I was snugglin' with Meowmy last night while we were watching TV. Usually I hate to be near a person that could touch me or kiss me or pick me up but last night I was feeling snuggly. So I jumped up in her lap and started playing with the touch pad. It annoyed her a bit because I started changing the pages around on her. Of course Kaze jumped up and had to snuggle with us too. She pinned Meowmy's arm down so she couldn't even type. It was nice for a while, we were all just peaceful and loving and it was a very "Zen Moment". Of course I had to leave eventually and play with my red ribbon so I got up and started playing around a bit. Then of course Kaze left and stole my ribbon. What exactly does she not understand about personal space? She's such a little brat and she thinks whatever I'm doing she can do. Of course, she almost leapt into the toilet when Meowmy got up.....sadly Meowmy slammed the lid shut. That would have been hilarious!!!! Sadly Meowmy interfered and saved her.

Wordless Wacky Wednesday


Thanks everyone!

Thanks to everycat for the well wishes! Cheysuli and I are very excited about getting engaged. We're currently discussing when and where to have the wedding and of course the entire cat blogosphere will be invited! I'm going to let Chey do most of the planning because she's really good at planning things and she's the bride and Meowmy says she'll be mean to me if I try to go against Chey's wishes. She says I get to try on the Chip Man's tux from his wedding. I bet it will at least be fun to nap on. Chey and I will keep you all updated with the news. I'm soooo excited!!!

I was feeling mighty wonderful last night so I was prancing around the house with my chest puffed out. I was yowling loudly at Kaze and then attacking her fiercely. She didn't really understand why I was being all bossy but I told her I'm just excited and need to get my energy out. The Chip Man called out from the kitchen to Kaze and asked what was wrong that she was yowling so much. Meowmy told him it was me yowling and making all of that noise and then he told me to keep on yowling! Woo hoo!! I wonder what else I can get away with. Temptations?? Yes, I think I should celebrate with a whole bag of Temptations! I can't wait for a bachelor party!!!

UPDATE: Cheysuli and I would like to announce that we will be adopting Princess Tara Meezer as our kitten! We are very excited to start our new family and especially to move into the White House after Cheysuli wins the election. For those of you who don't know Tara, she is a 6 month old seal point siamese who started blogging a few months ago because she admired me *blush*. She is studying for her MzD and she is a very smart little cat!


Dearest Cheysuli,

Every time I look into your eyes I feel at ease and know I am at home. Gazing at your incredible beauty and watching you give your speeches with such conviction leaves me in aw. I'm not a meezer of many words and I don't like to be touched but something about you just makes me feel comfortable and I start to purr. So it is with a heart filled with love that I ask you this question that has been weighing on my mind for quite some time...

She said Yes!!!


Meezer Movie showing off my skills.

I'm entering this into Skeezix's Acatemyawards contest. I think it shows off my acting skills quite nicely, in fact, I think I could even play a human with how great I am on my hind legs!

Meezer Monday

(I'm posting a little early because our snow/ice may prevent me from posting at my usual time tomorrow morning.)

I'm begging you Mr. Couch, PLEASE release my shmousies. I didn't mean to leave them under you and now I can't get them out myself. Can you please please give me my shmousies back? Thank you!


The Meme!

A) Four places I have lived:
Allentown, PA (where I was born)
Riverton, NJ

B) Four things I love to watch:
People trying to catch me and pet me (hehe!)
The treat closet, you never know when Temptations are coming.
Kaze playing with her wand toy
Meowmy when she's feeding me.

C) Four places I have been outside my home:
The VET's office (a gazillion times)
the ER vet in Langhorne, PA
Grandma's house
All around town in my stroller

D) Four websites I visit daily:
Blogging friends (yes I check everyone's blog every week day!)
Feline Fancy

E) Four of my favorite foods:
Innova Evo mixed with Purina Pro Plan Indoor

F) Four places I would rather be right now:
In my Millie Bed
Sitting in a sun beam
Under Chase's Purr Pad
In one of the scratching post tunnels

G) Four toys I have owned and played with:
The feather wand toy
bits of string
swirly ball thing

H) Four nicknames my staff have tried to assign me:
Sugar Bear (honestly, I think this is my name)
Cutest cat in the world
Faberge Egg Cat

I) Regarding Catnip:
Love it
It's nice
Could take it or leave it
Don't like it or can't have it
Answer: between 1 & 2

J) Regarding Cat Grass:
Love it
It's nice
Could take it or leave it
Don't like it or can't have it
Answer: Could take it or leave it

K) First four things I'd buy after winning the lottery:
Temptations!!! I'd just eat them instead of food.
More beds to snuggle in.
A present for Chey- something sparkly like her eyes.
Toy servant to fetch my lost mice

L) Four things I do besides eat, sleep, and litterbox:
Play with cats.
Snuggle Kaze.
Rub all over Chase to mark him as mine.
Trick people into thinking I want to be touched- I don't.

M) Four things I want to do this summer:
Go out in the stroller.
Sit in open windows.
Go out on the front sun porch.
Go out on my harness.

N) My four most prized possessions that have limited value to anyone else:
My strings.
Kaze, I love to snuggle with her.
The red ribbon.
The treat closet.

O) What I’m going to do before tomorrow is over:
Run away from people trying to pick me up.
Eat some crunchies.
Snuggle on the people bed at night.
Leap like a cricket.

P) Which of the following is your favorite place to hide and play?
Paper bags
Plastic bags
Other (please describe)
Answer: Hmm....they are all great!!!

Q) Four other "pets" your staff have kept with you:
Snap (she's a horse).

R) Four furiends I tag to respond:
Whoever wants to!!!

As Bonnie said, yes its long but its fun too so answer what you want and leave answers blank. Its OK to nap here and there.


Why I am NOT a Frootbat

I submit as evidence this photo where you can clearly see how freakishly large Kaze's ears are and how cute and normal mine are. Also, I'm not a purring freak. In fact, I only purr when it is necessary and even then, I can easily resist purring when being pet or snuggled. Further more, I actually enjoy eating my food and would certainly rather eat than play with a silly toy. There are many reasons but I feel this photo is evidence enough. Obviously, I am NOT a frootbat.

Edited to add: I do think having big ears would be a plus and I really like other frootbats, I'm just saying I think Kaze is a freak in general. No offense to other frootbats like Cheysuli who happens to be the most gorgeous cat on the earth.


I miss Meowmy


Meowmy? Do you still love me? I know I don't like to be touched a whole lot but you know I like to purr into your face at night. I haven't seen you at all this week. Monday you went out to the Chip Man's parent's house. Tuesday you spent the night at the gym. Last night you went to Aunt E's house for a jewelry party. And tonight I hear you're going out dress shopping??? When are you going to stay at home?? You went on vacation and abandoned me and now you're never home. And what's with not helping me visit my blogging friends? I really could care less about your project (except for the sparkly parts, those are fun). Do you think maybe tomorrow night we could have some play time? I've taken to having to visit you in the human litter box room just to get my back scritches. Please come back to me Meowmy. If you don't I'm going to move in with Cheysuli because she's always there for me and her human sounds like she's at home more often.

Update: Meowmy has lots of wonderful friends on one of her forums called SICC (the Siamese Forum). She just read some horrible news that one of the kitties named Ozzie, he was a gorgeous blue young Tonk died suddenly last night. Meowmy felt like she knew this kitty so she is very sad. Goodbye Ozzie, you will be missed greatly. Safe journey to the Rainbow Bridge.


And finally....the new TV stays!

If you've been following the Chip Man's TV drama at all you'll know that he's been trying to get his new ginormous TV for literally 6 weeks. He got one- it was broken. He exchanged it and then decided it didn't have the "dark de-tailer" (which terrified me because I like my tail!!!) so he returned it and bought a different one. The new bigger better TV had a defect and the company was giving him crap about exchanging it. So FINALLY he got the new TV today. He's upstairs watching it, scanning for defects to make sure this one is OK. All I care is that the "de-tailer" stays in the cat free room. Heck, I don't even care if I'm not allowed in that room as long as the "de-tailer" stays in there!!!

That leaves Meowmy downstairs and she is working on a huge project for the Chip Man's sister's birthday. It involves sparkly things and little tidbits that are really fun to steal and run away with. Meowmy says she has 10 days to make a scrapbook when it usually takes her a lot longer than that. I plan on helping as much as possible but I don't think Meowmy is fully appreciating my meezerly help because I like to move stuff around.


Tummy Tuesday!

Don't you think it looks like a smiley face on my belly? Meowmy thinks it does and she likes to kiss the center part a lot. If you didn't get a chance to see my video I posted yesterday, please scroll down to the last post!


Latte & the Pink Mouse

Here is my debut in my new short film "Latte & the Pink Mouse". I find pink mice are the most interesting, but other colored mice will do in a pinch.

Should it not show up, you can try a different version....Latte & the Pink Mouse
I know, I've been a very busy meezer today!

Mr. Litterbox 2007 Entry

I would like to humbly submit my entry into Zeus's Mr. Litterbox 2007 competition. Obviously, I will be competing in "Formal Wear" as did my girlfriend Cheysuli who won Miss Litterbox 2007. And yes, I'm shamelessly using the the charms of the Big Man Cat Chase to help drum up some votes!

Meezer Monday Mania!!

While I would love to show off my cute self, today I found a gazillion meezer related items on Meowmy's camera so I had to share. While Meowmy was in Florida she found MANY things to remind her of me. First of all there was KoKo. He's 16lbs. of chocolate pointed applehead love (like Sammy & Miles). I know he looks pretty dark but his paw pads are pink so that means he's a chocolate point and not a seal point like me.

Then there were the items in the house she was staying in:

(That is Meowmy & the Chip Man's wedding picture in the frame!)

There were many many more Meezer things in the house so I think KoKo may be pretty spoiled seeing as how he's an only cat. I wish I were an only cat sometimes but then I wouldn't have anyone to snuggle with or to play with. I certainly wish our house had more meezer items in it!

UPDATE: Here's a picture of me too....just for Chey :)


FRISKY & FL pictures

This morning I was feeling GOOODDDD! So, I ran around and leapt all over the Chip Man while he was still sleeping. I was chasing Kaze and then I was just running and jumping and biting his toes under the covers. What can I say, I was just a happy little cat this morning. For some reason, this was not appreciated. I really don't know why...I mean, isn't joy contagious? Why didn't Meowmy start running around and purring with me? Kaze did. Even Chase did. Humans are just unpredictable and I'm sorry- pretty stupid sometimes.

Look at these pictures I found on Meowmy's camera!!! Look at those Fev-vers, WOW! And then what is that thing in the water? Is it one of Daisy's lizards??


Odd smells

Since I'm the House Hunter I have to make sure I investgate every interesting smell in the house. If I catch a scent of something I walk back and forth and all over until I figure out what it is. The red boxes smell crazy! I've been sniffing them like crazy and they smell like a mixture of another cat, other people, and some stinky strange stuff that I can't really describe. I've walked around all of the sides, jumped on top, sniffed around the seams and the wheels, and tried to push them over. I've decided they don't pose an immediate threat to any cat or human in the house, but I'm still not sure if they may cause some other damage. I'll keep you posted! I'm off to sniff some more.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to my beautiful girlfriend Cheysuli! You should check out her new campaign site because she's going to win in 2008!Cheysuli in 2008!
Aside from today being the day of romance, flowers, chocolates, etc., one year ago today I had my male parts removed. Yeah, great memories Meowmy, thanks.



The people were visiting another meezer named KoKo. I smell him on their stuff and I think he may have tried to snuggle with them and even play with the Chip Man. When Meowmy came home she said that I am tiny in comparison. Is that bad? I've heard bigger is better and he is twice my size. Do you think they're going to trade me in for KoKo? I hope not!

Meowmy took lots of pictures of all of the meezer stuff that her grandma has. Apparently...its a lot of stuff! Even her living room is tan & black to match meezer colors. I'll post some pictures after Meowmy gets them off of the flashy box. She took way too many pictures of KoKo. He's already spoiled, he has a whole screened in porch where he hangs out all day long and watches lizards. Why don't I have something like that?

Meowmy even visited some of my online friend kitties while she was in FL. They used to blog (Nero & Sidney) so some of you might remember them. Nero is a 16 lbs. frootbat who is all black. Meowmy says he sucks on his tail like a baby. She had a nice time visiting them but she didn't stay long because I probably would never have gotten her back. They have 2 big woofies (german shepards) named Sheba & Max and they were really nice to her. They also have 2 meezers- a chocolate princess named Josephine, a lilac princess named Queenie, a Russian Blue, the black OSH, and the British Shorthair.

Apparently they were very busy and had a nice time. Well, I was BORED and didn't have such a nice time. I mean, Grandma took great care of us but I didn't get to snuggle with Meowmy and it was pretty lonely and dark for the most part. Oh well, at least we've got the computer back now!!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I missed Meezer Monday, Meowmy brought some pictures back of KoKo (the big 16lbs. meezer she was staying with). Meowmy swears when she drove through the town where Daisy and Pixie live that she didn't stop there. I haven't let Meowmy touch me too much yet, but I'm sure by snuggle time I'll want to be warm with her.

I'm so sad I couldn't blog for so long, I really missed everyone, especially Chey!! Alright, I'm off to vote in the contest while I still can. Talk to you all tomorrow!



I can see that the People have decided to leave us at home while on their vacation to sunny Florida. I asked them if they were visiting Daisy because that would not be fair, but they assured me this was a human related trip. Well except for my great-grandpaw cat KoKo. He lives with Meowmy's Grandma and he's 16lbs. of chocolate meezer (she said she'll take a picture)! So at least I know Meowmy will be watched over by a meezer while she's gone. As for us, Grandma will be taking care of our needs. She's been told where all of the good treats are and that I like my fresh crunchies right after my stinky goodness. I like Grandma, she gave me my tent and she knows how I like to play a lot.

Have fun at the Valentine's Day Party! We will be back in time to enjoy the party at Katnippia's Blog on Tuesday the 13th.


Present from Cheysuli

Look what I got!!! Mail from my beautiful girlfriend Cheysuli! I made Meowmy open it right away and look what I found! First of all, the prettiest card I've ever seen. Meowmy took that because she said its too pretty for me to put my teeth all over it.

Inside the box was my first article of clothing ever! It is a I luv Cheysuli shirt and I love it! The CM held me down helped hold me while Meowmy helped me put it on. I wasn't too sure about wearing clothes but I'm happy to support my Chey! AND it makes Kaze jealous so hahaha!!

Do I look OK? I'd better check the mirror. (Notice the signature curl of my tail, its always like that when I'm happy. OK, its pretty much always like that.)


Meezer Monday

It was FREEZING this weekend. I had to find as much sun as I possibly could. I even snuggled with Meowmy while we were at Hank's Superbowl party. It was a lot of fun to see everyone there!

Meowmy washed all of our beds yesterday so we had to work over time getting them to smell right again. Chase was all over them getting all of his hair everywhere. Then the vacuum was out like all day long so that was pretty unsettling.

Oh, I had bacon on my nose! The CM had a breakfast sandwich and since I'm the only cat who comes when called, I got to get the bacon. He dropped it and it landed on my nose so I had to be very careful not to drop it and I eventually was able to get it into my mouth. Mmmm!


Valentine Posted!

My Valentine to Cheysuli has officially been posted onto Skeezix's VD competition. It took a lot of thinking about what would honor the most beautiful cat the most and I decided to serenade her with a song. I'm not really good at song writing so Meowmy helped me a little bit by choosing a song and I wrote the lyrics.

Cricket Cat....ATTACK!!

Sometimes Meowmy calls me her "cricket cat" because I can leap straight up in the air and go really really high. I only do it if I'm about to pounce on another cat so it takes a lot of concentration and the right elements. Last night Meowmy was reading (again). That interferes with Kaze & I getting snuggled for the night so after my usual 2 attempts to nicely suggest Meowmy PUT THE BOOK DOWN!! I decided to just play until she was done. I crouched in the pile of her shoes (um...closet anyone?), set my sights on Kaze, wiggled my butt....waited...wiggled my butt some more, got my eyes wide, my ears flat, and then.....I LEAPT!! I jumped so high that I litterally cleared the bed and Meowmy couldn't believe what she saw. She says I have very good form and I tuck my front legs really nicely so that if I was a horsey I'd win lots of ribbons.

Later I lay on top of Kaze and annoyed her some more. She doesn't like when I sit like a brick on her head so she can't breath. I won! By the time we got kicked out of the snuggle room I had made my way to the middle of the bed and right in front of Meowmy. I'm winning the war my friends!


Snooping around

I'm a very "in your business" kind of meezer. Lately I've been obsessed with climbing into the medicine cabinet where Meowmy keeps her make-up and toothpaste and other stuff. I stand in the sink while she's painting her face and every time she gets a new paintbrush I stick my head in and try to figure out if there are any good treats in there. Today I was particularly curious and I was able to make her drop some of her makeup and it almost landed on Kaze's head. Hehehe!

Also I've been very diligent in annoying Meowmy and the Chip Man when they have annoyed me. Sometimes they push me out of great snuggling spots and I get mad. I always give them an extra chance but if they still don't comply with my wishes, I go and push stuff off of their night stands or the dresser. That always gets them to get up and give me attention. It also gets Kaze kicked out of whatever snuggly warm spot she was in that I was not.