Last night we went out on the sun porch. The other idiots didn't realize we were invited but as soon as the door opened I ran out there and hid so they couldn't make me go back in the house. I love the porch. This is where they keep the boxes with the packing popcorn that I like to play with. I get up on the box and weasle my way in to pick out one piece at a time. I don't like when the Chip Man goes outside the big mostly glass door and puts his fingers in the mail slot. This is always scary because where do those fingers come from? Stupid Kaze has no fear. She's going to get eaten by a wild creature one of these days.

Since I'm about to turn 1 year old (September 8th) I've been reflecting on the past year and trying to figure out the rest of my life plan. I still want to grow bigger. Its not fair that Chase is a giant and Kaze is a tall freak. I still look like a kitten and I want to look bigger! I'm about 8 lbs. but they keep calling me their eternal kitten.

Oooh...did you hear?? We are getting a kitty stroller! I'm so excited!


The Meezers or Billy said...

even though I weigh about 13 lbs, mommy says I'm still little and I still has a kitten face ('cept with my big meezer colors), and I'm just ofurr a year old.


Oh it's nice to still be a kitten...well sort of like a kitten. You are so cute just as you are.


Zeus said...

Just because you're small of stature doesn't mean you're small of heart, Latte. I am sure you are everything your human pet needs and more.

Rascal said...

Your porch sounds like an excellent kitty place. Also better to be small than to be accused of being overweight! Trust me on that one.

Anonymous said...

If you're small, like I am, they feed you as much as you want. I highly recommend it!

Just Ducky said...


You need to get on the Purrthday list, you and Kaze are not there.