Mao reminded me that while I may enjoy times with my frootbat sister Kaze, I am not allowed to "LOVE" her. I'm sorry Mao, but I'm young and I can only learn from you, the master. Please forgive me. But Snuggling with them is OK, right? I've seen your wite rat in some interesting snuggle positions. Sometimes I just can't resist.

Last night we got more than locked out of the snuggle room. We got locked in the cat room! Kaze and I were playing a fast game of bite tag when suddenly she was whisked out of the room. When that happens I know to hide under the bed so they can't make me leave too. Eventually the need to play overcomes my need to hide and I scamper out. Kaze and I went on our merry way and were playing at knocking something over downstairs. Suddenly Meowmy came down, picked us up and put us in the cat room. It sucked but whatever.... When we got out in the morning I went right to the Chip Man and snuggled him.

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Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

I think it is okay to love Kaze...I certainly do!

Way to show the Lap Lady! Snuggle with the Chip Man instead of her! That will teach her to put you in the cat room!