You've all seen my tent. The bestest thing in the whole wide house! Aside from playing in it with the sparkle ball I like to put hte bitey on the edges real good. I like to pierce it with my teethies 'cause it feels soooo good!

When meowmy and the Chip Man went on vacation with the big red boxes they had to fill them up first. This is the stage Chase (in the background) likes to like IN the boxes demanding they either pack him or don't go. I didn't know what he was doing as they had never left me or Kaze before.

Well they've been back a week now and haven't put the red boxes away. They put the stuff that was in them away, but they are still open 'cause Chase likes to lie in them. Since I was MAD they left me I decided to check out what was so special about the red boxes. I discovered the inside is the same stuff that my tent is made out of!!! So I put the bitey on it!!! I am really good at the bitey so I was able to get the lining to come away from the red box. This madethe people mad. But I was MAD at them, so they deserve it. And I only put the bitey on this stuff in the middle of the night so it wakes them up. Like I did last night. And they continue to think I'm cute and innocent...."Who, me? The cute little meezer? Nah.... it was...it was.....the wind!"

Kaze and I got put out of the sleepy room. Kaze's getting mad that she gets put out because I'm bad. But us kittens can't be split up or else we get really upset. I think the red boxes are going away to that place behind the door where we can never go...the land of the attic. I'm still trying to get up there.


The Meezers or Billy said...

good for you for putting the bitey on fings. it serves them right for leafing you.

Just Ducky said...

I gots four of those tunnel cubes to play in. Mum wakes up in the morning and they aren't anywhere near where they should be. I really move them around.