Yesterday I decided I'd try to figure out why Kaze is always in meowmy's lap. She was up there so I decided to go in for a snuggle. Kaze tried to play with me but meowmy held her little paws so I could settle in. I wasn't really sure about it, I mean, its kind of hard and boney, not like my kitty beds. Kaze left and I was suddenly alone with meowmy. She tried to pet me a lot but I am not a meezer who wants petttings. So I got up and left. I don't see the big fun with the lap thing.

I'm trying to figure out why my kitty tent doesn't rebuild itself when I collapse it. I have great fun making it fold up but then I can't get it back up. Usually I just look at meowmy with my great blue eyes and she helps me. I like to sit in my tent and watch everyone. They can't see me when I'm in there, I'm invisinible (I think that's the word!). I can just watch everyone and they can't see me!!! Then Kaze will crash in and the tent gets folded up again. Hrumph.


The Meezers or Billy said...

MOM!!!!! Latte is yet anofurr poodin wif a cool tent. We want one!!!! Please mom??????? - Miles

nice tent latte. Miles is a little jealous - he has to make a tent out of the quilt on the bed 'acuase mommy has not boughted us one yet. - Sammy

LZ said...

Miiles, tell your Mom that she can get them at Target and they are the BESTEST things EVER! You can even make tunnels with them by putting a few together. My favorite thing to do is have meowmy put a sparkle ball on top and then I bat it off from inside.

The Crew said...

Hi Latte. I was just visiting Kaze. I'm 3 months old and was sick too when I was adopted and had to take Clavamox for almost 3 weeks. But I'm fine now.
Come over to visit.

Misty E.