Feeling Betterish Friday

We all tried to take a lesson from Kaze and appreciate all of the great things in our life. I decided to find a little joy in a sun spot.

So next Friday I'm going to have a birthday party for all of my friends! I think we'll try to have a Chatzy Room set up for the party (we'll have to find some help with that). I know Chey's human won't be around but maybe she can just come stay with me while her human is away. Anyway, I think we all need a little cheer and why not celebrate me???

I wonder what Meowmy is going to get me. I told her I want a new donut bed and one of her soft blankies that she makes- just for me. Hopefully sometime this weekend she can get around to getting time for ME!

Alright, now on to the Scattergories Meme. I kept saying I was going to do it so I accepted Tara's open invite finally.

What is your name: Latte
4 letter word: Lick
vehicle: Lamboughini
TV show: Law & Order
City: London
Boy name: Louis
Girl name: Lauren (that's Meowmy's name)
Alcoholic drink: Lemon Drop (Meowmy says yum)
Occupation: Lawyer (Meowmy wanted to be one)
Something you wear: leash
Celebrity: Leonardo DiCaprio
Food: Lamb
Something found in a bathroom: long handled brush (for the toilette)
Reason for being late: Long day
Cartoon character: Lisa Simpson
Something you shout: Leave me alone!

A Light in Silence & Remembrance


Hard Times

This week is hitting us really hard. Actually the month has been rough for us. We're trying to pull together to stay happy and enjoy the simple things in life. I've been snuggling a lot with the humans. I even let the Chip Man hold me while I purred the other day! I know, its amazing! I'm trying to show more affection since I'm almost 2 years old. They say meezers aren't really adults until they are 2 so I guess that means I'm offically out of kittenhood next friday.

I'm planning a party but I'm not sure about the details yet. I'll keep you posted.


Meezer Rule Wednesday

When the toy closet is in disarray, you should always offer to "clean up" for your humans. See by offering they think you're being helpful when you really just get to choose the best toys you want to play with.


Results of my poll & Tailsday

Here's some tail curl for you, I know how lots of your humans think my tail is cute.

Since this is such a busy time of year I was wondering about everyone's commenting habits so I held a poll. The results were pretty much what I assumed. Out of 28 responders, 17 said they left a quick comment to let the blogger know they had been there. This is what we end up doing most of the time too, even though we try try try to do what 3 people did and leave long comments on the topic. Sometimes humans are just too busy though and you can only stop in, as per 4 responders. Finally, 5 responders said they just read and don't comment. Well...that's that! I'm just happy if I can put a smile on your face for a second during the day. Of course I love to know who's been here but I completely understand not having the time with so many incredible cat bloggers. I love you all for reading!


Meezer Monday

Meowmy got bored of taking pictures of us just sitting around so she decided to get us in "action". So she started by moving the squiggle. She put the squiggle on the couch! I had to remove it from the couch. I mean, if we yak on the couch it has to get cleaned off so I figured I was helping. Kaze is generally a squiggle hog but I've been a toy hog (Chey is teaching me well).

Oh, and our Auntie E is auditioning for American Idol today if you could send her some purrs that would be cool!

Go visit the rest of Meezer Monday all complied by yours truly! Simply Siamese


A few things

First of all, Chase has a poll going on about which of us three our friends like more. We really won't know who votes for who so please go cast your vote!

Secondly with our posts today a few questions were raised. We all call the man that lives in this house different things. Chase adores him so he calls him the Awesome Man, Kaze gets kind of freaked by him so he is the Tall Man, and I like that he feeds me potato chips so I call him the Chip Man.

Meowmy is the Lap Lady and Woman again because of how we view her.

Hope that clears up the questions!

Oh and don't forget my poll! I'm just curious and am interested in the findings.

The Chip Man's Tale from my perspective

Since I'm in charge of taking care of the sick humans I had to investigate the Chip Man's incident. He felled down in the hall and was sweaty and shaky and it was pretty scary for Meowmy. I watched from a safe distance down the hall. When nursing humans sometimes they can lash out when they don't know you're trying to help them. Eventually Meowmy got their blanket and wrapped him in it. That is when I decided it was safe to go over. I went over, dug around in the blanket, and sniffed him all over. He smelled like he was going to be OK he just wasn't OK yet. I decided I'd better camp out under the blanket until he was better. I was diligent in my care and he eventually went to sleep and all was OK in teh morning. He's just lucky I was able to fix him!!!


Tripple Tails on Thursday

Of course, mine is the cutest tail here but there is Kaze trying to flash her tail and make everyone look at her. Here I am also practicing my meezer looks. Even though Kaze and I have the same color eyes (mine are lighter though) she always has a pleasant look about her. I am much more expressive with my body in general. If you check my tail, ears, eyes, paws, etc. you are bound to know really fast what I'm thinking. Meowmy says I'm like an open book and she can read all of my thoughts. Right.....crazy Meowmy.


Meezer Rule Wednesday

Always warn your siblings with a good stare when you are about to give them a good smack down. This will make them aware that messing with a fiesty meezer is not going to be easy as we never give up.


Middle Name Meme & Tailsday

I know you all love my curled tail but sometimes it does go straight. Not when I'm walking though, then it is always curled. Every now and then I let it just go straight out to show my contentment.

Bonnie tagged us all for the middle name meme. I'm not so sure what my middle name is. They call me Sugar Bear a lot so maybe I should go with Bear?

B- Bug Killer. I kill the bugs in the house, I hunt them and eat them and its so much fun! There are no spiders hanging around this house when I'm around. Camel Crickets beware, I will eat you even though you aren't tasty. As House Hunter it is my job to protect the other creatures in this house.

E- Early. I admit I get up kind of early, like 4 am. I think everyone else should be up too so I start knocking things over on the night stand and walking across the People's heads. This wakes them up but it also gets me put out of the room and I don't like that.

A- Aloof. I don't really want to be touched....yet I do. Good luck figuring out when the proper time is to touch me. I don't like to be held down and controlled, I need to have an escape route. I also act like I don't care about being loved but I do. If I don't have my loving I get devious....

R- Rapid. I never walk anywhere, its always a little trot with some huge leaps thrown in. If I walk its when I'm stalking and I don't stalk that often. I like to be the first cat to a location because the early cat gets the treats.


Meezer Monday

Oh I am SO happy Meowmy is home. I made her sit right down and promptly sat on her lap so I would have first crack at the computer. I've been going through blog withdrawl, its amazing how much of a family we are all. Meowmy said she missed all of you kitties almost as much as she missed us.

Things were fine with the People gone but I was very accepting when they came home. I know you're supposed to act mad and be mean but I really just acted like it didn't bother me at all and I think that upset Meowmy more than anything. Hehehe!!! After about an hour I made her sit on the couch, pull out the computer and blog.....ah.....that feels better. I'm not leaving her lap until the end of next week.

I'm a bit miffed that I didn't have a photographer for the week so she had better get with the program and start taking my picture! I'll try to get around to everyone today but its going to take a while to catch up!!! Missed you all!!!



Ugh....Grandma's here. She tried to touch me. I did not like that at all so I meezed and ran away. Kaze is being a whiny cry baby searching for Meowmy and she's really sad and mopey and I kind of feel bad for her.

I've found my way to the computer but I have no idea where Meowmy keeps my Meezer Monday pictures. Plus, I could never choose just one of my cute self so I rely on her to pick. Sigh....I do miss my Meowmy.

Things are lonely around here so everyone come party!!!!! Part all week long at our house!!!!!!

Maybe tonight I can even visit some of my friends, that would be awesome!


Time for a long summer nap

(biggify, its worth it for the detail)

Sure I'm going to miss Meowmy but I'm more of a cat's cat anyway and Chase and Kaze are certainly going to be here. Plus Grandma will come around and she will give me as many Temptations as I want because she can't resist my adorable face and meezes. So yeah, we're going to be unavailable for a week but when we come back we're going to be around to every one of our friends blogs and be back to normal. Preparing for one of these human vacation things seems like more work than relaxation. Ah....I'm just going to take a nice nap here...


Yummy! I've been getting lots of treats because Meowmy feels pretty guilty about going away on vacation next week and then locking me out of the snuggle room this week. The tastiest thing I've been given is Kaze's stinky goodness. Kaze hasn't been eating it so as soon as Meowmy turns her back I'm on it scarffing as fast as I can. I just love food so I don't understand Kaze's lack of interest but I certainly benefit.

Oh, and its not me who's yakking on the floor. Nope...not me.....


Meezer Rule Wednesday

Sometimes resting in the sun can be a bit boring. Reach out and annoying other cats in the vicinity to entertain yourself.


Bizzy for Gizzy Quilt

Alright, that is much better, I'm on MY new Gizzy Quilt. You didn't think it was for Chase or Kaze did you? Are they named after a coffee drink? No, that would be me. Therefore that means the quilt is mine as it has a coffee theme and the back is all coffee fabric. I love the quilt and I sleep on it more than anyone. It matches my furs perfectly and I find it highly suitable for any cat to nap on. Well, as long as that cat is ME.

Sorry we've been quiet, we will try to be better this week but next week we will be unable to blog as the humans are going away.


Meezer Monday

Hi down there!!! Are you going to give me a treat? How about toss me a pink shmousie?? Or how about leaving me the *bleep* alone?? I mean really, I'm enjoying a lovely sun spot and you come and shove that lens thing in my face YET AGAIN. Sigh...when is this going to stop? When will I be allowed to soak up the rays without you going "Awww! Look at little Latte, he's SO freaking cute!!!" Yes, then the Chip Man comes over too and comments on how adorable I am and says how he doesn't think there is anything cuter than me. Sure, I like the proper recognition but I would also like a nap you know.

In some fabulous news Meowmy went on a mouse hunt and found 7 mice I had put in a good saving spot for later. (Shh...don't tell her that I couldn't get them out, I want her to think she was doing this for no reason.) There was the pink one, and the turquois one, and a grey one, and a black one, and a white one, and a pink thing, AND.....Kaze stashed one of Meowmy's feminine products under the book shelf. Meowmy was NOT happy about that. BAD words came out of her mouth. And then later she found another one of those items in our Ikea cat tent.


Here's what happens when Kaze pushes

Sometimes Kaze pushes me too far and its time to take her down. She tries to be all tough but we both know I'm much better at playing than she is. My small size and curled tail make me very agile. Oh, and I'm tenatious! I don't ever give up and that is why she doesn't push me too often. I may be the smallest but I'm the most fierce.


In answer to yesterday's questions

Here is what was really going on. As you can see, we really were being very lovely and Kaze was actually not going to attack me. We were having a grooming session and she felt it was necessary to hold my head in place. I really do love Kaze (not as much as Chey of course!) and she is a really fun little sister. I know its hard to accept that Kaze can be a sweet loving sister after all of the romping and wrastling she does with Chase. She would snuggle and love on Chase like this too but he doesn't trust her enough to snuggle.

I'm only going to admit this once: Kaze is the sweetest cat and I love her lots.

But now I have to go chase her around for a bit!


Meezer Rule Wednesday

Love thy siblings! For in loving them you spread joy and peace.