Adventures on High

I love high things. I love being high and looking down on stuff. Sometimes the Chip Man will help me get up onto different parts of the wood work that I wouldn't normally be able to reach. He always spots me so that I won't fall and hurt myself. I like to just chill out and look around from up on high. He's pretty useful for getting on tall stuff. I'm thinking of calling him the Tall Man too. Especially since he never gives me chips anymore! How rude.


Raise a Paw

Siamese Rescue is my chosen charity for raising my paw. You'd think it would be more common for me to raise my paw but apparently Kaze is the paw waiver of the family! Anyhow, is it a big surprise that I want to support my meezer friends who are in need? I know many of you are aware of the great goodies that can be found at the Siamese Rescue Store (including Millie beds the bestest beds in the world!) but I wanted to share some extra goodies about the whole Siamese Rescue Organization!

First of all, there isn't just one center. There are quite a few separate rescues that work together all over the country!
Virginia Center
Texas Center
Rocky Mountain
Souther California

All of these centers have varying amounts of cats they can help but they all share the goal to help meezers in need. Many meezers are fostered in homes by loving supporters of the rescues. Others live in the centers with the other cats. Let me tell you, these cats are well loved and cared for by some of the best beans around. They make sure they get all of the vet care they need and are healthy and happy in their new homes. Its truly a labor of love by all involved.

Have you heard of Meezer Express? They will drive meezers across the country! Its a bunch of beans stopping and passing along meezers going to their new homes. Junior's mom participated in one!

A special holiday event they are having is the annual Dedication of Lights. This is where beans can go and remember those who came before and have a candle lit for them at a special ceremony. It is very special and very moving.

So that is my favorite charity. We try to donate whenever we can and get our gifts for our friends from here since we know that everything goes to help the meezers.

Meowmy I am very mad at you.

You kicked me in the mouf. I do not care if it was on purpose or not. You kicked my cute little brown nose and it hurted me. Yes I gave you the HOW DARE YOU?!!! look. You do realize that you could have permanently messed up my cute snout and then Chey would have gotted her "friends" to come teach you a lesson.

Yes I walked on your face and scratched it. You deserved it. So there.

Oh, and those presents you wrapped for our secret paws? Yes we need to investinigate to the point of chewing on the Temptations bag. Our friend will much prefer that we properly investigated even if we break the box.


Meezer Rule Wednesday

Never admit failure. Even when you're about to fall off the bed inside of a tent- always act like you meant to do that.

Yup I meant to.


Tattle Tail Tuesday

This is the top of our fridge. Um...yeah. Tissues, oranges, cereal, flowers, and magnets. Does that sound normal to you? The flowers are up here because Chase kept nibbling and yakking and this is the only place he can't get to them. The oranges will most likely get icky because Meowmy does not like oranges and the Chip Man has what Meowmy calls "Refridgerator Blindness". If its not completely obvious (or even if it is sometimes) he will not notice. She only got them for Thanksgiving and she knows they are just going to go to waste no matter how many times she nags him to eat them. Sometimes I'm so ashamed of my beans. Are they just dumb or lazy?


Meezer Monday

Busy weekend!! 4 Days with the beans and lots happened. I had chick-hen, took lots of naps, and had some seriously long photo shoots. Oh, and there was a terrifying event which I'll have to get to another day! And I almost escaped. But Meowmy yelled at me when she saw me standing in the doorway of the porch while she was bringing some trash outside. I ran right back in the house, I was just curious. So...I don't even know where to begin! I haven't visited anyone since Wednesday so I have lots to catch up on I'm sure!


Shh...I'm sleeping it off

Shh...turkey hang-over in process. See you all Monday!


Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the Mayflower II. Its a replica of the first one. While I'm pretty sure our feline ancestors did not come over on this rather tiny boat, apparently some Pilgrims did. I just want to give thanks to every cat, human, other fluffy, and our support systems who make our blogging possible. Knowing all of you makes my life richer and complete.

Oh, and especially my wife Cheysuli. I love you! And my daughters Tara (Kavan too!) and Casey.

We won't be around too much today because Meowmy is busy cooking. Very busy. Saying lots of bad words. We probably won't really be around until Monday. Have a wonderful tasty Thanksgiving everyone!

Trip to the VET Meezer Rule Wednesday

Apparently it was time for my yearly exam. Great. On the ride over I was stuck in the PTU with Chase. That was OK. When we got to the office Meowmy took me out on my harness so I got to hang out and have everyone say how gorgeous I am. The VET man didn't expect to see me but was excited because he loves me. He even scratched my itchy butt spot. But then he stood me up on my hind legs and made me dance. So humiliating. They took me in the back and stoled my bloods but no pricks. I don't get pricks because I have horrible reactions to them. I'm mostly healthy except I have stomatis (just like Kaze). So now I have to do pulse antibiotics with Kaze to see if it helps my gums. We meezers are really prone to stomatis so its not really a surprise.

I told everyone at the office to vote for me on Catster! They were all very excited for me.

The worst part of it was when I got shoved back in the PTU with Chase. He tried to KILL me. I was askeered and Meowmy almost had to grab me out but she yelled at him and he stopped.

It wasn't so bad and I like being a bit of a celebrity at the office. As long as they don't put me under again!

Meezer Rule: When being forced to go to the VET always bring a sibling so you look like a super star when your sibling poops on the techs.


Tattle Tail Tuesday

Meowmy is NOT a good litterbox attendant. She thinks she does an OK job but it can be days before she scoops the poop from our box. We have 2 boxes, one upstairs and one down. We mostly use the downstairs one in the kitchen. We have crystals so the boxes get fully changed every 2-3 weeks. That means if she doesn't remove all of the poo it gets quite dirty in there. So there you have it, I've tattled.


Meezer & Meowmy Monday

Meomwy was home with us all day on Sunday. Snap yanked a shoe off of her foot standing still so Meomwy didn't have to go to the barn. I find her to be quite snuggly on weekend afternoons and I pinned her like this for about 20 minutes. The Chip Man though it was quite cute and took a picture. It was just Meowmy and me, no Kaze, no Chase, just the two of us. I've been working on her zoom-groom training and its going well. First thing in the morning and last thing at night I get a quick brushing. I like when Meowmy is around more. I hear she only has to work 3 days this week! She said that means blogging might be kind of interesting but I am just thankful to have her at home.



Opus & Roscoe are writing the first CCSI, a new series started by Sassy Cat where us cats create TV shows and act in them. I am the lead investigator in the premier! Daisy will be one of my co-stars. Please check out the premiere:

Premiere: Saturday
Station: Sassy's Blog
Time: Saturday starting at 9:00 am est, reruns all day


Oh my gosh look!

Please vote for Latte at The 3rd Annual World’s Coolest Dog & Cat Show
Please vote for Latte for Best in Show!

***Remember LOTS of our friends are up for Best in Show so make sure you check all of the entries and if you still vote for me yeah!!***

I am a finalist in the "Playful" category! I'm so excited like Skeezix said, I almost wet my own pants!

7 Things Meme

The 7 Things Meme is going around and I'm pretty sure PB & J cats tagged me. Consider yourself tagged if you want to be!

1. I'm obsessed with the Zoom Groom. Like completely obsessed. Morning, noon, night I sit by the Zoom Groom and cry to be brushed. This is the #1 thing that makes me friendly.

2. If the meezy fingers come at me I decide if I want to be touched or not. If I don't I meeze and run away. If I want to be touched I crouch on the ground and look at the human.

3. I munch-munch my crunchies so that my head goes up and down really fast. This makes a loud noise.

4. Even though only Kaze gets stinky goodness Meowmy always lets me lick the spoon. I expect this and wait patiently. Then when she turns her back I nudge Kaze aside and eat the rest. I mean....watch patiently.

5. I like to sleep inbetween the humans at night. I find I get maximum snuggle angles while I'm in the middle. I've stopped being "annoying" and now I sleep through the whole night.

6. When Meowmy cleans the litter box it is my duty to use it immediately for the biggest stinkiest poo I've stored up for that particular time.

7. Everyone and everything in this house is mine. I'm the meezer.


Meezer Rules Wednesday

As a meezer you should never listen to silly things like "No, don't go up there!" or "Careful, those are fragile!" Just do what you want and take what interests you. Here I'm investigating some "fragile" tea cups. They weren't interesting so I didn't bother whapping them.


Tattle Tale Tuesday

The Mosaic Cats came up with this great idea for Tuesdays. As a meezer it is rather easy for me to tattle on my family. Today I'm tattling on Kaze. Do you see the shape of the Cat Room? She does this. She does this when she's running around away from Chase. She makes our beds fly this way and that and she doesn't put them back. She collapses MY tent and does nothing about it. Many of you know that Kaze steals trash but she also makes BIG messes every morning of the whole house. Pillows everywhere and blankets strewn.


Meezer Monday

Happy Birthday Meowmy! Since its MM I get to wish her happy birthday. I gave her lots of love this weekend and snuggled on her lap purring. That made her smile. It was a very snuggly weekend in general and I gave out LOTS of purrs and got lots of nice Zoom Groom brushings. When I get Zoom Groomed I just can't control my sweetness. Come to think of it, I really think I've turned over a new leaf and I'm going to have to say that I like people, I like being pet, and I like to snuggle. But all on my terms mind you!!!!!

PS Thank you so much Jake & Bathsheba, you made Meowmy's birthday!


The Bag

This is Auntie E's computer bag. She keeps threatening to take me home with her when I crawl in like this. She likes me the most and keeps asking if anyone would miss me. I do love my Auntie E, she sits very still when I sit on her because she thinks I'm really cute and likes when I spend time with her. I'm thinking of going with her one of these days but I hear she has two big woofies. I don't think I'd like them.

Oh and Snap wants me to tell you she is much better! Her mouth is still ouchy but Meowmy was able to ride her last night. She didn't touch the right rein at all and Snap was just fine to ride other than that. You can see her lip is still swollen but the main theory is that she was bitten my a spider or centipede or somethinig stung her at the corner of her lip.


Snap here.

Hi everyone, Snap asked if she could use my blog today and I said sure. The only interesting that happend to me was Meowmy SLAMED into my head on the stairs last night. It hurted. But I'm OK. Here's Snap!

(sound of munching hay)
First of all I think I should have at least one day a week where I get to blog. After all, I'm the biggest one in this family and I've never even met these cats that let me share their blogs. In my eyes I'm the most important creature for the Mom.

So the Mom came out to ride me last night and got all of my stuff on including my brand new custom saddle. Hehe, that was fun to make her spend the green papers on my back. Anyway, she got that stuff on me and then put the bit in my mouth. OOOOWWWWIIIIIEEEEEE NO!!! I threw my head back and wouldn't open my mouth. It hurt. She shoved the bit in (I don't know why she never listens the first time) and then I wouldn't let her take it out. I didn't want to move my mouth at all it hurt so badly.

Then the talkative crazy lady came over and grabbed my tongue. Right out of my mouth! She shoved her hand in my mouth and felt all around and it was ouchy so I accidentally had to bite her. I have BIG teeth. She didn't think anything was wrong but boy she can TALK. Eventually she left.

Then the Mom touched my cheeks and found that one side was swollen and my lips were really puckered on the one corner. She put me in my stall and stood there with me. I was in a lot of pain so I didn't want to eat any hay. In fact I pawed at it and turned in circles and banged my head on the wall. I kept walking over to the Mom telling her things were NOT OK and she eventually freaked out enough. She called the Caretaker (who was at home) and just about called the VET (BIG green papers for emergency horse calls). Luckily she called the Dad and he talked to her for a while while I started to finally eat my hay. And poop. I should mention that humans have an obsession with equine poop. But that's a topic for another day....

Anyhow, the Mom spent 1.5 hours just staring at me. She finally found a hard lump at the corner of my mouth that was getting bigger. And bigger. She tried to put an ice pack on my face!! The horrors! I mean, I can't even handle her touching me (unless its a kiss, I can always take kisses...I loff them) so how was she going to put ice on my face?? So that didn't work.

I'm half expecting her to come back in the middle of the night. I'm sure the Caretaker Woman is going to poke and prod and probably take my temperature (also up my booty but its the same size as a cat thermometer so I don't really feel it). Its all very odd apparently. But that's me. I'm odd. And sensitive. Hence the reason Latte let me borrow his blog.


Meezer Rule Wednesday

Guard your favorite toy with your life. If you don't take care of your favorite toy it will get destroyed by your siblings. Trust me, I know. This poor pink mouse met its demise at Chase's jaws by the next morning. Don't let your favorite toy get destroyed.


Trouble Tuesday

Meowmy is in T R O U B L E. I'm done being Mr. Nice Meezer, the bitey is coming out. I have a list of demands and she WILL obey me. Or I'm shipping her out to Yao-lin for training.

1. You WILL feed me wet food, not just Kaze. If you do not, I am taking her food.

2. You WILL UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES slack on Meezer Monday on Simply Siamese again. Ever. I don't care that you were "stuck in a doctor's office all morning" or that you had "work" to do at work, this is my most important day of the week and you make me look bad when you do not help me. There will be bities. Big ones.

3. EXCUSE ME. I mean, not helping me with Meezer Monday is bad, but not letting me visit my friends yesterday? So wrong. So. Very. Wrong.

I am witholding ALL snuggling until these three things are rectified. I will snuggle with everyone but you. I will purr until you come near and then I will stop. I will even get Kaze to not snuggle with you. I know you think that is impossible but she's just as mad about not visiting friends.

To my friends, I am VERY sorry for my Meowmy' slacking performance. She'll be better OR ELSE.


Meezer Monday

This Temptation-Bird is MINE!!! Just try to have me release my jaws of death. I doubt you could do it. The Chip Man has trouble getting it from my mouth. I don't know what he expects, I have jaws of death on the regular Whirly-Bird, he adds a Temptations and all bets are off.

You know how I have that fool proof plan of annoying the humans and then hidding under the bed in the middle so they can't get me? Well I think they might be winning. Not for lack of me trying though, they put more of their crap under the bed. Actually, its more of Meowmy's stuff. She has all of her riding clothes under there and now she keeps all of her 48 pairs of dress shoes under there. How on earth does a human need shoes? Let alone 48 pairs of JUST dress shoes? I think she's crazy.


Its my Gotcha Day!

I know I don't usually post on the weekends but Meowmy was up so I had her turn on the computer.

I'ts my 2 year Gotcha Day!! And you know what? Some stuff has really changed over the past 2 years but I've really had a wonderful life so far. Yesterday Meowmy came home from work not feeling well (she needed a nap which is why we didn't visit many of our friends, sorry!). She got in bed and Kaze of course snuggled with her. You know what I did? I tap-tapped on the covers until I was invited to snuggle too. We all lay there for a long time. After that Meowmy brushed me with the zoom groom. I purred and purred and purred. I even purred when she picked me up.

You see, when I was a tiny little kitten I could not stand for my Meowmy to be upset and I would purr and snuggle it out of her if she was sad or not feeling well. Then I got sick and I had to be poked and proded and live in our cat room for 2 months. I was not happy but I had a strong will to live and a Meowmy who spent many hours with me. Being alone for so long though (she couldn't spend 24 hours in the small room with me) made me very independant and aloof. I'm finally starting to be friendly again, its been on and off but I really really DO want to be pet and snuggled- I'm just not all that sure about it. Plus Kaze is a Meowmy HOG.

I can't believe its been 2 years since I was picked up away from my Mom and brothers, shoved in a carrier, and driven 2.5 hours to another state. I was only 8 weeks old. But I came to the right place because most other families would not have given me the many chances I've demanded. I'm loved and I know I'm lucky. But I'd still rather not be fussed over.


Frisky Friday

Chick-hen is bliss. Meowmy made chick-hen last night and she gave us bits of the tasty bliss. I've never had fresh chick-hen before and I don't think I've ever had something so tasy. I was in heaven. It was hot and just blissful. I've never thought that human food could be that tasty. I've been deprived. I'm not going to let her rest until that is all she feeds me.

I just checked and found out that tomorrow is my Gotcha Day! Woo-hoo!! 2 years.



Meowmy's lap sniffs funny after she rides Snap. I have to check out all of the different smells which include hay, carrots, apples, leather, Out of Doors, and horse.

Gamma came over last night to visit and for the first time I jumped in her lap and got all snuggly and comfy. She was afraid to leave or get up because I was in her lap and happy. She was sitting in our Poang Chair and I just love that chair. I like the way it boings, its soothing.

We didn't have many trick or treaters but we did finish all of our candy so Meowmy doesn't have any chocolate to munch on. Happy November! Meowmy starts the count down to 26 now....11 days.