get ready for for lots of tail pictures!! Meowmy was obsessed with my tail and took lots of pictures. Luckily, I'm feeling a lot better! My tail is curling a lot more and I've been playing with Kaze too. So I think I'm recovering and we'll see how I feel in a couple of days when I'm off the pain meds. I think I was really lucky this time! The running theory is that Kaze, who has figured out how to open cabinets, may have partially opened a cabinet and I went in to investigate and the door closed on me. The humans will never know but that is what they are thinking.


Meezer Monday

Here is a picture of my adorable meezer tail. Cute isn't wasn't it? Sadly my tail is not so cute anymore. It is lumpy and shaved and just not what I would call "cute". Here it is now...

Thanks to all of my friends who came to the wedding on Saturday! It was so amazing and so much fun! I'm so glad I could so much time with my friends. Chey and I are enjoying our private island and I was smart to book an island with good Internet access!


Minor Crisis

Hi everyone, this is Latte' Meowmy here. I know you're all excited about the wedding and so is Latte. Unfortunately Latte had a little accident this morning. As you all know he loves to curl his adorable tail and as he was sitting in the window sill I noticed it was just hanging. Then I noticed there was a lump at the base. Both Chase and Kaze were sniffing his tail oddly and when I touched the base there was a lump and Latte cried out in pain. Of course I called the vet right away and knowing Latte they brought him right in.

The good news is it is NOT broken. I was sure it was. There is a large hard swelling at the base but the bones structure is normal and fine. All other vitals are good too. So the verdict is soft tissue damage and he is on his old favorite Metacam for pain and inflamation for 5 days. That medicine has lasted us through 4 Latte crisises now!

Everyone at the vet was very worried about them because they love him very very much and tried to keep me calm. Lattemust have hurt it playing with Kaze and hit it on a table or chair or something. The strangest thing is that Chase alerted us by crying at our door and he never does that. He was VERY vocal and told us something was wrong.

So Latte is now resting on his pain meds and resting up for the wedding later. Hopefully in a few days it will feel better. He is already curling it at the tip more.



Wedding Reception Link
The password is: LatteNChey
The reception starts at 5pm EDT and will go on until whenever! Please drop by if you can.

The ceremony was just amazing. Cheysuli planned the most perfect expression of us as a couple. She was magnificent in her gown and truly had a Presidential air about her. Her radiating beauty made me a little light headed at first but Chase gave me a growl and I came back to reality. The ceremony was just a small gathering of family and friends and we felt very lucky to have so many caring friends with us.

Since we were are in Disney World the sky was the limit with our pictures! You can check Cheysuli's Blog for the official ceremony pictures but I wanted to share this family photo. This is our family's farm in Maine and we teleported up there to take a family picture. It meant a lot to my Grandpa and it was a lovely day though MUCH colder than Orlando. We're happy to be back in FL and we will be partying all night long! Well you can party all night long, Chey and I will be off to our honeymoon!

*Note....Snap was there too but when she saw all of that luscious grass she took off and could not be made to stand for a portrait. Lets just say she was in horse heaven...


Wedding Invitation!

(Scroll down to see current post)


I'm a little sleepy today.....

Chase and the rest of my great groomsmen (and all of our friends) took me out on the town last night. All of the Charmers where there and I can certainly say Chase is one lucky Big Man Cat! Those Charmers are absolutely fantastic! I was taking a nice long nap after my final tux fitting when Chase came over and attacked me.

He made me chase him all the way to Philadelphia. When we got there we went down to Penn's Landing and got on the Spirit of Philadelphia. It is a nice boat that goes up and down the Delaware River all night long. There are all sorts of games on the boat and they had these great scratching posts from floor to ceiling! The Charmers were hard not to look at while they were scratching....

They served Niptinis and there was cat grass too! They had fresh shrimp and tuna and a pig roast! Miles went CRAZY and there was barely for the rest of us to enjoy. Nip was sprinkled all over the chairs and the rugs and I was up all night! Chase wouldn't let me sleep because it was my last night on the town.

During the wee hours of the morning we went into Old City and watched the sun rise over the Liberty Bell and we sniffed around Independance Hall. That place smelled crazy! There were all sorts of fev-vers in ink wells and old chairs and paintings and all sorts of crazy stuff. Chase said I needed to celebrate my independence while I still could and I still have my liberty.

I'm going to sleep for the rest of the day and then I am going to make my way to Disney World!!


I've found my voice!!! I guess it was just hidden and I thought I could only squeak. This past week I've been yowling, especially when I can't find Kaze. The Chip Man had no idea it was me yowling and the only reason Meowmy knew was because Kaze was under the blankets with her. So now that I've found my voice I have to figure out the best way to use it. Hmmm...I'm thinking 3am is a great time to exercise my vocal chords. Even my purring is a lot louder and you can actually hear me from pretty far away. Sigh...I must be so happy because of the wedding. That has to be it, I see no other reason why I would be so generous with my purr.

I truly hope everyone can make it to the wedding! We will be having a chatzy chat room for the reception that starts at 5pm Eastern Time. Even if you can't make it, you're free to teleport over.


Meezer Tuesday?

Meowmy was at the VET's office on Saturday dropping off some of Kaze's poo and my VET came out to say hi to her. He said he found the Tale of Devotion I wrote for him for Skeezix's contest. I think Meowmy was a little embarassed but I'm not sure why, I think she should be proud that I'm so smart and came up with such a great tribute.

I went strolling this weekend! It was so nice out and I was begging to go out so they took me on a ride to the river. I like going down to the river its really interesting and there are always lots of rabbits and birdies and squirrels and stuff along the way. I was so happy after my stroll I walked around the house yelling. I'm not much of a talker but I was feeling very chatty so I decided to tell everyone how I felt!