I got to see the dungeon last night! We have all wondered what is behind the door in front of the litterbox and I finally got to see. Meowmy brings the dirty laundry down there a lot and the Chip Man spends lots of time down there. Meowmy picked me up and carried me down with her 'cause she wanted Kaze to finish her stinky goodness with the lysine in it. If she leaves me there I will bully Kaze and eat it myself.

There are all sorts of huge machines down there!!! There was even another refridgerator. I don't think there was stinky goodness in it but meowmy did get some people food out of it. There were lots of loud noises and it was dark and a little dank. Meowmy says its because they loaned the dehumidifier out and they haven't brought it back yet.

I feel special. Obviously I'm the bestest kitty if she let me into one of the forbidden rooms. I also burst into the "media room" the other night. There is a HUGE TV in there and a leather couch but I was quickly shoed out.

Its the cutness. She just can't resist it.


I'm sorry meowmy. I'm sorry that I bit your heel at 2am and made you scream so loud that you woke everyone up. I'm sorry that my love bite was not appreciated and that Kaze and I were whisked out of the room and the door shut after us.

There, I said I was sorry. Now when do I hear your apology for locking me out of the snuggle room? Come on.....I'm too cute for you to resist!

Fine. Then I won't be cute. Hrumph!

Mmmm....the stinky goodness can....OK, I accept your apology.


Snuggling is an art form. To have a perfect snuggle everything must be in balance. I find its best to have Chase in the middle because he's big and fluffy. But even if he decides to leave, I can still find my zen moments with Kaze.
I know everyone is dying to see pictures of my stroller so here you go! Chase gets to take the long walks but I think I'll like it too when I can have Kaze in there with me.


Meowmy and me....See, I make her smile lots 'cause I'm SO cute. There is a risque photo where my paw is down her shirt but she said I was not allowed to post that on the Internet.

OK now, you can put me down....yup, PUT THE MEEZER DOWN NOW!

Thank you.
Friday night the stroller finally arrived. There were a few parts to put together but once it was all set up I jumped right on in. Kaze and I both fit in there just fine. But then we got kicked out! They let Chase have the first ride. Something about him being the easiest.

Luckily they came back and took me out next. At first it was a lot of fun. There are so many incredible smells outside and noises, and the air smells soooo good. We walked down a few blocks and then up and over. About 3/4 of the way through I got bored. It takes a lot to keep my attention and I was just plain bored. So I decided to meow. Its not my fault it was 11pm and I sound like a baby being killed when I use my upset meow. The people picked up the pace. They kept almost passing people with dogs (and they might have known the people) so they kept ducking down dark streets trying to hide me and my protests. Just as they thought they were home safe I started screaming in front of the nosy neighbors house. She did a double take as she watched us turn into our driveway. She thinks the people are crazy.

To wrap it up I'm going to say the stroller can be fun but not for long periods of time. Also, if I had Kaze with me I might not have been so bored.


Warning!!! This is a PSA that some human pets will probably not enjoy at all.

A bit of a history: Here in New Jersey, near the Delaware River, we have lots of bugs. Especially in our town we have these "camel crickets" which are like crickets on steroids. They like to live by the hundreds in our garage and move into the basement when it is cold out. While these creatures are very tasty looking, they can jump really high and are related to cockroaches and I don't think they would be tasty treats. Crickets, while annoying, do not freak meowmy out that much. Neither do the tasty spiders. What freaks meowmy out are these creatures: Scutigera coleoptrata . They crawl up the walls and are really scary with all of their nast legs! When she had first met the Chip Man (meowmy was 16!) one time they were lying in her bed (yes, just lying there) and all of a sudden the Chip Man told her not to panic but there was a centipede in her hair. Sure, lets not panic about that one!!! In her old house with grandmom there were TONS of these bugs. In our house, we usually don't see them.

Last night meowmy was watching me use the litter box (privacy please!) when she looked up and saw the biggest one she had ever seen. He was 6" long and 2" across with his leggies. She FREAKED OUT and screamed for the Chip Man to come kill it. She wouldn't let us kitties in the room which really made me mad, the bug looked tasty!

It never ceases to amaze me the stupid things these human pets are afraid of. Please, its a bug. Eat it already!


The Meezers tagged me for the book game.

What's on page 123?
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that cool or intellectual book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag whomever you want, or not.

Hmm...meowmy is at work and there aren't lots of books at the architects office. Ohh...she found the Dover catalog, guess that's going to have to work. Stupid horse stuff....

"Ingenious cart allows you to move muck buckets without strian. Quality construction. Easy assembly."

She's back but she smells funny!! No matter, I got her playing around in no time. Meowmy got mad that she was running around but she wanted to. Kaze started to lick so meowmy pulled out one of my e-collars (the hard plastic one). Meowmy is going to get Kaze a new blue one so she can be more comfy. I needed two because I was a BAD kitten with my leg sutures. (By the way, Dr. Ian has this picture on his wall 'cause I'm his favorite meezer).

Then poor Kaze got put in the isolation room so she wouldn't be so active. The vet said that was a good idea for the night. I stood guard outside her door all night long and yelled for her the whole time. I hope she comes out soon!

I am still purring for the people, I figure its not too bad when they hold me sometimes.


PURRRRRRRRRRRRR...that's all I did last night. You know what? I just LOVED being without the wite rat for the night. I even let the people hold me and pet me and I purred for them. I even slept under the covers. They played with me a whole lot and it was great not to have the stupid wite rat jumping in. Its generally not worth it to fight for play time so without Kaze here I was just in heaven.

If you know me, you know I am a "hands-off" meezer and I'd really rather not be touched at all. Last night I had to show my appreciation for the removal of the wite rat. Though I did miss her warm little body to sleep on top of. But Chase played with me lots and I got all of the people's attention. Life was great!

Sadly, Kaze is coming home tonight. Her surgery went well and they are picking her up after work.



I was so MAD last night. Just because Kaze couldn't eat after 6 pm did not mean Chase and I had to starve to death as well. I finally convinced meowmy that she needed to give us some food or we'd just die. Kaze got locked in a room while I ate enough food for her too. This morning the little wite rat decided to make sure we all knew who was in charge since she was going to be away for a while. I don't think poor Chase expected such sass from her. I just gave it right back.


Last night we went out on the sun porch. The other idiots didn't realize we were invited but as soon as the door opened I ran out there and hid so they couldn't make me go back in the house. I love the porch. This is where they keep the boxes with the packing popcorn that I like to play with. I get up on the box and weasle my way in to pick out one piece at a time. I don't like when the Chip Man goes outside the big mostly glass door and puts his fingers in the mail slot. This is always scary because where do those fingers come from? Stupid Kaze has no fear. She's going to get eaten by a wild creature one of these days.

Since I'm about to turn 1 year old (September 8th) I've been reflecting on the past year and trying to figure out the rest of my life plan. I still want to grow bigger. Its not fair that Chase is a giant and Kaze is a tall freak. I still look like a kitten and I want to look bigger! I'm about 8 lbs. but they keep calling me their eternal kitten.

Oooh...did you hear?? We are getting a kitty stroller! I'm so excited!


Mmmm....moths. We had one of those flying creatures in the house last night. They like to hang around the porch when the light is on and one got in. Not to worry though, I am a VERY mighty hunter. I let Kaze and Chase watch it for a while and then when it feel on the floor I put my powerful pouncing skills into action. I went Bat...bat-bat...BAT and then I chomped on it. It made a crunching noise that meowmy did not like but the crunch is how you know you cought it. It was so tasty I spent the night searching for more.

When I got tired I snuggled with meowmy. She was all amazed because I never snuggle and then if I do I will only snuggle if Kaze is there. I'm just smarter than Kaze is and I know how to wrap meowmy around my paw. She's already giving me more stinky goodness on the spoon.

Kaze wanted me to tell you she'll be checking in later after her evil "doctor" appointment.


Psst....this is Chase here.

Latte said Mao posted a video of a kitten nursing at his big brother. Well I figured I'd share just how big and tough Latte was when he was a kitten. Yup, that's me, and that's him nursing.

Hehehe.....and they thought I didn't know how to blog. That's right, assume the Big Kitty is clueless, that's how I rule the home.

You've all seen my tent. The bestest thing in the whole wide house! Aside from playing in it with the sparkle ball I like to put hte bitey on the edges real good. I like to pierce it with my teethies 'cause it feels soooo good!

When meowmy and the Chip Man went on vacation with the big red boxes they had to fill them up first. This is the stage Chase (in the background) likes to like IN the boxes demanding they either pack him or don't go. I didn't know what he was doing as they had never left me or Kaze before.

Well they've been back a week now and haven't put the red boxes away. They put the stuff that was in them away, but they are still open 'cause Chase likes to lie in them. Since I was MAD they left me I decided to check out what was so special about the red boxes. I discovered the inside is the same stuff that my tent is made out of!!! So I put the bitey on it!!! I am really good at the bitey so I was able to get the lining to come away from the red box. This madethe people mad. But I was MAD at them, so they deserve it. And I only put the bitey on this stuff in the middle of the night so it wakes them up. Like I did last night. And they continue to think I'm cute and innocent...."Who, me? The cute little meezer? Nah.... it was...it was.....the wind!"

Kaze and I got put out of the sleepy room. Kaze's getting mad that she gets put out because I'm bad. But us kittens can't be split up or else we get really upset. I think the red boxes are going away to that place behind the door where we can never go...the land of the attic. I'm still trying to get up there.


Stupid Chip Man. He keeps selling me out and sending me out of the bedroom at night. Last night I was making a nice nest out of meowmy's hair while trying to find that sweet spot between her face and Kaze. Well, I had JUST found it when I accidentally woke meowmy up. Not my fault, she should sleep deeper, and with Kaze purring in her ear I don't know how she hears anything else. Chip Man banished the kittens from the room. You know, the people get all wriggly and move the covers around when I'm already in bed, why can't they extend the same courtesy to me?

Last night they had a friend over for eating. He always brings tasty morsels of meat but never gives us any of them. Last night he brought chicken. It smelled sooooo good! No one gave me any though!!! So after meowmy did the dishes she was trying to touch me (no way!), I turned around, sniffed her hand, smelled the chicken and BIT her. Not hard, just enough to let her know I knew she had chicken and didn't give me any. And to top it all off Kaze is getting stinky goodness again because she's on medicine. I don't care, I want the stinky goodness with or without medicine. I'm wiley, whenever she turns around I dive into the bowl and push Kaze out. Hehehehe......


Look what I found! Its a flashy-light thingie. These things are sooooo cool, if the people click that black button thing a big round toy shows up on the floor. I like to chase it and pounce on it. Here I am trying to be nice and ask for them to play with me. Unfortunately meowmy was not so smart. See that celery-phone? By morning it was unplugged and on the ground. I warned her, if she didn't play with me, I would play anyway. People just don't listen at all. I even tried to keep the people awake all night but they just locke me and Kaze out and kept Chase inside because he doesn't wrestle on the bed.


Alright, so you all tagged me when the computer was away and I couldn't respond!! I want to play but I think you've all been tagged by now so I'm just going to post the 5 crazy things about me. I've been tagged by my good pall Sheezix.

Post 5 weird things/habits about yourself. Choose 5 cats to be tagged and list their names. The cats who get tagged need to write a blog about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. I like to eat potato chips. I love them. That is why I have a Chip Man, he gives me these little delightful bits of heaven and I even let him touch me if I know there are chips around. Turkey and yogurt are also good things to eat, but the salty crispness of chips is not to be resisted.

2. One of my back legs is TONS darker than the other side. That's because I had it all shaved off when I had my bone biopsy. It keeps me from looking symetrical but everyone still thinks I'm super cute. But because of this my fur is also rough there because my new silky fur hasn't grown in yet.

3. Whenever I scratch my neck with my hind feet I have to lick the air. I learned this when I had my huge e-collars on 'cause it just felt sooooo good to get a good scratching in.

4. I always come when I'm called, no matter what. Its not that I think there is something fun or good waiting for me, but whenever someone (even strangers) call my name I have to run to them.

5. I feel it is necessary to completely kill every single toy that I'm given. Feathers, sparkle balls, wand toys...they all must be killed and eaten. I LOVE to play, but the people don't get that after I've made some good pounces on them, I have to eat them.
I'm sure if you've read Kaze's post you've figured out how horrible our week was. I didn't mind that much, I really love that "bad" food so I was glad to have it. Grandma was cool with me since she knows I don't like to be picked up.

Something strange happend when meowmy came home. I just couldn't control my usual instincts and I purred when she touched me. Then (and I am SO ashamed to admit this) I had to sleep on her face inbetween her and Kaze. And again...I purred a lot. I am so ashamed of my new found affection for snuggling and purring that I almost didn't admit it here, but you are all my friends and I figured you could all give me some advice about how to stop this shameful behavior.

I feel so dirty.


Latte's Top Ten List of Wonderful Things

Square Kitty tents They are fun to fold up too, just make sure your humans can unfold them.
Mille Beds The BEST place to sleep alone or in groups.
Nippy Banana Such a shame they don't let me rip it to death.
Sparkle Balls To be placed on top of the tent and whacked off with your paw.
Pink Shmousies Pink is best!!!!!
The whirly ball thing Sometimes the Chip Man makes the ball leave the track!!!
NIP! Need I say more??
Stinky Goodness I really like Thanksgiving, Turduckin, and Pot Pie
Wand Toys Best if you take the tip off first, they're still fun that way!
Yogurt This is really tasty and it really helped Kaze when she stunk and couldn't have solid poops.

Alrighty, it looks like those red boxes are being moved to the car. Meowmy said she's going to give me a big snuggle (ICK!!) and then will be gone for a while. They are taking the computer which means no kitty blogs :( . But not to fear I'll be back blogging as soon as it comes home!


This morning was a bit trying for me. Around 5:30 am my meowmy generally has to "toss" me and Kaze out of the room because we're doing our morning wake up play. She just doesn't understand that right before the sun comes up is the best time to play.

After she got back from the place where she sweats a lot, she decided to jump into bed for a little while and snuggle with us. Of course Chase was there already. Kaze and I jumped up and I went and made a little nest between her and the Chip Man. Kaze was busy purring in her face and rubbing on her. Suddenly Kaze dug her claws into the Chip Man and pounced on my tail. Of course I engaged her in a little wrestle!

Meowmy grabbed Kaze and put her out of the room. She would have grabbed me too but I'm a wiley meezer and I hide under the bed (I must avoid being touched!!). Since the Chip Man was awake at this point he told her to leave me in the room so I would learn a lesson about hiding. Whatever, I generally don't pay attention to what he says anyway. I got very upset as I couldn't get to Kaze. I started screaming for her and I heard her calling for me, and I was TRAPPED behind the door! I tried to turn the knob but its so hard with paws. I didn't like that "lesson" it was very very upsetting for a little meezer like myself.

Luckily Kaze was on the other side of the door waiting for me. I don't know how I got trapped in the room but I don't ever want to do that again. I think I'll try to stick closer to Kaze just in case.


The best thing happend this past weekend. One of those box things showed up!!! I LOVE boxes, they are so fun to hide in and peek out of. I'm the only one who is talented enough to climb in a closed box. I could hardly contain my excitement with the Chip Man came in with the box. He took the boring parts out (I think it was a computer or something) and then left us the fun stuff!

The Chip Man says I have a screw loose. I couldn't find Kaze and I got really upset. I need to know where everyone is at every moment, its my job. In order to find her I stood at the bottom of the steps and started to SCREAM while turning around in circles. I find this has the longest reach. The Chip Man started talking but it wasn't helping so I got really scared and started to meow louder. Then I heard a "thump" and Kaze jumped down from the table right behind me. Boy it was scary, I thought I lost her!!