Meezer Monday

Wow, last post of 2007! What a year this has been. So many new friends, so many fun things to remember but my most special memory is my wedding to Chey on 5/5/07. What a day that was! I woke up to a most-likely-broken tail but was able to make it to the wedding and had such a special day with so many of our friends.

When I look back the things I think about are my friends. My friends here are real parts of my family and sometimes you'd think there are 175 cats living in our house (Meowmy counted our linkies the other day!). So lets all have a Temptations Toast to all of us, the special cats who bring smiles to the human faces. We all work so hard playing with toys, eating treats, and doing cute/funny things. I salute you my friends!


The Toy Man's pick

The Toy Man has picked this as his favorite holiday picture this year. Obviously he's quite intelligent as he chose a picture staring me.

Bisitors were insane yesterday! Seriously, they JUST left and its 1 am. Two sets of Bisitors!! Our Auntie K was here and we rarely get to see her in fact Kaze had never met her and I was just a kitten last time she was here. She's cool even though she likes Chase best but she says she's known him since the Massachusetts days.

Then the Toy Man's cousin came over with his girlfriend. They were cool, obviously well cat trained which is always nice to see. I hear they have a ginormous 17 lbs. black cat who orders them around. Nice. Always good to see some talented human training.


Meezer Rules Wednesday

Biggify for Detail
Since I missed Tattle Tail Tuesday I'm going to bring a bit of that spirit over into Meezer Rules Wednesday.

When your humans are so lazy that they wait until December 23rd to get a tree and decorate it; be sure to snoopervise. The inspection of lights is important so that your humans don't put them on the tree and then realized that there is a light out.


Merry Meezer Monday!

The tree is here!!! The tree is here!! Gee...didn't have to wait until the last possible moment did we? Sigh...this is not Tattle Tail Tuesday so I guess I have to be nice.

Merry Christmas from the Christmas Kitten of our house! Its my third Christmas with my fambly and I was a gift for Meowmy that year. As I was snuggling on her lap yesterday I couldn't help but think about how last year I wouldn't even let her touch my meezy fur. This year if her lap is open I'm so there. So much has changed over the past year but one thing hasn't - my wonderful online family. I wish I could name you all one by one but I'm sure I'd leave someone out. Even to my faithful readers who don't comment, I'll even throw in some purrs for you too! Merry Christmas everyone!


I heard it through the grapevine...

So I hear Kaze's talking tough stuff? Well she can talk all she wants, its actions that are reality. She might get the first hit but I always win. I raise a paw, flick my tail, and HUFF really loudly. Then she knows its coming.



My very beautiful and smart and perfect wife Cheysuli bestowed upon me this wonderful award!

Gosh....I want to pass this on to everyone but I'm going to have to pick 2. Hmm...
Ramses comes to mind because he's so handsome and sweet and he just had to live in a cone for a while and we all know I know all about that! His sister Isis is such a great care-giver and I know she'll be a wonderful Mama Cat.

Dragonheart is one of our oldest friends and he makes Meowmy smile whenever she see's him looking cute (all of the time!). Plus, he's getting a pointed Sphynx brother this weekend!!! A meezer-Sphynx!!

As for me...I'm still going crazy over these FABULOUS nip candy canes. They are that good my friends. That good.

Secret Paws & Meezer Rule

Meezer Rule: When a package arrives go right for the goodies and leave the card to either your siblings or your beans. Your attention must be fully focused on the goodies!

Ahem, I'd say I'm a good cat and always read the card except as you can see there are more important things that require my attention. Like these NIP CANDY CANES!!! These things are just about the bestest things I've ever played with.Would you look at this spread?? The McKitten-Cats went all out! I couldn't even fit all of the goodies into one shot! And look, a candy cane of horse goodies! Snap is going to love that (especially since she's COVERED in mud on both sides right now).
There were fun balls and toys and wands and nip and treats and *deep breath* and all sorts of great stuff!! The humans even got peanut butter fudge! I am pacing myself and decided to just concentrate on the nip canes.
Thank you thank you thank you!!!! This was our first Secret Paws and we had so much fun giving and receiving! I'll have to post some more pictures later because there are just too many to share in one post!


Tattle Tail Tuesday

Well this one is a little bit of a "grey area". Here I am munching on wrapping paper. I'm not really sure how to blame this on Meowmy other than its her fault the presents aren't under a tree yet. Plus they've been here for weeks and I'm curious. So I guess she's tempting me and shouldn't yell at me.

(My Secret Paws pictures tomorrow!)

Many of my friends have been asking about how Meowmy's foot is doing. Its actually doing really well! She is having her sutures removed today which she is totally excited about. She is still in a surgical shoe because her foot is too swollen for any of her other shoes yet. But the best part is she isn't in much pain in fact its only a brief stabbing here and there.


Meezer Monday

I don't usually tuck my paws like this but its been chilly. In fact its been so chilly that I had to spend all of yesterday in some human's lap. First it was Meowmy because the Toy Man was using the Purple-Cat-Eater and I needed a nap so I lay down on her since I know she'll protect me. Then Meowmy was cooking so it was the Toy Man's lap.

Finally I was able to convince Meowmy that it was time to blog so I shoved my paws under the computer and suckled at the touch pad with my nose. I'm really trying to work the computer myself and I can seem to move the mouse thing and I am able to read my friends blogs all by myself. I just can't seem to type.

Sigh....I had to constantly avoid kisses and being eaten from my humans. They are always saying they want to eat me because I'm sugary and sweet. This annoys me. I am not tasty, Temptations are tasty.


I'm Dreaming of a Nippy Christmas

I'm dreaming of a nippy Christmas
Just like the ones I barely can recall
Where the treetops blinky,
and Kaze doesn't listen
To hear the Toy Men yell when she steals ornaments.

I'm dreaming of a nippy Christmas
With every Christmas ribbon I nibble
May your days be treat filled and snuggly
And may all your Christmases be nippy

I'm dreaming of a nippy Christmas
With every Christmas light I bat
May your days be trea filled and snuggly
And may all your Christmases be nippy


The Chip Man is no more.

I know you have all known the man in my house as the Chip Man but I can not call him that name any longer. I will now call him the Toy Man because he likes to play with me. I shall tell you the tale of how this has come to be.

One day this week when the Toy Man came home from work to see Meowmy at lunch he brought some chips. Thinking how much I love potato chips (hence why I called him the Chip Man) he decided to give me one. He picked a nice meezer-sized-morsel and came over to me placing the tidbit upon the carpet.

I sniffed. I sniffed so close that my nose touched the item which made me lick my nose. Oh the horror! I gagged! I gagged as hard as Meowmy on Sunday. My mouth was wide and my little body convulsed. I was repulsed by this chip. I looked up at the Toy Man horrified that he would try to poison me. You know what he did? He fell back on the couch and laughed so hard he almost choked. And laughed. And laughed.

So he is no longer the Chip Man. He is the Toy Man.


Meezer Rules Wednesday

When your Mom is stuck on the couch with her foot in the air its best to run around a lot and pretend that you are going to pounce on her toe. Yeah...that makes them happy.


Tattle Tail Tuesday

Today Meowmy is getting a tattle that she would really rather me not share. Yesterday she FINALLY bathed herself. Do you want to know how long she went? FOUR DAYS. She was so stinky it was hard to snuggle with her. She also looked like she was run over by a truck. I am really happy to report that she now smells clean and is not writing in pain from yakking or her foot throbbing out of control. I think we're on our way to getting our normal Meowmy back.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words for her (not that she deserved them, I mean, not watching our games and laughing? Actually *gasp* wishing she didn't have cats!!!- I'll just let her go on this due to the "narcotic"). I guess we're going to have to wait to repay her until she is more able- she's hobbling around with no regard for tails! We're supposed to be around more and she's trying to go to work on Wednesday.


Another Meowmy update

I'm really sorry to tell you that Meowmy is NOT doing better at all. Her nerve block worse off so she took her prescription pain meds and 24 hours later she woke up horrible ill. She kept yakking and yakking and yakking for hours. The Chip Man was able to get the bean VET on the phone and he prescribed anti-nausia pills for her and told her to stop taking all medicine.

So Meowmy is in PAIN. All she can do is ice and elevate her foot. She is not very coherent and hasn't had much to eat or drink at all. The Chip Man and Gramma are taking care of her and I am not anymore.

I have to say that I was a troublesome meezer when she was yakking. I was annoyed that she wasn't paying attention to us so we played Thundering Herd of Elephants the full 4 hours she was yakking. And didn't stop. And I munched on present ribbons. I was a "BAD" meezer.

So that's the update. Hopefully she will be back to more normal tomorrow and go to the work place. Please purr for Meowmy and understand that we can't really visit around right now.


Meowmy Update

Meowmy is home! And smells funny. She had a really rough time with the IV. Like really rough. It took them an hour to get one in her arm. The only place they could find a vein was in her elbow where they steal human bloods. 2 nurses later she had the thing in her arm. They putted her on the same antibiotic that I take! Poor Meowmy cried a lot and hard and gotted embarassed when she couldn't stop crying. She said the sleepifiying went OK (except she accidentally kicked the doctor in the hoo-has when she was lying down).

On the way home she gotted very icky feeling and they had to stop twice so she could yak on the side of the road. She did not smell very good though.

When she lay down with her foot up I lay on her tummy. I've been taking such good care of her and watching out for evil Kaze (who by the way is a HORRIBLE nurse and either tries to steal her ice-pack, her surgical boot, or nibble on her bandages).

Its going to be a LONG weekend for me. Sigh...I have to do everything around here!!!


I've got my eye on you!

A little known job of mine is that I am the family comforter. While house hunting is and always will be my most important job- comforting can be quite important too. I know my Meowmy is askeered about tomorrow so I went over to her and sat on her lap. Its really a compulsion I have, not something I consciously decide to do. Something flips in my brain and I have to go take care of a sad or hurty human. I really wish this wasn't my job and I have long thought some chip was installed in my head that made me be nice even when I don't want to. Sigh...its going to be a LONG weekend.....

I just hope I'm paid in temptations. Up front.

Heavenly brush...

Oh how I purr and purr and purr for the Zoom Groom. Yes, me who doesn't like to be touched loves to be brushed with the Zoom Groom. I cry in the morning, I cry at night, I cry whenever anyone goes upstairs. I want to be brushed!!! It feels soooooo good. I even let Meowmy pick me up and I keep purring. I need to hire a human slave to brush me all day long. Here the Chip Man did my bidding but Meowmy is much better. She knows I like it in circles especially at the base of my tail.


Meezer Rules Wednesday

You must catch the toy at all costs. There is no half-way when hunting a whirly bird.


Tattle Tail Tuesday

This is what Meowmy calls "Christmas". How a bunch of boxes is Christmas I'm not quite sure. I mean, its quite messy and doesn't smell or look that intersesting to me. I do find a use for these boxes. Sure, Meowmy could say I'm causing trouble here but honestly, she is the one who stacked them there. To her credit I will say they are all wrapped now. With tasty bows which are lots of fun.

Meowmy says thanks for the kind words about her hind paw. She's feeling better about the whole thing but unlike us she's never been sleepified before. I told her its no big deal since I've done it so many times.


Meezer Monday

Happy Meezer Monday everyone! This weekend was freezing here and we had our first snow. Not a lot and of course it was followed by freezing rain but we had enough to freak Kaze out.

I found a red mousie yesterday and I played with it all day long! It was so much fun until I got stuck under the couch and the Chip Man had to help me out and then get my mousie for me. I didn't like getting stuck. Oh, and I fought Kaze for the heat-box and I won!! Haha, she doesn't understand my tenacity.

Meowmy didn't stop moving yesterday and it was quite frustrating while I was trying to nap. She said she had lots of house work and cooking to do so that when she has surgery on her paw this Friday everything is in order. All I know is she's going to be on the couch all next weekend so I can't wait to sit on her! She said she might be really busy this week and not have as much time to help me blog. I hope she's not serious about that because I have my ways of annoying her.