Bye Bye Friends

 Dear Friends all across the world,

I don’t know why my soul mate friend is so sad today, but I feel some pains in me.  I don’t know why everyone is so sad, and certainly no clue why the dog is sniffing me!

The lap lady stuck another needle in my back, but it makes me feel a little better.  My friend has been crying so many times, she’s also finishing a chapter book she wrote about me called “Latte and Kaze.”

We are going to have a sea and cat themed party, the best party ever!  The little girl has been planning this for my 19th birthday, but we are doing it today.  Someone even game me a squishy jellyfish I can snuggle.

Later the whole family will take me over to see Dr. Meg, and she’s going to make all of the pain go away forever.  That sounds nice, especially since they will all be with me.  I can’t wait to see Kaze and Chase!

I get to have as many naps as I want today, I’m liking this jellyfish stuffy as a pillow!  Everyone is wearing lais in their pants so they have tails.  I get to have my favorite baby food later too!

I’m not scared, I’ve lived a long and special life I’ve shared with my loving family.  I’ll always be with them.


Latte the Cat


P.S. I’ve had a wonderful day everything has gone my way.  I got delicious food- including baby food!  I even let out a loud rumble purr, something I haven’t done for a very long time.  I’m really tired now, it’s time for me to go to sleep.  I’ve loved you all and hope I brought some joy into your lives.


Party Time

Hello friends across the world.  I’ve been gone for far too long.  The lap lady has stuck with me but I’ve lost all of my beloved feline friends, Kaze and Chase.  But, I gained a best soul mate for life- a little girl!  She loves me and I love her so very very much that this next bit is truly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

Tomorrow the little girl is throwing me the biggest cat party ever!!!  I get all the foods I want, I get to go outside, she made me decorations- I’ve never felt so loved.  Nor will I ever again, you see, the lap lady tells me tomorrow I will get to join Kaze and Chase at the rainbow bridge.  And my Gamma too.  I’m a little nervcited because I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I know I’m ready for it.

I think I’m the last of the original blogging cats and that honor is truly humbling to me.  We were an amazing group of cats with humans (usually) and I’m so glad I will live imortally here.  Love your cats, humans, and especially cat loving humans!



Farewell Friday

Well not really farewell because I'll be posting over here at our family blog The Cats P. But for my solo career, this is it. Do you think I'll be good at sharing? Um..no. I might be back here very soon, we'll have to see... Chase I can share with but Kaze? Thanks to all of my wonderful friends for making me so welcome in the blogosphere. I met my gorgeous wife Cheysuli and I even helped inspire Princess Tara to start blogging. Its been an amazing run. When I started blogging I didn't want to be touched at all ever. Now I snuggle all night long, hang out in laps, and LOVE to be brushed. Life is strage and takes many twists and turns.

Thirteen Things I will miss about having my own blog

5. It will be harder to blame things I do on Kaze or Chase.
6. I will get even less thanks for being the House Hunter.
7. As the husband of the future president this might create some interesting press coverage for my wife Cheysuli. I hope I don't reflect negatively.
8. Wait, you mean Meowmy loves Kaze and Chase too? I'm confused.... Does this mean I'm going to have to share Temptations, toys, and snuggling?

Chase started us off Kaze will finish


"Sweet Monkey Blood"

Meezer Rule: When you fight, mean it!

So you all know I'm the House Hunter. Well last night I took it to a level I didn't know possible- tasting human blood (or as the Toy Man calls it "sweet monkey blood"). We were playing with the butterfly toy that Dragonheart and Merlin sent us when I caught it fare and square. Now why would I let go? I wouldn't. So he tried to pry it from my vishus jaws when I chomped on his finger and made him bleed. I ran away so fast because obviously I had not meant to do this. He however laughed and thought it was hilarious that I was so serious about a toy.

Later, I bit Meowmy's toe that she just had surgery on a few months ago. Bit it, ran, and came back 5 minutes later with food crumbs on my chin. I'm so vishus!!!!


Twosome Tuesday

I can't believe I'm going to have to share a blog with Chase. I mean, look how much bigger than me he is!!! But I'm a meezer, I will just have to bust my way in.

It is freezing cold around here this week- its supposed to be late Spring and the heat is on. Its so cold I have to snuggle right up near my Meowmy at night. I even purr. I just hope it gets warmer soon so I can stop purring for her and she'll stop thinking I actually like to snuggle. That's just insane. I mean, at least the Toy Man knows I'm just a heat-seeking-meezile. I like to sit in his warm spots next to him but not because I want to be touched.

Don't forget my new home as of next Monday....The Cats P

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