That's it Meowmy.  I've had enough.  I am NOT going to stand for this anymore.  Today it ends.  Today you help me visit my friends.  Its that or else.  That poop on the floor?  That's just the start.  Just the start......


Meezer Monday

Happy Monday friends!  I had a very relaxing weekend in the sun.  Its supposed to be Spring but its really chilly out.  I did steal a nice tidbit of trash and ran away from Meowmy while she laughed at me and called me "too cute".  Kaze was so jealous I didn't get yelled at.  Such is the life of a meezer.


Anima-Animal-...well, Animal.

This is a stand off with the "animal".  Two meezers are a fierce force to be messed with.  Especially if its two of the same meezer.

Meowmy is training a woman to take a lot of her workload off so we should be back to more normal next week.  We hope.



Meowmy are you actually home? I think I'm starting to forget what you look like since you're NEVER HERE. Shape up or ship out sister, this house is run by us cats and if you serve so little of a purpose we will kick your butt to the curb. Don't forget to leave the toy closet open though.


Meezer Rules Wednesday

Sometimes its good to stand up to your Big Brother. Even if you know he's going to kick your cute little furry butt into next week.


Totally Innocent

I mean really.....how could I do something wrong? I did not steal that paper from the Easter Basket from right under our nose. I also did not whap-whap the mail right under your nose, or rub fur all over the Toy Man's new computer case as he watched me.

You're imagining things. Perhaps you need a nap??


Meezer Monday

Does it taste like Temptations?  


Find me?

Do you think the Easter Bunny will see me if I'm so well hidden?  Please note I am under the bath mat and NOT Meowmy's underpants.  I think the Easter Bunny is really cool so I want to stay up and see him come to our house.  I am the house hunter so while I won't pounce on the Bunny I want to make sure he doesn't take anything like my Whirly-Bird.  That would be bad.  



Well, I figured it was better to help Meowmy than fight her.  So I decided to make sure she did a nice folding job.  I have found that she needs a lot of help with towels and socks and even pants on laundry day.  She needs me to tear them from her so she can chase after them.

P.S.  I've been honing my whapping skills.  I knocked out a basket from our coffee table and the Wii games onto the floor.  I tried to hide them but it didn't work.


Meezer Rule Wednesday

When your Meowmy doesn't notice until 2pm in the afternoon that she neglected to post YOUR toesday picture the night before be sure to show her what you really think.  I mean really, if she was going to forget someone's post why not Chase??  He doesn't even like her.  I'm so meezed-off I'm huffing.  

Oh, and there was something interesting on the ceiling so I had the Toy Man help me check it out.  It wasn't very interesting but I thought it might have been a bug.  It wasn't.  

What the.....???

I know I posted today! But I don't see it hmmm.......

Oh wait, that would be my USELESS Meowmy who thought the camera was plugged in when she was downloading pictures but it wasn't. Who got an entire post ready for me (a funny one too) and then obviously didn't actually put my meezes into blogger and hit publish.

Anyway.....I guess I'll just post it tomorrow and do my new "screamapillar" at her when she gets home. This is where I sit on the steps and SCREAM like a banshee until someone comes to make sure I'm not dying.


Meezer Monday

The is where the Man in Blue Pants doesn't put our mail.  I call it my magical meezer teleporting hole instead.  We have a mailbox next to our front door because this hole barely fits a letter so it just doesn't work for today's mail.  Perhaps in 1927 all mail would have fit through this spot but that was 80 years ago.  Things change.  So I made this my meezer teleport hole which I will use today to teleport to all of the great parties!!!

I want to super-duper apologize to all of our friends.  We currently have 210 unread blog posts.  I am trying to catch up with everyone but as usually Meowmy's work is just crazy as she has to hire someone this week for part of her old position while doing all of her new work.  We are reading and keep up but commenting is hard right now.  We'll catch up soon I promise!!!



Don't I look FIERCE????!!!!  Just try to take my toy!

Oh who am I kidding....I probably look cute.  At least that's what Meowmy says.  And Kaze took it soon after.  Sigh....this is why Chase says I can't be a Man Cat.  


Oooh, zoom groom?


I think you have my most favoritest thing in your hand. Will you brush me and brush me and brush me until I can't purr anymore??? Please????


Double Meezer Rules Wednesday

#1- When the DP Blogger strikes, find other ways to upload pictures like through Photobucket. Which would work except it also can be known as DP Photobucket as it likes to pretend its uploading your files for 20 minutes but not work, oh but sometimes it does work. This, it be frustrating!  Result:  Use Webshots!!!!
On to my main rule...when you Meowmy is away at work a lot so she's handing out extra love- make sure she gives YOU lots of kisses to make your sisfur jealous.



Here is a good view of my back toes.  I'm not really into bunny kicking as much as Kaze is but Chase is just such a nice big hunk-o-fur to sink your teeth and claws into.  He really is the go to guy for bunny kicking wars.  Unfortunately you should never pick a play fight with Chase that you aren't ready to finish because that cat is FAST.  I mean, I'm pretty quick, and I can leap really high and far, but nothing compares to Chase speed.  Wow!


Meezer Monday

Its the first sun porch outing of the season!  That means Spring really is here.  It was pouring rain but really nice and warm outside so Meowmy let us out with her while she read.  It was really fun to explore and see if there were any new smells since the fall.  One in particular was pine needles from the Christmas Tree (sucky monster much out there?  I think not.)  Meowmy just got the Toy Man's "hand me down" MacBook Pro so we're having fun playing with that.  Happy Monday everyone!


Talky Box

What the heck is with the talky box that Meowmy puts on her ear. She talks and talks and I can ear Auntie E but can't see her. Meowmy just sits and talks to herself into the box and I have to be honest, I'm a bit worried about her sanity with this practice. I try to sit on her lap to see if I can purr her back to normal and remove the box from her ear but she just keeps jabbering. This can go on for upwards of like 3 naps or so. Kaze and I take turns purring in her lap because its just too much for one of us to handle.



The Toy Man's friend "T" stayed with us the past two nights. Normally I don't care about guests but this one......oh he's special to me. When I was a tiny-tiny 9 week old kitten I met "T" (not to be confused with our visitor from this time last year!). He's not a cat person but I snuggled and purred on him for HOURS when I was small. Meowmy is certain he's mentally not right (but in a rather intellectual way) hence the reason that I was attracted to him. I'm not sure what that means.... Anyhow, "T" brought me FRESH prochuitto from the Italian market in Philadelphia. If you like ham.....mmmmmm....this stuff was HEAVEN!!!

Please consider voting for me in Cat Idol. Kaze was eliminated last night so I want to have a strong showing! wozog


Meezer Rules Wednesday

When your Meowmy is trying to take "interesting" pictures of you try to get in some "interesting" lighting. This serves to frustrate the human who spends 30 minutes trying to the perfect shot. Hehe....


Tailsday and Toesday


Here is a quick flash of my hind paws. I get into lots of "Latte NO!" with my back claws because they're tasty and I like to nibble on them. I've made them bleed before. Dr. Ian yelled at me for that, he said I'm Not Allowed to be a nail bitter but what does he know? So I nibble and gnaw at them.

Isn't my tail cute? I just love to curl it! When I leap down from tables or chairs my tail is curled so far over my back it makes a THWAP noise on my back when I land.

Vote, vote, vote! Today is the first day of 3 days of voting for your favorite Spring has Sprung entry! We need all of the votes we can get!

Look, I'm an official member of Ramses' s Stork Hunting Squad. His sisfur Isis is going to have kittens any day now so we're going to hunt down this rather tasty looking bird.


Meezer Monday

My Meowmy has not been around a lot lately due to work. I have missed her a lot so on Saturday night I actually crawled under the blankets with her and Kaze to snuggle. I didn't even do my usual wake up at 3am thing.

Other than that it was a quiet weekend with no mid-air collisions. Don't get me wrong, we're still leaping from the dining room table into the living room and from the living room up to the landing on the stairs but we're trying to do it in the same direction.

Pst..I'm in danger of being eliminated from Cat Idol! Someone please go vote for me :) Wozog