Today I thought I'd introduce our big brother.....Chase. With me and Kaze blogging so much Chase doesn't get much of a chance to have a voice. And meowmy said she was going to kill him this morning because he kept banging on their bedroom door demanding to be let in. Kaze and I would never dare!

Chase is a 6 year old very handsome kitty that meowmy found on the Internet. They were living in Massachusetts and mewomy was very sad that she didn't have a kitty to love. She went to a website, paid a dollar to respond to an add and 2 days later went to Chicopee to pick him up from a lady who left her appartment unlocked for them.

He's the coolest cat ever. He can jump so high from a standstill. He's big and fluffy and he lets the people do anything they want to him. His favorite things in life are the laser pointer, nip (especially his nippy banana), and the Chip Man. My gosh he adores the Chip Man.

He's really nice to snuggle with and he likes to play bite-tag a lot. They got me to be his playmate because they thought he was bored during the day. He lets you chase him for a while and then wants to chase you. He sleeps at the end of the people's bed and snuggles in their necks sometimes.

I was a little bit too much kitten for him and he got a little cranky and kept hiding in high places. That is when they decided to get Kaze for me to play with. Chase has been back to his happy self ever since.

(He's kind of like a pirate too! He chipped one of his fangs falling out of a second story window so now one fang is shorter. He's my idol!)


For Kaze, to the tune of "Take it on the Run" REO Speedwagon

Heard it from a cat who
Heard it from a cat who
Heard it from another you been snugglin' around

They say you got a cat friend
You're out late every early morning
They're meowing about you and its makin' me pout

But I know the whole house
And talk is cheap when the only thing you say is meow
And the tails grow longer on through the cats
But Im telling you, Kaze
That I dont think its true, Kaze
And even if it is keep this in mind

You take it on the run kitten
If thats the way you want it kitten
Then I really want you around!
I believe it
You run really quick!
Youre chasing a sparkle ball so you're running real fast!

Youre licking at your white fur
Youre putting on your beggin' eyes
You say you'll be back downstairs but you won't say when
But I can hear you coming
If you come down the stairs keep running
And if you jump you need never look back again (I'll be right there!)

{refrain x 3}
Heard it from a cat who
Heard it from a cat who
Heard it from another you been snugglin' around
Something horrible happened last night!! I was getting a nice drink from the place where the people get in and sing for a while and come out all wet. Suddenly I was W E T ! I was very very wet and I was not happy! I had to scamper out really quickly and I slipped all over the place. I ran down stairs and started to furiously clean my little body. Meowmy came after me with her towel and scooped me up. Of course I fought hard to get down (usually the towel means ear cleaning or claw clipping)! Most of the wet stuff came off but I still had to have a serious bath after that! It was exhausting! So exhausting that I actually snuggled with Kaze all night, right next to meowmy.


Yesterday I decided I'd try to figure out why Kaze is always in meowmy's lap. She was up there so I decided to go in for a snuggle. Kaze tried to play with me but meowmy held her little paws so I could settle in. I wasn't really sure about it, I mean, its kind of hard and boney, not like my kitty beds. Kaze left and I was suddenly alone with meowmy. She tried to pet me a lot but I am not a meezer who wants petttings. So I got up and left. I don't see the big fun with the lap thing.

I'm trying to figure out why my kitty tent doesn't rebuild itself when I collapse it. I have great fun making it fold up but then I can't get it back up. Usually I just look at meowmy with my great blue eyes and she helps me. I like to sit in my tent and watch everyone. They can't see me when I'm in there, I'm invisinible (I think that's the word!). I can just watch everyone and they can't see me!!! Then Kaze will crash in and the tent gets folded up again. Hrumph.


Last night I took a good tumble from the hutch. I'm used to big falls and kind of bounced as I've learned to do. Poor little Kaze hit hard, I felt very badly for her. But she was lucky and got to sit on Meowmy's lap for a while even though she was eating. Being a good big brudder I waited right next to Kaze until she was feeling better.

Meowmy keeps picking me up and trying to hug me. I just don't want to be touched right now. The other night I went in for a serious snuggle, it just has to be on my terms.

Kaze keeps getting wet food 2x a day and I don't know why. Its SO unfair. Meowmy lets me lick the spoon but not eat the food. She says there are medicines in it and I don't need them. Its SO unfair!!!

Lets see if I can bring you up to date on me.

My family picked me up in PA back in November. I was supposed to be my meowmy's X-Mas present but she got me just a few days before her birthday. She had always wanted a Siamese and always wanted a kitten. Of course you can see that I was destin to be her little darling. On the way home (5 minutes from my mom and brothers) they named me Latte. It was the Chip Man's idea as he likes coffee a lot. I was such a good little kitten on the way home. I was 9 weeks old and very tiny. I spent my first night alone in the Cat Room and I started to make myself at home right away. Gosh I was cute!

The next day I met who was to become my best friend/worst enemy....the vet. He though I was SO cute and really fell in love with me. I got medicine for my gunky eye and that cleared up right away. I was a real snuggle baby but I was still kind of young so I had a few accidents on the couch and on the people's bed. I was very loved and everyone thought I was just the cutest thing ever. I was a good baby for X-Mas, I didn't try to climb the tree, I just wanted to eat the branches. But my meowmy didn't want any other presents than me and kitty things (I got a new bed, new bowls, new toys too!).

In February something started to go very wrong with my right hind leg. I started to kick it out to the side when I was sitting. It really hurt me and felt really funny. It started 3 weeks after I got my "tutoring" at the vets and they took my "joules". (Surgery #1)

Back to the vet I went because Meowmy got scared when I was limping really badly. She thought maybe I took a big spill. The older vet (the father) took x-rays and thought they looked pretty normal but there was an exposure issue. I was sent home to heal and call in 5 days. Well after 3 days I was really bad. Meowmy called back and left a message. My vet, Dr. Ian, called back quickly after reviewing my x-rays and wanted meowmy to bring me in ASAP. He detected a fuzzyness around my femur and that is NOT normal. He thought I had a fungal infection. He sent me home and said my medicine would be ready the next day. That night meowmy called him back because I would not walk at all and all I did was lie in her lap. Dr. Ian sent us over to the Animal Hospital in PA and they admitted me overnight to do a bone biopsy in the morning. I was very scared and they left me there alone. The next day Dr. Ian's professor from vet school did the biopsy.

No one at the hospital started me on antibiotics and my incision site soon became infected. Dr. Ian's dad had to replace one of my sutures two days later and started me on antibiotics for the infection in my incision site. I love him for this. Little did anyone know this is what fixed me. But I was a BAD little meezer and I started to take out my sutures even with an e-collar on. Dr. Ian had to put me under again (#2) and give me new sutures. This time I got a second e-collar to wear. Everyone called me a blue daffodil.

Finally the results came back that the only I had tested positive for were 2 bacterial infections. Sure enough, the antibiotics were already working and I was already mending. Just as I was about to be done with my meds my head started to tilt. The world got crooked and I got pretty dizzy. Back to the vet I went. This time it looked like a neurological disorder and no one wanted me to have a spinal tap after all I'd already been through. So again, Dr. Ian gave me antibiotics and I got better! It took a long time but it turned out to be a protozoal infection and Dr. Ian had it all figured out!

When I was all better I started to annoy the crap out of Chase trying to play all of the time. This is when my meowmy decided to get me a little sister. Her name is Kaze and I LOVE to play with her and snuggle. http://kazethecat.blogspot.com/

I'm a very happy little meezer but I'm not interested in being touched too often, I've got things to do!!