In answer to your paper towel questions & Kaze. She's a freak. The Chip Man himself is a little odd. He carries around "Damp Paper Towels" all of the time. He was doing an experiment to see what Kaze would do if he put one on her (See photo in yesterday's post) and she started to purr. That cat just likes to be touched in any way shape of form. She's just so WEIRD!!! But I do love her.....she's pretty snuggly.


This is pretty much where I spent most of Christmas Day. As you can see, there is a nice pad to lift me up and it was quite cozy. Grandma gave me this box and I love it. Meowmy moved it upstairs so I could keep it for a while.

Here I am wondering why on earth Kaze is purring because there is a wet paper towel on her back. Sometimes, that cat is just WEIRD!!

The painting is progressing well. So far I'm the only cat who hasn't burst into the bathroom so that makes Meowmy happy with me. She finished all of the trim work and now she just has to tackle the walls. She's painting it "Dutch Tile Blue". I just like that everything is painted to match me in some way. I like being her muse.


I LOVE this tree!! I never want it to leave. I hide all of my toys behind it and now that there aren't any presents taking up space, its a wonderful place to play pounce from! This holiday certainly taught me some tolerance because I've found that if I let myself be touched, sometimes it makes me purr. Other times I'll get a treat or even a new toy! So I'm trying to be extra friendly and Meowmy is really loving my snuggly nature. She picks me up a lot and I let her hold me for a few seconds. We haven't snuggled in the snuggle room all that much because the Chip Man hasn't been sleeping well.

Meowmy is apparently going to clean the bathroom walls before she paints so I really need to go supervise!!

(Sorry I'm not visiting many of your blogs but this week is hard with Meowmy not being at her office to help. I'm trying to stop in when I can!)


I'm sorry I didn't post a Meezer Monday picture but I was very busy being a Christmas Kitten. I took my job very seriously and started the morning by purring Meowmy awake. Then I was there to inspect every single gift. There were lots of fun boxes and I even get to keep one! (I'll post pictures when the Lap Lady is back at the work place next week). My favorite part was when Meowmy got the kitty stocking with all of the fun toys. There was a nippy pad with fringe in the stocking and I actually took it and hid it behind the tree so no other cats would steal it. Kaze tried and I made sure to chase her off. I was in such good spirits I let the people pet me a lot and I lay right in the middle of everything. It was the most fun day!! I can't figure out why Meowmy is still at home but I'm just letting her pet Kaze. After all, Christmas was special and I can't be giving away my love all of the time!


Dashing through the Internet
In a one cat close stroller
O'er the blogs we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on our toys ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to laugh and sing
With blogging friends tonight!

Oh, jingle toys, jingle toys
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to blog
And have a one cat closed stroller
Jingle toys, jingle toys
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to blog
And have a one cat closed stroller

A day or two ago
I thought I'd take make a post
And soon Miss Kaze the frootbat
Was seated by my head
The cat was lean and lank
Misfortune seemed her lot
We got into the Christmas tree
And then we got in trouble!

Oh, jingle toys, jingle toys
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to blog
And have a one cat closed stroller
Jingle toys, jingle toys

Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to blog
And have a one cat closed stroller

Oh, jingle toys, jingle toys
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to blog
And have a one cat closed stroller
Jingle toys, jingle toys

Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to blog
And have a one cat closed stroller

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to all of my favorite cats (especially Cheysuli)! I love you all very very much and can't wait to hear about your holidays!



I got my blood test last night. The one that means I don't need to get any more vaccines. The vet man gave my Meowmy a "Get out of Gym" note as he called it. Apparently Meowmy has to give it to the Boro. (Meowmy told me to keep quite but she doesn't register us because we're indoor only cats and its a waste of money). I gave the tech girl (they're like my adoring fan club) trouble taking blood from my neck so they had to take it from my back leg. Meowmy chatted with the VET while they did that. I didn't even have to see the VET, they just put me in my carrier and then the VET put treats in there with me. He said I'm "SO cute!". I know he loves me. They all do. I'm cute!

Update on my wish list re: Chey. We're chatting a little on the side but because of her up coming election she can't really get "involved". That's cool, I mean, she is a big time political star and all and I would never do anything to jeapordize a Meezer in office for 2008!


Still MINE. Notice how I'm guarding the entrance from frootbat interloping. Chase could care less...its that stupid wite rat I have to worry about. But I'm a fierce meezer and I keep her at bay with my look. Don't I look like I mean business? OK, so the receipt "toy" in the tent is Kaze's doing but Meowmy did clean it out for me. I can't keep Kaze out all of the time, I do have to sleep sometimes.
Christmas Wish List
1. Shmousies
2. A cat tree
3. Wand toys
4. Stinky goodness
5. Health and happiness to all kitties
7. Lots and lots of nip
8. More cat beds (I don't think this will happen)
9. To exterminate the couch/bed monsters
10. Kaze repellant (maybe Rocky & Mao can help?)
11. Cheysuli to be my girlfriend
(I didn't know you could wish for something like that!)


I'm happy to report that I spent all of last night wrestling with Kaze. She may be slightly bigger and have a rat muzzle but I'm faster and more wiley! We would start with a stare down-ears flat back, paw raised, who would strike first? Me! I'd leap right for her belly and BITE! Then she rabbit kicked me and took off. Of course I followed. I was able to heard her wherever I wanted. At one point I had to do my patented "cricket leap" to catch up (that always makes the Chip Man laugh). We played for a very long time and eventually Kaze got growly and started running away and pretending like she wasn't hiding but she completely was hiding! She got scared and I wouldn't back down so I clearly won! I celebrated my victory with a nice plop down and victory bath. Ah...I even let the Chip Man pet my belly because I was feeling so on top of the world.

Being that I had tons of energy left over, the Chip Man and I played with the wand toy (yes, Miss Prissy Pants FAVORITE thing) for a long time. I'm very good at standing on my hind legs and I do that a lot when I'm playing. He's really fun to play with but he always wins! But no cat has ever really won against him...well, maybe Chase.


Meezer Monday
See....I like to be touched sometimes. In fact I spent the whole weekend snuggling with Meowmy when she was sleeping. I even purred a lot and let her pet me. Oh, and I gave her love-bites too. It was a nice weekend.
I am the "culprit" according to Meowmy. One of us was opening the bathroom cabinet and leaving all of the chemicals exposed. Of course Kaze was blamed but then I did my handy work right in front of Meowmy so my cover was blown. Dang it!!


Nothing really hot and steamy for me today. The Chip Man has started to read our blogs and that makes us a little nervous. Have I said anything bad about him??? I hope not! We have a guest coming over for dinner so we'll see if I like him. Sometimes I'm more friendly with guests than I am with Meowmy or the Chip Man. Since Kaze's been a frootbat about the whole tree thing I make sure I inspect the tree for water levels and to account for any ornaments she has plucked.


Look! A box! Meowmy was "cleaning" again and she found this box that I immediately claimed as my own. I love boxes, they're so much fun to play with. Of course dopey always comes along and does something stupid. Like this...Meowmy was playing on the side of the box and Kaze got freaked out. Look at her stupid tail!!!

She is such a scaredy cat. I mean, she was terrified of the tree and now a box? A box? One that I was in and playing with? Hahaha!


Human paws. I can't really figure them out. Their front paws seem to be highly useful but their back ones just seem like such a waste most of the time. I have figured out a good use for them at night!

They're great warming beds. See, you can sleep right on top of them and with the blankets they aren't all pointy and uncomfy. Its a great spot but you have to be small enough to curl on top of them (which I am). The Chip Man HATES when I do this to him so I try to just use Meowmy's paws. The only downfall is if they move. Meowmy will sometimes pull me up to snuggle with her because her paws are asleep. I don't really care about what she wants- I just go back to the same spot.

Try it sometime! The trick is having a nice thick blanket so their pointy parts aren't that pointy.


Update: Gemini is my 4,000th visitor! One-eyed Jack was a very very close second. For winning Gemini (and of course Georgia and Cheysuli) get a special "Millie Bed" from Siamese Rescue Center VA. We just love ours and its in our profile photo. Congrats to Gemini and thanks to everyone!!!

Tummy Tuesday

This is one of very few photos of my belly. Its an old picture...I think back in April so I was 7 months old. My belly has really darkened since then and that belly spot is really dark. I don't like to show my belly often, its not something I do. I have to remain mobile and ready to run away from someone who might want to pick me up. As you can see I'm enjoying a sparkle ball...I don't get to do that anymore with Kaze around, she hogs them all. Many things have changed since Kaze came....sigh.


Meezer Monday

Here I am as a Christmas Kitten last year. I was Meowmy's present but she got me early, more for her birthday in November. I love Christmas since everyone makes a special fuss over me. They brought the tree home on Saturday and they decorated it last night. Of course the first thing I did was to drink the water. I love pine water!!! I don't bother the ornaments, I'm a good Meezer. It is just such a happy holiday and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside and out. I even like to spread my joy with the people. In fact I was the ONLY snuggly kitty last night! That meant I got Meowmy to wake up and pet me and only me so I purred loudly for her. Its getting so close to Christmas I'm so excited!!!

UPDATE!! I just noticed how close I am to my 4,000th visitor! Meowmy said I can give that cat something special like Kaze did. Unfortunately I can only give a prize to one kitty because its a BIG present. So if you're my 1st 4,000th visitor please leave a comment to let me know! I promise you'll like the present. I'll give you a hint...its snuggly and comes from Siamese Rescue. That's all I can say!!


So I've had to share MY tent with the frootbat. She doesn't spend much time in it so I guess its not that bad. But its still MY tent!! She is helpful in flinging the tent around the room. Meowmy found it in front of the litter box, upside down, with me in it yesterday. I love MY tent.

It is getting really really cold outside here. Its so cold outside that I have to snuggle with Meowmy (and of course the frootbat) to stay warm. I don't really mind too much and I find that it makes me purr when Meowmy strokes my chin. I just have to find a spot around Kaze who is ALWAYS under the covers in the best snuggle spot. With the two of us we've been able to push Meowmy all the way over so she is smooshed against the Chip Man. She says we're starting to make her back hurt from snuggling too close. We've made it through 3 nights now where we've snuggled until she has wanted to get up and that makes her happy. She likes when we don't wake her up at 5am by chewing on the boxspring (that's my specialty when I'm mad). The cold also means that I have to snuggle with Kaze a lot because I like to stay super warm. I don't mind that, we sleep in the Millie Bed and don't move all day long.

UPDATE: The VET just called Meowmy!! Usually I'd not like that but he told her the good news that I don't have to have any more shots ever again!!!! I get a blood test for my titer levels and no more rabbies shots. Woohooo!!!!!! So I have to go get my blood test but no more limping and pain from the shots for me!


Not funny. The Chip Man is calling me "Faberge Latte". I guess because I was all limpy after my shot he thinks I'm weak. I'm not weak, I'm just sensitive and that's not a bad thing, I hear the ladies like that in a man. Anyway, Meowmy jumped on the bandwagon and made this artistic rendition. Mewomy even entered it in Eclair's art contest.


Look at MY new tent. I love MY new tent, its so fun to play with. Kaze tries to play with MY tent but she should know better, its MINE. It has a tail on the back that brushes up against it so I like to pounce and dig on MY tent. I really really love MY tent and I'm so happy grandma gave it to ME. Ahem...as you can tell, I'm very happy with MY tent.


I have a very effective silent manipulation style. Most of the time the people think I'm just a little ADD but there is always a method to my madness. Since my leg hurt me and I was reminded of how much I love Meowmy and how nice she is, I've decided I need to be a little more proactive in getting her attention.

I've taken to smoothering Kaze at night. Kaze sleeps under the covers with Meowmy. I find that I like to snuggle right where she is sleeping so I just lie on top of her. If she moves, I put the bitey on her. I wiggle my way in so that I'm lying on her head and she wants to get up. Meowmy tries to make us both happy but she doesn't realize I'm just trying to win a battle. It does get Meowmy to pet me so I purr and snuggle closer. I can't believe I didn't snuggle for so long!

We all got a WONDERFUL cat swap package in the mail. Sadly, our cousins Woodstock, Ming, & Miko were not in the box. They sent us a wonderland of toys and snugglies!!! I can't even tell you how many wonderful toys were in the package. I'm sure I'll post lots of pictures of ME playing in the future. I found the fur shmousies right away and tried to steal them 5 times while Meowmy was trying to take a picture.


Meezer Monday

Blogger is being nasty and is not giving me any options other than html so I hope this shows up right!


Thanks to every cat for their concern about me! Its really great to know I have so many wonderful friends. I'm happy to report that I am back to my normal meezer self today. I'm romping and such and even leaping after the wand toy (when Kaze isn't hogging it which is like never). The Chip Man even made a special trip out to get me more Temp-tay-shuns. I've had quite a lot of love and treats and I'm not complaining!

I believe Grr asked me about the legal part of the rabies shot. Every cat in our town has to be registered even if they're only indoor kitties like me and we're all required to have rabies shots. Only under extreme reactions can we become exempt. Meowmy is going to talk to the vet about it because I get so hurty after shots and that isn't fair to me.

I'm gonna go back to snuggling with Mewomy now. She's nice and warm and its very cold outside!!


I'm not feeling so well this morning, I'm actually in a lot of pain. I tried to tell Meowmy yesterday morning but she didn't listen when I didn't eat all of my breakfast. When she got home last night I was all puffy (I get like that when I'm uncomfy) and I was limping on my leg- the one where I got my shot. I let her pick me up and I gave her the stare- the one that tells her I'm really in pain and I need her. I don't usually tell her I need her but I did last night.

It really hurts me and I'm so worried that now my other leg is infected and I'm so scared. I don't want to go through all of that again. Mewomy gave me some of my pain meds from when I had my biopsy and it helped. I got less puffy and was able to walk a little more.

I'm better this morning but it still hurts and I'm still limping. Meowmy is now really really scared about my rabbies shot and she thinks she's going to ask the vet not to give it to me. We legally need them so he would have to write a special note to our Boro. I'm a very sensitive kitty both emotionally and physically and Meowmy hates to see me in pain.

Update#1: The PTU is coming out and I have to go see the VET this afternoon. Great.

Update #2: This was worse than last time. They yanked and pulled at my leg and they poked and prodded. A limp is not a normal reaction to a vaccine but the girl VET said Meowmy was right to give me the pain meds and I should be fine in a few days. Meowmy had to leave work and stuff so I guess she must really love me to get in trouble for me. So I guess I'm OK, I'm just hurting and I'm a sensitive little cat.