Lets see if I can bring you up to date on me.

My family picked me up in PA back in November. I was supposed to be my meowmy's X-Mas present but she got me just a few days before her birthday. She had always wanted a Siamese and always wanted a kitten. Of course you can see that I was destin to be her little darling. On the way home (5 minutes from my mom and brothers) they named me Latte. It was the Chip Man's idea as he likes coffee a lot. I was such a good little kitten on the way home. I was 9 weeks old and very tiny. I spent my first night alone in the Cat Room and I started to make myself at home right away. Gosh I was cute!

The next day I met who was to become my best friend/worst enemy....the vet. He though I was SO cute and really fell in love with me. I got medicine for my gunky eye and that cleared up right away. I was a real snuggle baby but I was still kind of young so I had a few accidents on the couch and on the people's bed. I was very loved and everyone thought I was just the cutest thing ever. I was a good baby for X-Mas, I didn't try to climb the tree, I just wanted to eat the branches. But my meowmy didn't want any other presents than me and kitty things (I got a new bed, new bowls, new toys too!).

In February something started to go very wrong with my right hind leg. I started to kick it out to the side when I was sitting. It really hurt me and felt really funny. It started 3 weeks after I got my "tutoring" at the vets and they took my "joules". (Surgery #1)

Back to the vet I went because Meowmy got scared when I was limping really badly. She thought maybe I took a big spill. The older vet (the father) took x-rays and thought they looked pretty normal but there was an exposure issue. I was sent home to heal and call in 5 days. Well after 3 days I was really bad. Meowmy called back and left a message. My vet, Dr. Ian, called back quickly after reviewing my x-rays and wanted meowmy to bring me in ASAP. He detected a fuzzyness around my femur and that is NOT normal. He thought I had a fungal infection. He sent me home and said my medicine would be ready the next day. That night meowmy called him back because I would not walk at all and all I did was lie in her lap. Dr. Ian sent us over to the Animal Hospital in PA and they admitted me overnight to do a bone biopsy in the morning. I was very scared and they left me there alone. The next day Dr. Ian's professor from vet school did the biopsy.

No one at the hospital started me on antibiotics and my incision site soon became infected. Dr. Ian's dad had to replace one of my sutures two days later and started me on antibiotics for the infection in my incision site. I love him for this. Little did anyone know this is what fixed me. But I was a BAD little meezer and I started to take out my sutures even with an e-collar on. Dr. Ian had to put me under again (#2) and give me new sutures. This time I got a second e-collar to wear. Everyone called me a blue daffodil.

Finally the results came back that the only I had tested positive for were 2 bacterial infections. Sure enough, the antibiotics were already working and I was already mending. Just as I was about to be done with my meds my head started to tilt. The world got crooked and I got pretty dizzy. Back to the vet I went. This time it looked like a neurological disorder and no one wanted me to have a spinal tap after all I'd already been through. So again, Dr. Ian gave me antibiotics and I got better! It took a long time but it turned out to be a protozoal infection and Dr. Ian had it all figured out!

When I was all better I started to annoy the crap out of Chase trying to play all of the time. This is when my meowmy decided to get me a little sister. Her name is Kaze and I LOVE to play with her and snuggle. http://kazethecat.blogspot.com/

I'm a very happy little meezer but I'm not interested in being touched too often, I've got things to do!!

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The Meezers or Billy said...

wow. you hadded a hard time when you was little. we're glad you are ok now though, and we're happy to meet you.