The Zoom Groom routine

I really enjoy snuggling with my Meowmy at night and purring while she scritches my face and whisker humps.  Of course I'll only give her this treat if she gives me a really good Zoom Groom before bed.  I have to wait for her outside the human litterbox door after she gets all wet and smell-less.  (Side note- what is it with humans and not wanting to smell?  Makes no sense at all to me)

Then I romp down the hall to the sleeping room door which is closed because I Kaze steal silk flowers and tags from the trash can.  So I yell at the door and look her straight in the eye.  then she torments me with the "Latte!!  Meeze-meeze Laaahhhhtay!" thing that she thinks I like to hear.  So I amuse her and meeze.  And again she makes me because she likes cat torture.  

Once the door opens I run inside over to the grooming zone and have to meeze at least 5 times before she'll brush me.  She's so mean.  Then she brushes me while I drag myself by my front paws all over the room.  I purr nice and loud to keep her lazy human hands moving.  

When she's done I may reward her with some snuggling in the middle of the night.  Maybe.  But only if I can annoy Kaze by lying on her head at the same time.


Meezer Rules Wednesday

Monopolize all play time and toys.  This serves two purposes.  First of all you'll have fun.  Secondly, you'll make your sisfur mad and then she will scream and cry all day long and annoy the humans to play.  Its a great circle that you can't ever be blamed for!


More fun with human issues


Well just as my Meowmy was getting happier something bad happened at work.  Yes, even I consider it bad because it has to do with her Internet at the office.  The IT genius at work is my Toy Man.  Well the wall-of-fire wanted to be mean yesterday so he went in to check on it.  Do you know what he found???  A STINK BUG got sucked into the intake and blew its insides all over the inside of the wall-of-fire.  This brought down the website, e-mail, and Internet to the office.  He then had to play hunter and find every single bug bit and wash the computer boards with rubbing alcohol.  He was able to get it limping along with one cooling fan down so hopefully the Internet will be up tomorrow.  If not, please understand our lack of visiting.

I wish I could have helped hunt with him.  I would have eaten all of the bits!  He spent all day and all night with the wall-of-fire so it should feel special.  So should the rest of the employees who can't thank him as well as Meowmy can.  


Meezer Monday

Well my weekend didn't start out so hot.  Meowmy came home on Friday night hysterically crying for no reason.  We all kind of hovered around her while she cried but no one had any idea how to make her happier.  She didn't either apparently.  So all day Saturday Meowmy pretty much slept....and slept....and slept some more.  Well I have to tell you, it was snuggle heaven!  I could always go find her and get nice and warm and cozy.  Kaze was there most of the time but even being alone with my Meowmy was wonderful.  Apparently just what the doctor ordered too because on Sunday she was up and about again doing all sorts of house work.  I need to find a way to make her cry a lot more often.  I like snuggling with her all day long!!


Happy Weekend Time!!!

I am just so thrilled its the weekend! Weekends mean laundry and I really enjoying playing in warm laundry. Meowmy doesn't love this so much.

The other morning I was window hunting and my humans laughed at me because I was doing my best death call. They said it sounded like a squeak toy vibrating.

Update: This is my 500th post!!


Happy Birthday Tall Man!

Do you think the Awesome Man will like all of these gifts?  If not I'm going to eat them all!!!! In fact do you think he'd mind if I just tried a few?  I'll just sample them!


Meezer Rules Wednesday

After spending a night partying hard by hitting the nip, treats, playing thundering herd of elephants, as well as whap the stuff on the night stand its best to avoid pictures.  They are rarely flattering- even for a cute little meezer like me.  


Twosome Tuesday

I love my front porch.  Its been really nice outside and its that time of year where its still cool enough not to have to use air conditioning so we get to gain the extra room of the front porch.  Its been open all weekend and I utilize it more than Chase or Kaze.  I nap out here and watch birdies and squirrels and people outside of the windows.  I'm very diligent in my patrols.  I sure hope that sometime soon I can go back out on the lawn!!


Meezer Monday


What a great weekend after a crappy week of not visiting friends.  My Meowmy was in Atlantic City all week but now she's back to work and life will be back to normal.  Even though it was such a lovely weekend Out of Doors I was only allowed on the front porch because the Toy Man put pesticide on the lawn so I couldn't go out there.  Just being on the front porch was really nice though.  There were such great breezes and things to watch.  

I am SOOOOO excited to be back to blogging!  Thanks to my friends who've hung in with me waiting I truly appreciate your friendship.


Meezer Rules Wednesdsay

When your Meowmy is away....the meezers will play!  Or rearrange at least.  Hehehe.....



Yup, I curl my tail all day long.  I just prefer it that way- it gives me better balance.  My Mewomy says its super cute.  


Meezer Monday

What a weekend!!!  Not many pictures taken but very action packed.  Meowmy spent all day Saturday working in the garden.  I snoopervised through the windows wherever she went.  She put lots of brown stuff around the plants.  She let me go outside when she was done to inspect her work.  It smelled pretty interesting.  I got so excited when I saw my harness!!  I know I'm only allowed Out of Doors when I'm on my harness so I get all excited when I see it.  The weather was so warm and there were lots of little flying critters that I pounced after.  

When not Out of Doors I spent my time rearranging this blanket.  Meowmy puts it here to keep our furs off of the furniture (I took care of that, I yakked a hairball right on the couch).  I think its nicer looking with the corner up like this.  She keeps putting it back.  


Tax Man

Have your humans filed their taxes? My Meowmy was might annoyed that she owed 4 digits to the government this year. She said something about never getting ahead no matter what she does. The State of New Jersey never deducts enough from our humans paychecks so they owe money to the state as well. Meowmy promised that she got her taxes in and her check has been cashed already so that leaves this weekend for me! She said she's going to let me help her do some yard work this weekend. Yeah!

Tiny Thursday

This was me exactly 2 years ago today. I was just a tiny kitten enjoying the Spring sun spot. Sometimes I wish I was still this kitten because my Meowmy never wanted to leave me back then. She spent hours alone with me in my isolation room and even took off days from work to stay with me while I had my cones on my head. Meowmy could do that then. Now she is all work and no fun. I wish I had my old Meowmy back. This new Meowmy is always stressed and running around and rarely home.


Meezer Rules Wednesday

Always take time to appreciate the time we have with our families no matter how annoying they are.  My scar (the white area on my hip above) always reminds me of how much my Meomwy loved me 2 years ago.  Now its just a small reminder which is barely noticeable.  


Wonderful Weekend

Even though my Meowmy went away for the weekend she still spent a lot of time with me on Saturday.  She even took me outside on my harness for the first time this year!  It was so wonderful.  All of the Spring smells and flowers and birdies...heaven.  I didn't want it to end.  When she brought me inside I screamed to go back out.  I can't wait until this weekend!


Meezer Monday


Oh this is just SO cool!!  Do you see it fluttering around?  I killed it.  I killed it good.  One of our bestest friends Dragonheart & Merlin (our little meezer-Sphynx friend) sent us this amazing toy!  It came all the way from Germany!  I think I must be a super duper destructo-meezer 'acause I was able to pull out all of the string things on the second day.  In one big chomp.  Meowmy was mad at me and had to tie them all back on one by one.  Kaze screamed the whole time terrified that I hurted the toy.  


Framed on Friday


I hear Kaze is going to great lengths to try to blame some other cats for her thievery. Do not believe it- could that paw be attached to me? I don't think so.



I'm just chillaxing with Kaze.  I've been really snuggly lately with my Meowmy.  I know I should be punishing her but I've had second thoughts and I'm now trying to kill her with kindness.  I figure by snuggling on her lap at night she is reminded that its time to pay attention to me.  

It was so warm here the other day that Meowmy took me outside to get the mail with her.  It smelled so nice I hope I can go out on my harness soon!


Wordless Whisker Meezer Rules Wednesday

Meezer Rule:  The best way to punish your humans is to show her how much she bores you.

Meowmy did better with visiting blogs yesterday so I think we're on an up swing.  Oh, and I did actually fling poop on the floor.  It was Chase's poo but I flung the dung.