They're back!! And you know what? So are the couch monsters! Its weird because they were gone while Meowmy and the Chip Man were away. Odd....

I let Meowmy hold me and I snuggled with her last night. I even snuggled on the couch before bed time I missed her a little I guess. She played with us for a long time so I felt she fulfilled her punishment for leaving. Auntie E took great care of us and I really like her a lot! She even sent Meowmy daily updates.

I did lots of sleeping on Meowmy's vest while she was away, she left it there for me so I knew she didn't mind that I got fur all over it. Its nice to have them home, I can get back into my normal routines.

I hear tonight the trick-or-treaters will ring our doorbell. I LOVE kids, I hope they don't scare me though!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!


You know how when the litter box is cleaned how you have to go in right away? Well Meowmy cleaned the boxes out last night and I really had to go! Kaze beat me to it but I just decided to ignore her and go in anyway. Moewmy laughed so hard at me because she said we were "pooing in tandem" in the small litter box. I didn't really know what was so funny, especially since it STUNK after Kaze went and didn't cover! I had to cover mine AND hers. It was so nice to have the boxes completely clean I went in all of them at least twice last night and then I was all frisky!

I'll see you guys on Tuesday since Meowmy and the Chip Man are headed to Massachusetts. If you see them, please take care of them along the way! As I'm missing Meezer Monday, here is my very early entry.

Meezer Monday


I'm so ashamed but I just can't help myself. Whenever Meowmy says my name I have to go running. I don't know why I do it but if she calls me from upstairs I happily jaunt up the stairs and down the hall to her. It is SO embarassing. But I guess she was calling me for a reason last night as it seems the COUCH MONSTERS have migrated upstairs to become BED MONSTERS!

I'm the only one allowed to hunt these critters as Kaze has no clue and Chase is too lazy to come when called. I fought a good battle and I'm pretty sure I've rid the house of them. But we'll see, they are crafty and they may come back.

Oh, and later in the night we all had a wrestle session on top of the Chip Man which lead to us all being put-out again. You know.....I'm cute. That should be enough to get me out of these situations!


As the house hunter I take my duties very seriously. I kill all of the bugs in the house, I alert the people to ghosts in the walls, etc. This morning I found out we're infested with Couch Monsters! I started in on my hunt right away and even hooked a few with my paws. I started to purr because of the joy at hunting. Meowmy was sitting on the couch so I had to protect her! She wasn't even scared of them! That must be because she trusts my hunting skills. As usual they mostly got away but I'll make sure to keep checking if they come back!
P.S. That picture is of the wooden couch but it demonstrates how you have to get on the pillows to find the Couch Monsters!


Do you see what I have to put up with in our house??? Do you? I mean, no one is left in peace when Kaze is around. I found that nice box on the front porch. I've loved that box for quite some time and look at her! Trying to steal it. Oh sure she "just wants to play". Believe me, that frootbat is about to fly into my box and push me out. I put up a fight though. Anything for a box of my own around here!


FALL Meezer Monday
Isn't it pretty outside our front-front door? See, we have a front door but then there is this really cool room with lots of windows and a HUGE window as a door. Sometimes we can go out here when the people are with us. Stay tunned for the fun stuff that is out there later this week. I think Meowmy painted the room that color for my eyes (even though she didn't have me yet when she painted it). See everyone, NJ can be a pretty place!


Pretty much everyone picked #1 with my pretty blue eyes. Meowmy has such a hard time getting pictures of my eyes because I'm always turning away at the last moment. Thanks for everyone's help & vote!

You know what smells bad? Smells real bad? People claw polish! That stuff is just nasty. Meowmy painted her claws yesterday and here is my reaction to the smell!


Attention Everycat!!!! I need your help deciding!
I'm sure most of you are aware of the calendar idea. Click here for Grr Midnight & Cocoa's Explaination.
I'm very aware of my cuteness so I of course thought to enter the competition, which I'm aware will be fierce! I need your help to decide which of these 3 photos I should submit.

Photo #1- Well its just me, being me. But I do like how it catches my eye color.

Photo#2- Meezer in the sun. I think the sun makes me look all bright plus its warm.

Photo #3- Meowmy MADE me add this one. She calls it "Blue Daffodil" as that's what everyone at the vet's office called me when I hurt my leg and needed 2 e-collars to keep from pulling my sutures out. I hated those things.

P.S. If there are any other of my photos you like better, just let me know about those instead. Thanks!


This is getting ridiculous, I'm seriously considering shipping Kaze out to live with Skeezix. I was doing a great job of pleasantly snuggling (i.e. sucking up to Meowmy knowing there would be milk in the morning) when Kaze came in at 4:44am. She ducked under the covers and started to purr. That woke the Chip Man up so he told Meowmy to put the "cats" out. I don't know why we are lumped together, especially since Chase got to stay for 10 more minutes because they didn't even know he was in the room. I was being a very pleasant kitty and still got kicked out. Where is the fairness???


I can be quite persuasive when I'm feeling like it. I'm the type of cat that knows what he wants and I want it right away. Such is this new cereal routine. That milk is GOOD! I'm not going to settle for the bottom of the bowl anymore, I want ALL of the milk.

While Meowmy was eating the nasty nuggets out I kept putting my head over the bowl trying to stick my nose in there so I could get a good angle. I wouldn't leave her alone no matter which direction she turned or if she lifted the bowl or pushed me away. Good luck getting rid of a determined meezer. Eventually the nasty nuggets were gone and she let me have more milk than yesterday. Still not ALL of it, but I'm working on her.


Update on the cereal bowl: It was back again this moring. Meowmy sat at the big table so I sat there trying to force my head into the bowl. I just stared at her until she was done. Then she was nice and left the bowl with a little bit of milk for me to finish.

Since its been colder I've decided our routine has to change around the house. Meowmy left out her horsey vest on a dining room chair. It is DOWN!!!! Kaze and I sleep in it constantly so we've been not sleeping with Meowmy. Then what happens is an hour before she and the Chip Man have to get up, I start knocking things off the night stand. I like the new routine!!


Meezer Monday!!!

I couldn't decide on the best one so I figured I'd post both of them. Meowmy got the flashy thing out on Saturday morning and I was good and let her take some pictures of the cutest cat in the house (me of course!).

It was COLD this weekend. I had to resort to snuggling with Meowmy and Kaze on the couch a whole lot. That meant I let her pet me so I purred a little bit. Moewmy had cereal this morning!!! She hasn't had it in a long time and I LOVE to drink a little bit of milk from her spoon when she's done. Yum!

Fellow Meezers:


A couple of interesting tidbits from me today as Kaze is all tied up in Frootbat Friday.

Thing 1- Yesterday you may have read my comment that Meowmy turned me GREEN !!! There really is not such a thing as a green pointed Siamese but apparently she thought so. She rubbed me with a produce bag and the green ink came off on my fur while she was trying to "help" the Advantage get into my skin.

Thing 2- The Chip Man witnessed Kaze's and my athleticism last night. We were playing with a glass on the counter in the kitchen last night. The Chip Man yelled at us twice and then the glass fell over. I knew we were in for it but that Chip Man with his stilt-legs got to the doorway before I could. I bounced off his foot. Then Kaze and I tried to run away really fast but nothing happened. Our feet were moving like we were running and we were kind of spinning but going nowhere. It was like we were on a kitty-treadmill. After 30 seconds the Chip Man moved out of the doorway and we very slowly hovered out the door with our legs going a mile a minute still. When we hit the carpet we shot off in different directions at the speed of our legs. He was mad but also impressed.


Freaking Kaze. I blame her completely. We have fleas. Meowmy found one on Kaze and then looked at my belly where she found another one. She raced out to get flea bath and of course who do you think got to endure the torture first? ME. Of course me, because I'm the "easiest" to manage. I hated the experience, I let out a deep loud Siamese yowl that you could probably hear down the street. I find letting out one really out of charachter yowl is most effective.

Meowmy then went around vacuuming and doing laundry and all sorts of cleaning stuff. It sucked. Chase almost pissed himself about 10 times during the night. Lets see...everyone of Chase's worst fears was realized last night.
1. Thunder & Lightening (BIG storm)
2. The vacuum (this was on for 2 hours)
3. A bath (need I say more?)
4. That hair drying thingy (Chase litteraly climbed the wall to get away from it)

I do feel bad because Chase didn't even have any fleas on him. I only had 5 at the most (2 confirmed 3 in the tub) and Kaze had 4 confirmed and 2 in the tub.

I hear we're getting nasty meds for our necks now. Great........

After all of it I spent some quality time with Meowmy and I even purred for her and sat in her lap for 20 minutes. She thinks I'm sadistic, what does that mean?


I LOVE packages in the mail. Most packages these days come to us kitties so I really like pacakges. They always smell really good (like nip) and there are always fun things inside. Last night we got a package from Sir Sidney & Emperor Nero (and the rest of their crew). OK so technically Meowmy won it but we get to benefit!

There is all sorts of nip and mousies and little toys but then there was this big pouffy purple ball that is heaven. Of course I chewed through the elastic string in 2.5 seconds but the toy is sooo fun! I even fight Kaze to play with it.

I am always telling Mewomy that all of our Internet friends get us much better toys than she does. So she's not buying us any toys. Well fine, we still have toys from all of our friends to play with.

Psst....I'm a little scared to say this outloud for fear he may kick my little tail.....Chase is stinking really bad lately. Probably not as bad as Skeezix or even Kaze when she had giardia, but boy the whole house stinks! The worst thing is I'm fastidious about a clean box so I have to go cover it for him!! Ugh!! Meowmy cleans it out fast but not while she's at the work place. But don't tell Chase, he really might kick my little tail.


The Chip Man does a nice job of blaming Kaze for me not liking petting or snuggling. Last night I believe I proved my point that it isn't just her, its the Chip Man too. I love my meowmy, she spent hours in the kitty room with me when I was sick and she takes care of me and loves me even though I don't love touching.

The Chip Man was at some "Clap-ten" concert last night (I can only assume they clapped 10 times and left) so Meowmy was with us alone. On 4 separate occasions I got up in her lap. I even let her pet me two of those times. It was really nice to have her alone and I really really liked climbing on her. I made her smile.

I'm sure if you've read Kaze's blog you know that we got locked in the cat room last night. I'm used to this, as a kitten I got put in there a lot when the people were trying to sleep or when they were making sure I wouldn't pee on the bed anymore. Chase freaked out half way through and needed to get away from us so they let him out. I didn't really care, I lived in there for 2 months when my femur was infected so I'm pretty happy in there. Whatever, if the people need their sleep I'll be nice about it. I'm very easy going so whatever but I hope they don't keep it up for too long, I do like the snuggle room and being with the people.


Meezer Monday!!!!!

Here I am at about 6-7 months old. Yes I know I was cute. This was back when I let people touch me so I guess you can say awwww. But don't actually touch me.

Other Gorgeous Meezers:

Mao the Founder of Meezer Monday and a real role model to me!

Sammy & Miles


The weekend update:

Chase yaked and I had to help him "clean it up". Meowmy was not impressed.

I stared at invisinible things on the ceiling fan for a long time. That made everyone think I was crazy.

Covered lots of Chase poo (he just doesn't know how to cover and he STINKS).

Chewed on the Fuzzy Stuff (aka Box Spring) until the Chip Man freaked out.

Ate some chips from the Chip Man (yum!).

Pretended like I was going to let people touch me and then ran away.

Got dressed up in a STUPID costume for Skeezix's contest. Really...I am NOT a leapord and neither is Kaze or Chase.

Endured endless hours of the STINKY kitten (yes, her noxious fumes are back folks).




That's about it. Time for a nap.


Oh. My. Gosh. They tortured me last night. Meowmy picked me up and kissed me all over and then handed me to the Chip Man to do the same thing. They kept saying they can't help it because I'm sooo freaking cute (which is the truth!). You know....I just don't tolerate that kind of behavior. Just because every now and then I'll take a petting or snuggle doesn't mean they can do it whenever the heck they want.

In other news I'm glad I'm not a frootbat. Kaze's been whining and crying that her ears are cold and then sticking her cold paws on Meowmy (this I do find amusing). Sorry dear, not my fault I'm perfectly proportioned and you got in the Ear-Line twice. She's also been working on getting the bedroom door open with her paws. Its only a matter of time before the Chip Man finds out and gets mad at her. Oh I'll just laugh and laugh.....


Kaze is such a freaking toy hog. I mean, she meows like crazy when anyone goes past the toy closet until the bring out her favorite wand toy- which, incidentally, was a present to ME from Mao & Skeezix for my birthday. Whatever, I'd like to play too.

For the next 30-40 minutes there is no way anyone else can intervene with play time as Kaze completely monopolizes the toy. She flies through the air, she stands on her hind legs, she runs all over the place. Meowmy tries to include me as I'm sitting patiently waiting my turn. Unfortunately Kaze then comes flying through the air and knocks me onto the ground. Its not worth it to play if I'm going to be knocked over.

So I wait. And I wait.......and wait some more. She NEVER GETS TIRED. It is so frustrating. Eventually Meowmy gets tired and drops the toy. This is my only opportunity to play with it so I do. Play for me = DESTRUCTION. I hold down the straw with my front paws while I grab at the top with my teeth and PULL. I have a little death grip with my jaws and have been known to acutally win fair and square tug of war games with Meowmy. Mewomy then gets mad at me for "destroying" the wand toy and puts it away.

What do you expect? If I don't destroy it Kaze will keep annoying the crap out of me!


I'll admit I've got some pretty cute paws. They're small and brown and just plain cute. Meowmy woke up last night and Kaze and I were snuggled next to her and we were "holding" her hand with our paws. That made her happy and she squished them around for a bit. I didn't mind too much because I was fast asleep. Meowmy says one of her favorite parts of a kitty are the paws, she likes to squish them and play with them. Of course I'd rather not be touched in general but the paws are OK to touch if I'm lying down comfy. Then Kaze got us kicked out AGAIN.

Update on the tower: I don't think I'm going to ever leave it. I love being curled up in one of the holes, it is snuggly and warm. The only bad thing is that the people can touch me in there.


Here's our new post! As you can see it is great for acrobatics! Kaze and I play all over it and as you can see, Chase has a little bit of trouble fitting in the holes. But not to worry, he can fold in half and fit in. I just LOVE this thing and my favorite place to sit is in the top hole just watching the other kitties. It gives me a great base so I can bite back when they want to play.


We got the most awesome structure last night. We got a really cool new scratching post with three holes in it where we can hide and play. Meowmy was watching "poor" Kaze scratching at the small post (she's a really loooong kitty) and felt bad for her not being able to stretch out.

This thing is awesome! I'm going to make meowmy take pictures tonight but the three of us can have our own holes and then we can climb all over it. Kaze likes to hang upside down and I just like to hide in the holes and bite kitties that go by. Chase....well he just barely fits in the holes because he is so big. Its really funny to see him folded in half in there.

Meowmy's been really busy today so she promises to do a better job helping me blog tomorrow!