As you all know, I am a very loving kitty and I like to snuggle with Chase & with Kaze. I'm also generally easy going. Well, since I've started to be more snuggly with Meowmy (I purred in her ear and woke her up last night, she thinks I'm insane but is loving my change in behavior) I've been becoming more assertive.

The best example of this is my ability to put the bitey on Kaze's but. This is the tactic I use if I just want to be alone. I bite pretty hard on her but and it makes her leave. That's one area where it hurts if you bite it! I learned from Chase and he's a master at that stuff.

Last night Kaze was under the covers with Meowmy. I was purring on top of Kaze but I wanted her lump gone. So I put the bitey on her but under the covers. Meowmy didn't like it because it falls under the "Absolutely no playing or fighting on the bed" rule. So then I dug at the covers like I wanted to get under them. When Meowmy lifted them stupid Kaze was still under there purring like an idiot. I went away for a while and then I came back. Then I bit her but REAL hard. That made her leave. Hehehe.

No more Mr. Nice Cat from here on out. I'm a year old now and that means I get to fulfill my wants and needs!


I'm going to send Skeezix our horsie for a while. She's really good at scaring vishus deer away so I think he needs her more than we do. Meowmy's been mad at her anyway since she's been acting like a "chestnutthoroughbredmare" (yes, all one word and I think it MAY be a word to add to Skeezix's bad word list). She won't be missed. She's a really well trained deer repeller so I think you should have no problems getting her to work. She likes grass and apples and carrots and coffee (any food product will do) so as long as you reward her well she'll keep the deer away.

After Skeezix is done with her I'm going to loan her out to any other kitties who need to get rid of the vishus deer. I don't think the cute man with the brown shorts can deliver her so expect a really big truck with lots of hay coming out the sides.

Here's Snap's picture. Her biggest accomplishment against deer is when she and Meowmy were out on the trail alone and they came across a GIGANTIC vishus deer with HUGE horns. He tried to scare Snap but she just puffed herself up and stood her ground. The big mean deer got scared and ran away. I think these are good enough crednetials. Oh, and she snaps at anything that moves. She bites the air a lot and pins her ears back. This is part of the "chestnutthoroughbredmare" behavior.
OK I'm going to have to admit that snuggling is a very good thing. I've been fighting it for a really long time, but with it being this chilly I can't fight my need to snuggle. Last night I saw Kaze under the covers with Meowmy and I went right over there and snuggled on top of her. Then my purr box started up really loud. Well, loud for me, but it was drowned out by Kaze's super loud purr which you can't hear yourself think over.

Gosh she's just a mouthy creature! Its fine to talk for food and purr softly when you are really enjoying a nice petting but she is just crazy! She will hold entire conversations with Meowmy. I don't know what she thinks, Meowmy doesn't speak meow.

Anyhow...we stayed snuggled to Meowmy all night long. That made her happy because we weren't running around like crazy and Kaze didn't knock the trash can over. We were very peaceful and it was very nice. Of course she still kicked us out at 5am because she gets claustrophobic and feels like between the Chip Man, Kaze, Chase, and me; she can't breath.


Our friend Sidney has a brand new blog! He's such cool cat and he's very curious. He's a British Shorthair and he lives in quite an amazing house full of kitties and doggies, and really neat people too. He lives with some really pretty girl meezers who I really love. His sister Jo is my favorite, she's really pretty but I hear she has quite an attitude. Go check out his blog and meet his family!
YAWN! I'm sleepy today. Kaze and I were running around all night long and she got the trashcan down again. Meowmy was NOT happy to have to clean that up again. For some reason Kaze actually likes trash. She likes strips of plastic packaging and drags them all around the house. Weird little frootbat.

Last night I was REALLY cold during TV time so I decided I would snuggle with Meowmy. She didn't move at all for 20 minutes and she kept gently petting my head (she knows what a treat it was that I graced her with my presence). I wasn't so sure it was where I wanted to be but it was OK for a little while. Meowmy and the Chip Man kept batting Kaze away because she kept trying to snuggle too and they knew I would leave. Eventually I had enough and went to snuggle with Kaze. Then Chase. Yup, I snuggled with everyone.


You can tell its fall around here! Lets see why:

1. The air smells REALLY good so I have to sniff it a lot.
2. I snuggle a whole lot because you need another kitty body to keep you warm. If there are no other kitties around, or if they're snuggling with people, I'll snuggle with the people.
3. FRISKY TIME!!!!!!!!! This means that the three of us run around like crazy chasing each other like a freight train. Chase is really big so he makes LOUD running noises. We do this 3 hours out of the day whle the other 21 hours we nap 'cause we're tired.
4. Sometimes the people bring in these things called "leaves". They are really crunchy and fun to play with.
5. We're bulking up for winter so where's the extra food & water? We need to be fed twice a day now!

(Oh, and by the way it wasn't me who knocked the trashcan over, pulled out egg shells, pizza crust, and old stinky goodness containers. That was Kaze. You know it, I know it, lets just give me her stinky goodness and call it even. See, I'm a real problem solver!)


Did someone say baby photos?? I was the CUTEST little kitten ever. At least that's what Meowmy says and I think she's biased. Here I am at 9 weeks old.

Here is me suckling at Chase (I didn't do that too long but he's a good big brother.

I was Meowmy's Christmas Present so here I am!
Mao reminded me that while I may enjoy times with my frootbat sister Kaze, I am not allowed to "LOVE" her. I'm sorry Mao, but I'm young and I can only learn from you, the master. Please forgive me. But Snuggling with them is OK, right? I've seen your wite rat in some interesting snuggle positions. Sometimes I just can't resist.

Last night we got more than locked out of the snuggle room. We got locked in the cat room! Kaze and I were playing a fast game of bite tag when suddenly she was whisked out of the room. When that happens I know to hide under the bed so they can't make me leave too. Eventually the need to play overcomes my need to hide and I scamper out. Kaze and I went on our merry way and were playing at knocking something over downstairs. Suddenly Meowmy came down, picked us up and put us in the cat room. It sucked but whatever.... When we got out in the morning I went right to the Chip Man and snuggled him.


I think Meowmy is about to move out of the house. Those Camel Crickets keep getting upstairs. No matter how much the Tall Man stays in the basement to kill them they just keep coming back and getting lost. Last night Kaze actually caught one! Of course she's a mama's sissy girl so Meowmy freaked out, shoed her away, and sprayed it with Hot Shot (incidentally Raid works MUCH better). Sure, she lets me eat the darn thing last week but Kaze gets shoed away when she tried. The Chip Man bought some heavy duty cricket killer for outside and he needs to apply or else Meowmy is moving out.

Its getting COLD here at night, it was in the low 40's. I was pretty cold so I lay on Meowmy with Kaze during TV time. Even the Chip Man won't disturb me when I'm snuggling because its so rare. Then, in the middle of the night, I kind of wanted to get under the covers with Kaze & Mewomy so I starred at Meowmy until she woke up. Then she put us out of the room because I was being creepy. Well it sucks because Chase had already claimed the really warm bed that has a great view. So we went downstairs and slept under the heating vent.


Ode to a Mouse:
Oh Mr. Mouse how I love you so!
When I play with you my spirits are never low.
You bounce,
You fly,
You slide around,
Being with you makes me leap from the ground!
There will never be a more perfect friend,
And that's why Skeezix knew exactly what to send!!!


Blogger just ate my very long, very insightful essay

Hrumph. I spent way too much energy writting that and now I must go take a nap. In its place I will post the photos that went along with "The Underlying Factors Behind the Manipulative Nature in the Modern House Cat". It was brilliant I promise you. Stop sobbing Meowmy, its OK I'll, write another essay another day.

My hypothesis was that besides the usual sleep/eat/bath cycle of the modern house cat, we can/do manipulate other cats to get what we want. I wanted the box to myself therefore I licked and cajoled Chase into thinking I just wanted to snuggle. Knowing my little body would make box hit critical mass and Chase would therefore leave, I won the battle.

Total World Meezer Domination will happen!!!


How can you resist my charms???

My good friend Junior has a blog!!! Go visit him, he's a really cool flame point meezer! Junior's Blog Junior is an only kitty so he gets lots of extra attention and loving from his mom. Go visit Junior, he's just about one of the nicest kitties I know!!!!
I'm going to have to admit that I am really enjoying snuggling. I've been fighting it for so long but when someone starts to pet me and I'm comfy I just can't help but purr. I seek out lots of snuggling at night now. At least Meowmy is happy!

Meowmy got new sheets yesterday. They match me!!! Well, they are brown. I helped her make the bed and that was a lot of fun.

There have been more of those camel crickets hanging around and the Chip Man is freaking out about them and buying some nasty chemicals to spray around the outside of the house. He found where they are living, its beneath the deck right where it joins to the house. We had another one inside but upstairs last night. Chase and I tag teamed it but the Chip Man found us and got rid of it. Chase did get a leg to eat.


You've heard me talk about my incredible insatiable taste for insects before...mmmm...yummy. Last night the most delectable treat wandered into the kitchen. The people were out at the grocery store so I took the chance to enjoy my feast in private.

It was HUGE! It was one of these (note from mom: EW! I had to find a rendered image because the real ones just make my skin crawl!) Camel or Cave Cricket . The Chip Man is always down in the basement killing these this time of year. It bounces REALLY high, but not as high as me! Chase looked on as a disgusted Kaze left the room (she can be such a priss). I take my title as the House Hunter very seriously so I was on the job. It was a tough fight and just as I overcame the creature Meowmy and the Chip Man returned from the store.

Meowmy looked at what was in my mouth and walked right back out the back door. The Chip Man being oh so fierce (NOT) didn't even venture in the house. Meowmy kept checking on me and at one point I was in devour mode and I was much/crunching away. All that was left was a leg. I ate that too.

For the rest of the night they kept calling me "Cricket Cat". They used to call me that because of the cute way I jump but I think this was not as nice. They didn't want me near them. That's not nice as I did them a service. Of course last night I was pretty snuggly so they couldn't resist me for too long.

This morning I left her a little pile of regurgitated greenies (she wanted the cricket out of my mouth) and a leg.

Edited: Meowmy notcied the link wasn't working and now it is. Guess you're all brave to have visited the picture ;)

****Update 9/11/2007****If you are looking for info on Camel Crickets please see my new post about how to rid yourself of them!Camel Cricket


We had "guests" over for dinner last night. I don't understand why life has to be different when there strangers around. I knew one of the people, I've even purred for her but the other woman didn't seem to like kitties too much. There was a plate of cheese so I of course jumped onto the coffee table to have some. I got a "Latte GET DOWN!". Sheesh!

Then later, at dinner, there were 2 empty seats so I sat in one and pooked my cute little head up to see what we were having. I got another "LATTE! GET...DOWN!". Man, I'm just checking on stuff!

I decided to disappear for a while and I brought Kaze & Chase upstairs and we had a nap. When I woke up I was feeling a little snacky so I remembered the cheese which was now in the kitchen. Oh, there was also an awesome cork thingy which I batted off the counter. Meowmy saw me at the cheese and she even got up as she said "L A T T E !!! GEEEETTT DOOOOWNN!" Fine! Sheesh, I don't know what the big deal was.

Then Kaze and I played bite tag for a long time and knocked all of the cushions from the couch. They kind of ignored us for that since we weren't bugging them.

I don't think I like guests.


My big tough exterior cracked last night. I snuggled with meowmy. I was right by her face, I let her pet me, I even purred really loudly. I am SO ashamed. It only lasted for 5 minutes and I'm blaming the cold weather for making me temporarily insane. Eh, at least I made her night.

Oh my gosh you guys!!! Skeezix & Mao sent me the bestest birthday presents! They sent me 2 wand toys. One is made of dried grass (like hay) and Kaze has stollen that one, she won't let me near it. The other is a feather mass with a bell. Kaze can keep her dirty paws off of that one. I played tug of war with meowmy for it and I honestly won. She was shocked my little jaws were so strong. Oooh I love my presents guys!!!!


"Um....yeah, I think I noticed Kaze. Give it back, NOW."

Latte: "I think we need to have a little chat. Its bad enough you're in MY tent, but I'm a nice kitty and I share. But the wand was MY birthday present and its not very nice of you to keep taking it and then when meowmy makes it all wriggly you keep runnign after it too. If this continues I'm going to have to stop snuggling with you. I'm sorry, its not something I want to do but you need to learn who is in charge here."

Kaze: "I'm sorry Latte, I didn't want to make you mad. But I just can't resist the toy, it is sooo much fun. Please don't stop snuggling with me! I love you!"


My birthday present!! I know you all wanted to know what was in the closet so I made meowmy post pictures even though she is very very busy today at the work place. It is a really furry wand toy with fev-vers on the end!!!! Oh meowmy did well with this present. First I like to leap around with it and then I like to carry it with me all over the house. Kaze keeps stealing it and that's not making me happy. Stupid wite rat.

Thanks so much for everyone's birthday wishes!! It was very sweet that you all came by. I had a great day with TONS of stinky goodness, a nice stroller ride, and my new toy (they even locked Kaze in another room so I could play alone with it). I'm quite a happy little meezer!


I'm a whole year old today! I haven't found out what's in the closet yet, they want to give it to me when we can play together (and make Kaze go a way for a bit, she's a toy HOG!). I did however get a whole can of stinky goodness for breakfast- lamb & turkey mmmmm! I couldn't finish it all so I let Kaze (the clean up crew) help out. I would have let Chase but he barfies when he eats wet food.

I'll be sure to show you all what I got, I can't wait to see! Plus I get to go on a long stroll tonight! Even the Chip Man is being extra special nice to me!

P.S. Mewomy took over Kaze's blog to write me a birthday message and a little bio of me so check it out! Kaze's Blog


Last night Chase and I went on a really nice stroll. We get along really well and we sniffed at the air together. Meowmy's pad was a great addition because Chase even fell asleep while we were out! I snuggled once or twice but I really enjoyed sniffing the air. I meowed once and Chase hissed at me so I didn't do that again. It was a pretty long walk and we went up to the golf course and walked around the big houses up there. They are bigger down by the river but the golf course is close. Meowmy had to push 20 lbs of cat + stroller up the big hill (it was funny!). I had such a great time that I would not get out of the stroller when we got home. Even when it was folded up I wanted to be in it.

Last night Meowmy came home with a bag from Petsmart! I could smell that I was gonna like it but then she put it in the No Cats Allowed Closet where all of the good toys live. She said I would find out tomorrow what is in there. I hope there is some tasty stinky goodness!! I'm not sharing anything with Kaze or Chase 'cause Kaze never shares with me!


The Chip Man said "Hi Latte." to me this morning. I liked that, he doesn't usually notice us cats in the morning unless we are being bad. He probably said hi because I woke him up gently this morning. No one else was sniffing his face so I figured I'd have to jump in and do it. The Chip Man likes me and he gives me chips when he has some. Chips are tasty because they're salty and they crunch.

Friday is my birthday. Everyone is making a big deal about it because they didn't think I'd make it to a year old. What with my leg and my head-tilt. But here I am!! What should I ask for? I'm thinking a whole can of stinky goodness for myself. I'm certainly putting in a request that people NOT touch the birthday kitty.


What a weekend! The people were home for an extra day. Meowmy was in MY room for a long time playing with a new loud machine. This one is cool though because there are strings on it for me to play with.

Look what meowmy made us!!! It is really comfy and fits all 3 of us at once. See me looking all cute? I just drive her crazy......hehehe.

She was making something for a friend and decided to make something for us too. After she finished the big bed she made another small pad for our stroller and a blankie so we don't get cold.

Kaze and I went on a long stroll to the river and she screamed like crazy and I was very good.

Meowmy's friend came over on Saturday and I sat in her lap and purred a lot. It drove meowmy and even the Chip Man crazy. They are starting to figure me out. I'm just trying to drive them crazy!!!


A good friend raised a good point in my last blog. Why am I not allowed the run of the house? Its the mean meowmy, the Chip Man says we should have our litter boxes down there but meowmy doesn't want us getting spider webs on us or meeting the "camel crickets" or those BAD bugs like we saw the other day.

I am happy to report I do have my own room (but I have to share with Kaze sometimes). The 3rd bedroom is where I lived for 6 weeks when I had my femur infection and I kept pulling my sutures out. I had to stay in there so I wouldn't move around a lot and risk fracturing the bone. Then when Kaze came to live with us she was put in there while she had the stinky squirts.

Last night it was chilly so I slept on top of Kaze next to meowmy. It was nice.

Oh...my plot to further annoy meowmy is working really well. She just won't accept that I do not enjoy being touched or held by humans. This makes her very upset 'cause I'm so cute and she wants to be touching me all the time. Last night I made her really jealous because I went over to Chase, forced myself under his paw, and started purring so loud in a loving purr voice that she had never heard before. She was shocked. I let her pet me a little while I purred. It made her feel like I enjoyed her touching me.